How SEO and content marketing can work together to help a business to generate more sales

How SEO and content marketing can work together to help a business to generate more sales

November 7, 2023


How SEO and content marketing work together to improve a business’s SEO


7th November/2023

Written by: Ryan Walsh


So, if you were to ask us to improve a business’s search engine optimisation, any business for that matter, without improving the businesses content marketing, well that’s most definitely going to be extremely difficult, to put it mildly. It’s a bit like entering a boxing match with one hand tied behind your back!

That’s because to improve a company’s SEO (search engine optimisation) you need to add well written, useful content marketing to the website on a routine basis. All of the evergreen content marketing, that’s added to the main pages also needs to be unique, well written and also helpful to customers, in a nutshell it needs to follow Google’s EEAT advice on writing content marketing.

When you think of a website, and how the search engines such as Google’s algorithm, decipher whether that website is quality or not, often the algorithms base a lot of whether they deem the company’s SEO as good or not, on how well written the content marketing is.
If it’s a rather boring and a dull read, (sends the reader to sleep) then all that all is going to happen is the website going to get a very high bounce rate indeed.

So, to improve a business’s search engine optimisation, the work needs to be useful, it needs to keep the reader’s attention for a long period of time. You don’t want a website that has a sky-high bounce rate. What you actually want is shoppers spending a lot of time browsing the products or simply reading the blog posts that you have written.

You may have heard your SEO consultant talk about “UX” and also conversions, so that’s dissect what these two marketing terms simply mean.

User experience or UX for short, simply is the experience your customers have when they are browsing the products or services that you sell.

For example, imagine yourself walking through a department store, let’s say a big, bright department store in a prime city centre location.
If the store is a nice well-designed department store, then you are likely to want to spend time there because it’s an enjoyable experience, walking around and having a look at all the clothes that are for sale nice brightly lit environment.

However, if the shop is cramped, if it smells of damp, and you really don’t like the environment then you’re likely to straight out of the front door and going to another shop.

While this is the same for a company website, you going to want to improve the UX, you’re going to want the customer to be really impressed by your company website, its design, how easy it is to use and also that you gone the extra mile to help the customer understand the products of the services that you offer.

So UX is very important.

Then we have also conversions, and this ties in nicely to what we said about user experience, if you design a company website that has a good UX, and people are likely to browse a lot of your products and services therefore more likely to make a purchase, therefore improving the conversion rate.


Let’s talk about the basics of SEO

So, without complicating things and talking about ranking factors, such as do follow backlinks, which can be difficult to explain, search engine optimisation is simply just the process of improving where website ranks of the major search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.



So, often your marketing agency will often spend a considerable amount of time using marketing tools such as, Ahrefs, looking at the words and phrases that shoppers use to describe the products and services that you sell.

Now as a business owner you might think, well why would they spend a considerable amount of time researching different keywords to optimise the website for, surely the products we sell are self-explanatory, are they not?

Well often they are not, a wood-burning stove might be described as a wood-burning stove, a multifuel stove, or the person shopping for the stove might actually know the brand that they want to purchase, such as Aga stove (these are very good quality stoves by the way).

Therefore, the digital marketing agency has to then optimise the website for every single keyword, otherwise it simply won’t appear in organic search if the work is not put into optimise the website for these different keywords.


Is this easy to do?

Most definitely not, every single keyword needs to be optimised, and to do this sometimes involves hundreds of hours of work for each keyword, this is why digital marketing agencies sometimes charge a substantial fee each month improve the businesses search engine the optimisation.


On page SEO

Often the SEO consultants will need to improve and optimise individual webpages and blog posts. This often means sometimes removing a lot of duplicated text, it may also involve writing a well-written meta titles and descriptions to improve the CTR, adding many page titles, adding internal links, and perhaps altering the alt text and much more work as well.


Test and test some more

Sometimes a business will have a stab at writing content marketing themselves, so for example an employee might actually be given a day a month to write a blog post,, say the last Friday of every single month is dedicated to completing this work.

They therefore write a substantial amount of text, and therefore think that overnight that they are going to skyrocket onto the first page of Google. However, things don’t work like this


Why does SEO take so long to see results?

So, by just writing the art blog posts, every now and then, this work is likely to be considered to be a drop in the ocean. So, what we mean by that is often a lot more work is needed, just writing blog posts.

Therefore, this is when a lot of businesses get disgruntled and sometimes frustrated the they are investing perhaps a lot of time in terms of improving their search engine optimisation themselves, but not seeing any results.

Of course, a highly skilled SEO agency like ours is often able to bring about results often in a shorter period of time, but even then, it can take us often many, many months before we can generate results that our clients want.

The reason for this is search engine optimisation is most definitely a slow process, things might seem like they are moving at an absolute snail’s pace, but this is with good reason, because as the Guinness adverts once said, good things come to those that wait.

And what we mean by that is, it’s often a huge amount of work, to get any business onto page one of Bing, Yahoo or

It’s like climbing a steep mountain to get a business onto the first page of Google, within the organic results, yet when a business does get there, well, it can be absolutely transformative to some businesses, with some businesses seeing rapid growth, in terms of generating a lot more sales.

We have taken some businesses from a standstill position, that is they are a brand-new company, with no customers, to that same business being absolutely inundated with sales, so much so that they can’t keep up with demand!


Off page SEO

It’s really important that whichever digital marketing agency you high, that they also put a lot of work into helping your business gain quality backlinks, these backlinks should be obtained from very high-quality websites, that they set up social media profiles Facebook and X for your business. It’s important to promote your businesses content marketing on social media websites such as Instagram.

Your business or marketing agency should come up with a detailed content marketing strategy- it’s important to think about what you are going to write about every month.

You have to always keep in mind your businesses target audience, what are the customers that you want to attract to your business? What kind of questions that they often ask about the products or services that you sell? How can you write better quality content marketing then your direct competitors in Cardiff?

For example, perhaps your business sells classic cars, but you now want to take the business in a direction where you are attracting more customers that are interested in purchasing high-performance cars.

Therefore, the content marketing should be written about high-performance cars, this could include videos, many blog posts infographics even podcasts, we start to talk about your knowledge relating to and reviewing high-performance vehicles.

Therefore, by writing high quality content marketing, you will make your website much more relevant for high-performance cars, therefore your much more likely to rank higher on Google for terms relating to high-performance cars.


Never ever compromise on quality

Just like you would never buy cheap, low quality engine oil for a high-performance car, neither should you add low quality cheap content marketing to your company website, because it will simply reduce your businesses seo performance, just like cheap engine oil could result in a car’s engine blowing up, low quality, poorly written content marketing could mean your business incurs a penalty from Google, which can mean that your business moves down the ranks


How do you measure success?

Tracking how good your businesses seo and content marketing is doing, is absolutely crucial, so that you can refine, adapt and change your marketing strategy accordingly.

Just as you wouldn’t continue driving a car if you heard a loud noise coming from the engine, neither should you continue writing and adding content marketing to your company website that is clearly damaging your businesses search engine optimisation.


We are here to help:

Our business is managed by Ryan Walsh, we can help you with everything from optimising your businesses Google My Business profile, through to writing the content marketing on a weekly basis, or our many seo consultants can help improve your businesses e-commerce seo.
For a free and no obligation quote why not call us today?

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