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Quality Content Marketing

If you really want to improve your businesses organic and also local SEO, then you need well written, detailed and useful content marketing. Its also important that whichever marketing agency you hire that they understand Google E.A.T when writing content marketing.

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Content Marketing

Our digital marketing agency produces top quality content marketing for our clients.

Content marketing is an absolutely essential component in improving a business’s organic and local search engine optimisation (SEO).  It’s a bit like the wheels on a car, without them fitted securely to the car, the whole vehicle is not going anywhere! So, an SEO company, like ours needs to write quality content marketing for our clients every single month. Our Seo agency produces very high quality, white hat content marketing, we also add title tags, meta titles, meta descriptions, alt text and also internal links to our content marketing. The content marketing that we produce is high quality white hat work, which adheres to Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

A business needs to add quality content marketing to the website, whether adds quality blog posts, well written pages, or evergreen content marketing, if Googlebot doesn’t have any new pages to crawl and index- Googlebot would be, well, redundant as there wouldn’t be any pages or blog posts to index. Therefore, Googlebot is constantly looking at company website, to see if they’ve added good quality content marketing, and if they have Google’s algorithm then can place that business higher up in the Serps.

So, how long should each piece of content marketing be in terms of word count?

Well comprehensive research that’s been undertaken by Backlinko, and other leading SEO thinkers, believe that the longer the article, the better, that’s as long as the work is quality. So Banklinko reveals that Google’s first page results average around 1,890 words-that’s a lot of words, right? This is why various SEO agencies, such as ours, spend so long writing content marketing, whether that be evergreen content marketing or blog posts.


Google Panda update

Ever since Google rolled out the massive Google Panda updates, businesses which publish “content thin” content marketing, actually get punished in terms of moving down Google’s ranks. The content marketing that succeeds, that’s the pages which rank on page one of Google, is the well written, useful and high-quality work- this often involves a huge amount of time to create.


Must be useful

Google’s algorithm now only rewards top quality content marketing that is super useful to the reader, so the content marketing could be helping somebody solve a DIY problem, or simply explaining why a vacuum cleaner is so powerful, so content marketing must be super useful to your customers. It must be well written; follow Google’s EAT advice, it must be interesting and must be very useful.


White Hat

You might have seen this term used numerous times across our website? That’s because when you hire a SEO agency it’s important to make sure that this every aspect of the onsite seo is good quality, that’s from writing the meta titles, through to writing the anchor text, through to a blog post that they might write once a week- all of the SEO work must always be white hat. If the work is not white hat, the business may incur a Google penalty- meaning its removed from Google.

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Hello! We are a group of skilled developers and programmers.

Low quality content marketing can damage your businesses SEO

It’s also important to know this, that is, if the content marketing work is not top quality, and white hat, then it could actually damage the businesses organic seo. Yes, you heard that right, content marketing if it’s not deemed as quality seo work (white hat) then it could actually mean that your business moves down Google’s ranks and not up.

This is why here at this seo agency, we only use white hat methods of seo, so we only produce top quality seo work.

Don’t cut corners

Your digital marketing agency shouldn’t ever use outdated SEO methods. However, it does have to be said that some digital marketing agencies’ do sometimes use outdated methods of SEO, such as for example building spam backlinks or cloaking text (both methods are most definitely not recommended).

For example, if the marketing agency was to keyword stuffing say the homepage- then this could mean your business incurs an algorithmic or a manual penalty. So, for example, let’s say that you hire a marketing company to write evergreen content marketing for your website, if they keyword stuffed the text, then this can result in your business incurring an algorithmic penalty sometimes in a short period of time.

For example, the business could incur a Google Panda penalty, which means that the business could be “de-indexed”. This means basically that the business could be removed from Google.

So in regards to improving a business’s organic seo, or for that matter, the company’s local seo all of the work should be high quality (White Hat), all of the SEO work must cut the mustard.

Quite simply put if the work isn’t top quality, then low quality seo, could actually mean that your business moves down the ranks and not up. In a worst-case scenario, some businesses could incur a Google, such as a Google Penguin penalty, resulting in the business being de-indexed from Google.

High quality SEO tools

We use top quality SEO tools such as Ahrefs, Moz, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Moz.

So, what is content marketing?

Content marketing can be the written text that is added to the main pages on your website, they could be the blog posts, which are added to the blog section of your website.

Content marketing can also be the evergreen content marketing that is added to your website, such as writing a white paper which might have over 10,000 words written. What’s important to remember is that All of the written work must be very well written and also be useful to your customers, it must also be written in a white hat way.

100% original

It’s super important, that when you’re writing a long blog post let’s say about the latest innovation in running trainers, that all of the text must be completely original.

Now you might be thinking, well surely it would be much easier just to click the copy and paste button and take the text from another business? This is most definitely not recommended!

Firstly, that would be viewed as plagiarism, it could cause copyright issues, for sure, yet copied text could also seriously damage your businesses organic seo at the same time.

So, all of the text, that’s from writing the product descriptions, through to writing the text on the main pages they must be 100% original and also written in a white hat way.

quality content marketing

We help our clients to obtain more organic visitors and generate more sales, one of the ways we do this is by adding quality content marketing every month.

We have helped a number of businesses here in South Wales, go from their Google Analytics showing no organic visitors per month to their website, then having thousands, upon thousands of organic visitors every single month.

One of the ways we achieve this, it’s by improving the on-site SEO, (meta titles, descriptions, anchor text, internal links, adding evergreen content marketing). We can help businesses to generate more sales, via our very powerful SEO.

Google’s Algorithm rewards very high-quality content marketing, this is why we often add quality written content marketing onto our clients’ websites every month. We have experience of creating content marketing for well-known construction companies working all across Wales, we have worked for well-known solicitors as well as well-known online retailers.

We simply create quality white hat work that is very useful to your customers, our content marketing can have a super low bounce rate, can help your shoppers then go on to find the products or the services that they want therefore helping to improve your businesses conversion rate (CRO).