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Welcome to Walsh and partners. Our Cardiff based SEO agency has over 10 years’ experience.

Welcome to Walsh and partners. 10+ years experience

We can help to get your company onto page one of Google

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Welcome to Walsh and Partners

Walsh & Partners is an established SEO company, we are based in the city of Cardiff, South Wales. We work with businesses over the long term to help those businesses generate more sales through Google.

The digital marketing agency is owned and managed by Ryan Walsh.  

Ryan has been mentioned on some of the world’s largest and most well-known SEO websites “Search Engine Land”.

Ryan has over 10 years of experience helping many well-known British businesses to appear on the page of Google and other search engines.

Our team implements “white hat SEO” that’s in accordance with Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and also E-EAT. We therefore use the very best optimisation methods.

Organic SEO

Our SEO consultants, can help your business to get one page one of Google.

Local SEO

We can help your business to appear in the Google My Business results. We work with many Welsh companies to improve thier local SEO.

Search Engine Optimisation

Quality SEO work that delivers results

There are simply a huge number of seo agencies here in Great Britain. However with that said, there’s a reason why so many companies stick with us over the long run- that’s because we use quality SEO, that simply cuts the mustard.

Our agency is positioned to offer very high-quality work to our valued clients in Cardiff. We therefore deliver bespoke marketing solutions for businesses which are offered at competitive prices.


Experienced SEO Consultants that know their stuff!

We’ve been helping businesses improve their marketing for over 10 years

Whether our SEO consultants are being busy-bees and building quality do-follow backlinks for a client or writing a piece of evergreen content marketing, every part of the work will be high quality.

Our search engine optimisation agency is managed by Ryan Walsh- who during his career and continues to do so, advises many well-known companies how to improve their local and organic SEO.


Organic SEO

We never cut corners or use black hat SEO methods. Using low quality SEO methods, simply cause algorithmic penalties.

When a business does incur a Google penalty this can mean a substantial drop in terms of where the business ranks on Google- sometimes the business is removed all together.


10+ years of SEO experience

Our digital marketing agency has helped many Welsh businesses to climb the ranks and to get onto page one of Google.

We have seen how our skill set can grow a business, help the company to expand, take on more staff.

We have many loyal clients that we work with here in Cardiff- some have been with us since we started.


Fixed prices

We work with a number of businesses and companies in Cardiff that pay a rolling monthly retainer.

Quite often, our marketing agency will not offer the lowest monthly price, yet what we can guarantee is very high-quality work which delivers results. From lawyers through to award winning dentists, they all have come to our SEO agency to obtain quality SEO.

An SEO Agency that’s simply the bee’s knees

If you are looking for a digital marketing agency, within Cardiff that can offer everything from search engine optimisation through to writing your companies content marketing every week, then we are most definitely marketing agency to call.

Some of our longest serving SEO consultants now have over 10 years’ experience helping businesses to generate many more sales.

We offer friendly and quality advice, and we have worked for many legal practices, dentists as well as e-commerce websites.

So, what is organic SEO?

Organic SEO is all about improving a businesses “onsite seo” and “offsite seo”. It takes many months of hard work yet, slowly but surely we help companies move from a starting position of say page 10 through to page 1 of Google.

Currently we work with many Welsh businesses to help those companies to generate more sales and to ultimately expand their businesses.

For many of the companies we work with each month, we have managed put those companies on page one of not just for one keyword, but sometimes for hundreds or even thousands of different keywords.

If you would like to find out more about how our organic and local SEO services can help your business to grow, then why not call us today?

How does the SEO process work?

To correctly answer this question, we would need to write an entire book on the matter, and it would need to be a large book as well!

However, if we were to condense our answer to how the organic SEO process works, well it’s simply the process of strengthening and improving what  “ranking factors”. Yet this never comes to a stop, as when a business does pause, well, its often quickly often by one or many other companies.

There are in excess of 200 different ranking factors which Google’s algorthim takes into account, when working out where to place your business in the Serps (search engine results pages). So, yes, theres always something to keep our SEO consultants super busy, whether thats building links, or improving your meta titles.

Will I have to wait a long time before we start to see results?

It does depend on the level of the competition that your business is up againist. So for example if you’re up against a fierce amount of competitors, so say you run a solicitors practice. 

Your competitors will have most likely been investing large sums into improving their search engine optimisation for a sustained period of time, which means the bar is often set high, and we need to exceed that standard of seo, if we are to get your business to rank higher.

What we would say as a general rule of thumb, is not expect any meaningful results within six months. If you are in a really highly competitive business sector, they might take this longer to starting seeing an uplift in sales.

Do you also offer local SEO?

Local SEO  simply helps a business to appear on Google in a town or city. This therefore is different from say a business appearing in Google’s results nationally for terms such as “bathroom suites”

Our SEO company can help to get your businesses onto page one of Google here in Cardiff. Whether you run a construction company, your a solicitor or dentist, just give us a ring and we can offer you a quote the sameday.

Technical SEO

We can improve your businesses technical SEO as part of  the process of improving your companies organic SEO.

We can for example fix any broken links, recommend different hosting, fix any issues such as having duplicate pages.

WordPress SEO

In our opinion WordPress is one of the best content management systems (CMS) available to businesses.

Our seo consultants have been helping many businesses to improve their WordPress SEO, for over 10 years.

E-Commerce SEO

Whether your business has a Joomla website, a WordPress website, or a Drupal website, we can help to improve your businesses e-commerce SEO.


International SEO

Do you run an international business?

If you do, then our seo consultants can help to improve your businesses to improve your international SEO.


We can carry out split testing, also referred to as A/B testing to help improve a website’s design, can help to lower the businesses bounce rate.

For example, something as simple as a redesigned mobile menu, may help more shoppers to find the products they want more quickly leading to an uplift in sales.

Google Analytics

To improve a business’s organic SEO, our marketing agency uses seo tools such as Ahrefs, Moz Google Analytics and Google Search Console as well as Majestic Backlink Tool 

We will use these seo tools to help improve your businesses international SEO.

SEO Audit

Our seo consultants can create an seo report, detailing weaknesses with a companies SEO. Our fee per report varies between £250.00 and 1k depending on how many pages the website has.

For example, to carry out an SEO audit for a large e-commerce website would cost around 1k and a website that has say 7 pages would cost £250.00.