How link building can significantly improve your businesses SEO in 2024

How link building can significantly improve your businesses SEO in 2024

February 2, 2024


Date: 02/02/2024

Written by: Ryan Walsh


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Table of contents:

– Why backlinks are still an important part of search engine optimisation (SEO)
– We explain how to build backlinks
– We explain the different types of backlinks
– We explain how to build backlinks in 2024 post Google Penguin update
– We explain why it’s essential to build quality backlink using quality SEO tools such as Moz Pro and Ahrefs
– We explain how back links can improve your rankings, and improve your business’s organic search engine optimisation


Understanding why backlinks are still an important part of SEO

Ever since Google (Alphabet) created its first algorithm, which they named Google PageRank, backlinks have been an important part of their algorithm.

Fast forward to the present day, you have the Google E-EAT update; part of this vital algorithm update is to prove “authority”- that’s if you want your business to improve its organic SEO.

Building quality backlinks is one of the best ways to improve authority on your website.

Therefore, link building is a tried and tested marketing strategy to improve the business’s rankings. So for example, a blog post with hundreds of good quality backlinks, that page is much more likely to rank on page one of Google’s SERP’s when compared to a page which has absolutely no backlinks.


So, what exactly is link building?

So, link building, explained as simply as possible, is simply just a link coming from one domain name to your own website. If it’s a good quality backlink, it will pass something called “link equity”- which can help that page or blog post to rank higher on Google.

An external link will take you to a different website, and the internal link will take you to another page or blog post on the same website. Now, this is link building explained in its simplest terms, however, there is more to it than just that, it can get a bit more complicated than this.

The reason is that different links hold different value; a link from an excellent website can dramatically improve your SEO sometimes within a week. Say a backlink from the BBC, The Independent or The Guardian could be enough to make your company website jump from say page 3 on Google to page 1.

Links from low-quality spammy websites on the other hand, well, they can hamper your business’s search engine optimisation performance.



So, in a nutshell, you will want other businesses to link to your website, which are relevant to the services or products that you sell.

So let’s give you an example; let’s say that your company manufactures expensive tennis rackets. You will want your website to be linked to other tennis-related websites. For example, a famous tennis competition might link to your website.

So, it is essential to notice that if you start accumulating a lot of quality links, this can help improve your business’s search engine optimisation.

However, the backlinks must be relevant; there is no point in building backlinks which come from businesses that offer totally different services or products to what your company sells.

For example, there is no point in say a famous Formula One racing team offering backlinks to your company, if your company is lets say a solicitors practice. The businesses are completely different.


Types of links

Here are the different types of backlinks that your business can build:

High-quality editorial backlinks


These are undoubtedly the backlinks that you want to be building. Yet with that said, the backlinks must be:

-White hat
-Should be relevant
– Don’t gain too many backlinks from just one website
– Mixture of do-follow and no-backlinks
-Anchor text should be written in a white hat way, with branded keywords, don’t over-optimise the anchor text

Editorial backlinks are when a website, such as The Guardian newspaper link to your work. For example, you might run a digital marketing agency that specialises in working with designer labels and fashion brands. If you publish an article that talks about a survey your business recently carried out, then a newspaper may wish to mention the statistics that you have published.

This normally means you will gain either a do-follow or a no-follow backlink. Editorial links, if they are very high quality, normally means you don’t even have to ask for the backlinks.

The editor or the writer may have spotted your research, for example talking about how much the average household spends on clothes per year in the U.K and decided to link to your page.

These are the best type of backlinks, simply because:

– They are built using white hat methods
– You haven’t asked the website to link you and you haven’t paid for the link
– The article linking is likely to discussing a subject that’s relevant to your business. For example, if someone has cited your survey about clothing and expenditure on fashion designer labels, well, the article mentioning the statistics are likely to be talking about the same thing.


Outreach links/guest posts

This is the opposite of an editorial link, and it’s something that we wouldn’t advise doing when building backlinks. That is contacting other websites that say can they link to your work. It’s become somewhat of an outdated approach to SEO, and we will explain why.

Mainly because the website that’s offering the link, often wants your business to put a guest post on their website.
Quite often the website publishing the guest post will ask for money to do that, which means that you are likely to have a lot of articles on that website, written by various companies just so that they can gain backlinks. This type of website, full of articles written just for backlinks could be deemed as a spam website.

Therefore the article might not be offering quality advice; it might be more about the company whos written the blog post wanting a do-follow backlink.

We would say that it is much better to concentrate on publishing high-quality content marketing on your website instead.

Make the content marketing that you publish really good quality, aim to make it far better than your direct competitors. That way other businesses might want to link to you without you even asking them to link to you. That’s because they spot how good quality the work is.

Therefore, you may even receive back links from prestigious, well-known brands you instantly know and recognise. This could then drastically improve your businesses rankings on Google.


Avoid using Link farms

So before we further explain what this means, we have to say from the outset that we don’t recommend this approach to link building at all.

Avoid gaining backlinks from link farms, and as general rule, never buy links at all.
So you might have had an e-mail that offers for you to purchase X amount of links.

Lets say 10,000 links and often these low-quality and spam links are offered for a small amount of money.

Now, if you haven’t got a clue about search engine optimisation, or you hire the wrong SEO agency, which many companies do, they might use what’s called “black hat methods” of link building. Avoid these methods; they don’t work, and what could happen is you get sometimes is a small window where your SEO temporarily improves. Yet when Google’s algorithms detect that your business has a lot of spam / low-quality backlinks, then your rankings will, well, crash and burn.

If your rankings drop because of building low quality backlinks, this could mean that your business has received a Google Penguin penalty.


Google Penalties can be an absolute headache to fix

Some businesses might think, well, we will remove the links, disavow them then we can carry on as usual.

Therefore some businesses falsely believe that even if they have incurred a Google Penalty, that somehow the rankings will bounce back, once they have fixed the problem. However, this is the thing: if you build low-quality backlinks and receive a

Google Penguin penalty, this can impact your company’s SEO for years and it your rankings may not recover.
It could mean that you were once on the first page of Google; you might have been having a lot of organic traffic every single day of the week.

Yet after say a Google Penguin penalty, has been imposed on your website, your business could be wiped off Google altogether.
Then you have to contact SEO agencies, which might specialise in what’s called “penalty recovery”, and as most of them will tell you, it can take a very long time to recover from Google Penguin penalties.


So how to go about creating a link-building strategy in 2024

We appreciate that the people reading this article might want to have had a go at building backlinks themselves.

They might have had no or very little success so far with building backlinks.

Therefore, in this New Year, you may well be seeking a way to improve your link-building.

And you’ve most definitely come to the right place because our digital marketing agency has been building quality links for over ten years. Even before the Google Penguin updates, we know that in regards to SEO, there are no shortcuts; it’s all about hard work, but this hardwork will eventually pay off with your company’s SEO improving.

This is why we always recommend building quality links; and to use white hat methods.


Evergreen content marketing / long-form blog posts

We understand that writing a comprehensive and detailed article complete with relevant statistics, and writing over say 4,000 words, well this can take considerable time.

You might start writing it early in the morning, espresso in hand and not finish it by six or 7 PM.
Now, you might think this is a lot of work, it’s tiring, and drinking multiple expressos you may feel a little bit well, wired.

So is all of this effort worth it?

Well, in short yes is worth the effort, if you want to improve your businesses search engine optimisation.
Initially people may find your blog post that you’ve written on social media, such as Facebook.

The reader might think well, this is a brilliant article; they might link to it on their blog or company website. Brilliant your starting to earn backlinks!


Write longform articles

Heres our best advice, instead of writing short articles on a regularl basis, instead save your time, and instead, write an excellent piece of content marketing say just once a month.


Ditch your current SEO agency if they have rubbish copywriters

Sometimes, some SEO agencies throughout the U.K employ copywriters who don’t understand the business they are writing the work for. The copywriter may not have any knowledge of the business at all.

Yet, if you walk into the more prestigious, well-known marketing agencies, these agencies often employ more highly experienced SEO copywriters. Often, they have more real-life experience of what they are writing about. Some of them might have switched occupations, let’s say, from working in the legal sector and have become copywriters at these well-known marketing agencies.

What this allows for is for the copywriters, when writing the text, to demonstrate expertise and experience. This is an important part of two Google updates, they are the Google E-EAT update.

The other update is the “Google Helpful Content Update”. If someone’s an expert on what they are writing about, the works likely to be more detailed, offer better advice, and therefore better meet the guidelines set out by Google’s E-EAT update.


Anchor text, exact match, branded and partial matches

So our best recommendation is not to use exact match anchor text too much. Don’t only focus on putting keywords within the anchor text- this could lead to over-optimisation issues. In 2024, we believe that Google’s algorithms are now so sophisticated you don’t need to do this.

So instead if the link describes a link to a page which sells “white Belgian chocolate”, just label the link white Belgian chocolate.


Conduct research

Often, conducting market research is for larger businesses or marketing agencies with quite large marketing budgets to carry out because it usually involves a lot of time and also effort.

So, for example, let’s say you are a start-up clothing brand; you might want to research how much the average person aged 25 to 35 spends monthly on clothing.

But what is likely to happen is, because this survey will be useful to many businesses it may get mentioned on many different websites. Therefore, you are likely to get more backlinks you’re your clothing brand’s website, which will positively improve that company’s SEO and organic traffic.


Free Quote

Our SEO agency has been around for a very long time. Therefore, we know how to build back links using white hat methods. We currently work with many valued clients within the Cardiff area.

As our marketing agency expands and takes on more clients every year, we are increasingly working with companies based right across the United Kingdom.

It would be great to hear from you; so if you would like to help building backlinks or help improving your companies organic SEO, then why not give us a ring and be able to offer you a free and no obligation quotation


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