Did the March 2024 core update impact your business SEO

Did the March 2024 core update impact your business SEO

March 6, 2024



Written by: Ryan Walsh


Date: 06/03/2024



In a nutshell, this Google update presents nothing new.

So, let’s get to the heart of the issue. This update is new, but it doesn’t present anything new.

What do we mean by that?

Well, Google’s been fighting spam for a very long period of time; any half-baked / rubbish quality work is not indexed and therefore won’t appear the SERPs; it will damage your SEO, not improve it.

People writing “content thin” or work try to obtain clicks without creating the work to be helpful well this won’t help improve your company’s search engine optimisation. Publish too much low-quality content marketing and you may wake up to lower rankings, that’s when you glance at your Google Search Console.


Quality, Quality and a bit more Quality

Most of us love to eat bit of junk food occasionally; it’s convenient and makes us feel a bit of a sugar rush, and then we plod with our day. But we all know too much junk food is no good for us; we feel sluggish demotivated, and may want to stay in bed longer in the mornings if we eat a lot of it.

Well, rubbish content marketing is a bit like junk food; too much of it damages your rankings.


Tell us more about the March 2024 core update.


It may take over a month to roll out!

So, for many businesses and SEOs, when a significant Google algorithm roll-out occurs, sometimes the vast majority of the ranking flux passes in a few days, weeks at the max. Yet, with this colossal update, it’s likely to last over a month! So, grab a coffee, and be prepared to stare at those SEO tools to see where your average keyword positions are moving, too.


So be white hat.

Many people are still looking for SEO shortcuts.

However, the world’s best and most respected SEOs, such as the great Barry Schwartz, know there are no SEO shortcuts; SEO is just hard work.

Yet there are always some other SEOs on the other hand which may well be put under pressure from say their client, so try to use methods such as “expired domain abuse”, scaled content abuse”, and “site reputation abuse”.

Which, well, Google doesn’t want, so push back on your clients, don’t use low-quality SEO methods, and write and create quality content marketing instead.

Also, if you want what we think in our opinion is the best SEO advice in the business, head over the “Search Engine Roundtable”.


Expired domain abuse


So, what’s expired domain abuse?

People sometimes buy an expired domain name, which might come from a reputable business that’s been trading for a long period of time, yet they may have decided to shut their doors, let’s say, because of retirement or another reason.

Then someone comes along and buys the domain; then, the aim of buying the expired domain is to get their main website ranking higher on Google, they therefore place content marketing that’s well rubbish and adds little or little value onto the website, which doesn’t help shoppers.

Google will notice this: the content marketing is therefore low quality, and will be deemed as spam, and sooner or later, the links coming from that domain will be considered spam as well, so this method doesn’t work, so don’t use it.


Scaled content abuse

Google does not want low-quality, content thin, automatically generated content that doesn’t help shoppers filling up the SERP’s.

So, our best advice is to write the work manually, make it top quality, and publish higher quality work.



Spam is being further clamped down on


Just as we said at the very start of the article, this is a new update being rolled out by Google, yet at the same time, nothing really changes. Google hates spam, low-quality content marketing, that’s content thin, so it should come as no surprise to good white hat SEO’s that this update is another step to eliminate Spam from Google.

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