How to write SEO content marketing that ranks

How to write SEO content marketing that ranks

January 25, 2024

Written by: Ryan Walsh

Date: 24th of January 2024

If you want to improve your business search engine optimisation (SEO), you will likely need to write a lot of content marketing. Actually, let me rephrase that: you will often have to spend a huge amount of time researching, writing and promoting this work. It also needs to be your very best effort for it to appear in Google’s search engine results pages.

Yet, at this moment in time, well, you might be getting a little bit disgruntled, as you might have written numerous blog posts, and spent a huge amount of time writing numerous blog posts, yet you don’t seem to be climbing Google ranks as fast as you would like, does this sound true?

To do that, we would say two things: SEO takes a considerable time to start seeing results and all your effort start to come into fruition. Yet the other thing is that you really need to create content marketing that cuts the mustard.

Writing content marketing is a bit like looking out at the night sky. There are often massive amount of space junk out in space; just busy floating around, and as we all know, space junk isn’t helpful to anybody. It is just cluttering up the place.

Then, you can have a star in the sky, lets say, Venus, an absolute jewel that grabs your attention and fascinates you.

Now you should apply this analogy when you writing your business content marketing; a considerable amount of space junk is useless to anyone. However, you don’t want to be writing space junk; you like writing work that grabs your readers’ attention and fascinates them, (like a bright star). So use your company websites and business’s content marketing platform to showcase your business’s expertise to the entire world.

It might be people within your company who are not that technologically savvy; some might even own a dumb phone rather than a smartphone. But this doesn’t matter, as those people might be experts in their respective fields. Whether it’s making elevators work and zoom up or down or manufacturing turbos for cars, they may be experts in a certain type of product, such as washing machines for example.

It doesn’t matter; what does matter is that you use their expertise and partner with them to write content marketing that’s well-written, engaging to read and helpful.

We will talk more about the “Google Helpful Content” update later on and also “Google E-EAT” and this is such an important part of organic SEO these days.


Organic traffic

If you are about to start a business, let’s say your opening a shop situated on the high street, you will often have to pay a premium to have your business in a location with a really high footfall.

For example, renting space in St Davids 2 shopping centre within Cardiff is likely to be more expensive than renting on a side street outside town. And that’s with good reason, if you have tens of thousands of shoppers walking around the shopping centre, your obviously going to want to get your business located there.



Another point we are trying to make is this: if you partner with the right SEO company, they can put your business onto the first page of Google so that you can gain more organic traffic. This is a bit like having your shop in a prime location, quite simply because instead of physical shoppers, we have more than online shoppers coming to your website.

Yet, your business has to generate and write a huge amount of high-quality content marketing to get there. If you were to ask an SEO consultant whether they could get any business on page one of Google, without creating quality content marketing, they will probably say its impossible. we would agree with that statement.

And creating good quality content marketing, well it’s not easy because, as we will explain later in this article, it’s not just about churning out, say, a thousand words every week. No, that space junk once again!

Instead, you have to put your heart and soul into the work and create something meaningful that resonates with your audience.


Within this article, we are going to talk about:

  • What exactly is SEO content
  • Why need to create work which is better than your competitors
  • Why you need to show off your company’s expertise and how you can benefit from this
  • How to write content marketing
  • And are there artificial intelligence programs that speed up the writing process?
  • What is SEO content?

SEO content is simply about creating written work or other forms of content marketing, such as YouTube videos or infographics. The aim is to offer really helpful advice, and also to offer guidance to people interested in the products or services you sell. The overarching objective is to provide helpful advice; as a byproduct, you can obtain more organic traffic to your website.


Common pitfalls

You must avoid keyword stuffing

Let’s say that you sell, well, let’s say for example super expensive running trainers; it’s tempting for the writer of the content marketing to keep mentioning the term “running trainers” because they want to rank higher on for that particular keyword. They may therefore keep trying to force that product description into most paragraphs, even if the sentence reads unnaturally- a word to the wise, avoid this SEO method!

However, this is what many SEO consultants refer to as “keyword stuffing”.

And if your business uses it, well it’s going to get your business a hefty, and big fat Google penalty! This is often called a “Google Panda Penalty”.

This means that overnight, at the click of your fingers, your business could be removed from Google because you flouted the rules (Webmaster Guidelines).


Write for humans and not the search engines.

You should write high-quality content marketing; the reason for that is that you want to create written work that shoppers like to spend time reading. The reason for this is something called the “dwell time”, also referred to as “time-on-site”. You can monitor this metric using Google Analytics.

There are also other engagement metrics, such as a website’s “bounce rate”, and these are all considered and monitored by Google’s algorithm.

Therefore, Google’s algorithm job is to decipher how engaged shoppers are with a company’s website. Many seo agencies, believe its Google’s Rankbrain which is the A.I part of the algorthim which monitors engagement, such as dwell time of a page.

If the shopper is disinterested in reading the work, so the bounce rates high, then Google’s RankBrain, an algorithm artificial intelligence part of the algorithm, will place that work lower down Google’s ranks.

On the other hand, if the business spends a lot of time creating quality work, people will read this work for longer and enjoy what they’re reading, which is likely to rank higher on Google because the dwell time will be much higher.


Why does SEO content matter?

Creating high-quality content marketing is not easy; when you’ve written 3000 words on any given topic , and you have done your research and added links to your sources, you are likely to walk away from your laptop feeling rather tired from doing all that work. So why do businesses bother to do this work?

So why should you go to all this effort?

Why should you even be giving away free advice?

The main reason is that all your hard work can mean that you can gain more shoppers. You are likely to gain more organic traffic, which will earn you more backlinks, which again means that you will rank even higher on Google.

Plus, by writing content marketing, you can create more brand awareness as well.

So where your business ranks on Google, can sometimes mean the difference between getting no customers and potentially thousands or even millions of shoppers to your company website.

This is why it’s worth all the effort, and drinking all those espressos while working late writing that 7,000-word article. Yet with that said, many business owners often can’t see the short-term benefits, sometimes because it takes so long to see improvements to your organic SEO.

But don’t get us wrong, even though we are a highly talented and skilled seo agency, (we are brilliant at what we do) even our

SEO magicians can’t achieve results overnight! Quite simply put, it doesn’t work like that.

Some agencies make false promise after false promises to get clients to sign on the dotted line.

Yet for those that understand how Google’s algorithm works, its often impossible to bring about results, in terms of moving a company onto page one in a matter of days or weeks. Trust us; we have been doing this for a very long time. There are no shortcuts, when it comes to improving a company’s organic SEO, there’s no easy way of doing it, and no way to click a switch and automatically rank high on Google.


Don’t cut corners

If there are loopholes or shortcuts, then Google’s algorithm is quickly changed to penalise websites that are trying to fool the algorithm into thinking the website is better. If a website for example uses keyword stuffing or cloaking, it’s going to very quickly incur a Google Panda penalty.

Not long ago, so many businesses thought it was super clever to buy backlinks (don’t use this method). The businesses, prior to the Google Penguin update may have temporarily moved up Google’s organic ranks (not for long).

However, all that happens is that Google rolled out an update when it comes to links this was called the Google Penguin update, and then overnight, millions of businesses were taken off Google’s organic results.

These businesses, for flouting Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, and not using white hat methods, incurred a massive Google penalty imposed on the website. These penalties were sometimes manual and sometimes algorithmic penalties, trust us when we say often it would take a business to recover from such a penalty.

Trust us when we say some businesses never recovered from the manual or algorithmic penalties. They were sometimes moved totally out of Google’s results, and sometimes moved so far back that they’ve never managed to get back on the first page.

So, it is a bit like a diet; there are no shortcuts and no easy way of doing it. You have to put the effort in if you want to improve your company’s search engine optimisation.


Increase organic website traffic

The main aim of writing content marketing, such as evergreen content marketing is to draw more shoppers to your website. So, for example, if you are shopping for a particular product, lets say a garden room, and you read an article that answers your question, that shopper is likely to go on and spend some more time on your website. For example, they may read one blog post, then decide to read another via clicking an internal link. This reduces the company’s bounce rate.

So, somebody might ask questions such as- “Are garden rooms relatively low maintenance”? If you answer this question in a really detailed way, as well as offering other helpful advice, the shopper might want to not just read say a blog post, but also browse the products that you sell as well, which may help you as a business to sell more products.


Drive conversions

The whole point of content marketing is to drive conversions, which is a rather fancy marketing term which means helping to make more sales for the business.

So, for example, content marketing, such as a well-written blog post might do a rather excellent job answering the question, such as offering SEO advice, like this blog post is doing.

And at the end of the article might be a “callback” button. If the reader clicks this, sends there mobile number to discuss your seo services futher, you have converted a shopper into a lead. This is what marketing agency refers to as increasing conversions.

Alternatively, the aim might be to sign-up the reader to a newsletter, by asking them to send their email or website address so that they can receive an SEO quote.


Earn quality backlinks

A huge ranking factor ever since the days of Google’s PageRank is backlinks.

Backlinks are often what dictates whether a company can get on the first page of Google or not. Various seo agencies therefore often employ dedicated staff, who’s full time job is to build backlinks for businesses. Often these days, this means writing super high-quality content marketing so other businesses link to the work. For example, by carrying out research so comprehensive and detailed, other companies cite your work and provide a backlink.


Content marketing helps build brand awareness

Content marketing can also help create improved brand awareness. Somebody might be shopping around for what is considered a considered purchase, a rather expensive item they need to think about carefully about before buying. For example, a used or new car is a considered purchase.

What we mean by this is that they are about to purchase a rather expensive item; you can easily cost in excess of, say, £40,000. So you are likely to read a lot of blog posts, spend time on social media finding the exact product that you like, and you are also expected to read many FAQs before you do buy that item.

Now, if your company keeps constantly appearing in Google’s results because your offering helpful advice to shoppers, this helps to create better brand awareness. Then, when the customer is actually ready to make a purchase, your brand might stick in their heads. That shopper when there ready to make a purchase may automatically go to your website and buy So again, this is how content marketing can help improve and build brand awareness for a company.


How do you write SEO content?

One thing’s for sure is you don’t want the content marketing to bore the reader to a deep sleep.
If the content marketing doesn’t answer the shoppers question then this is likely to result the business incurring a high bounce rate,

If the bounce rate is super high, this can damage the business’s SEO instead of improving it.


How many words should the content marketing be?

It doesn’t matter when you’re writing SEO your content whether it’s 500 words or 6000 word in length.

What does matter is that you answer the question in enough detail to sufficiently answer the question.

It must be helpful to the reader that they walk away feeling that the question has been answered. And the work must be super high quality, so white hat.

We would say that generally speaking, the higher word count generally speaking the higher the content marketing will rank on Google. However, this is not always the case; if it’s poorly written content marketing, then the bounce rate could be high and this will damage the business’s SEO.


Write for humans

Those who are especially new to SEO, sometimes think that writing SEO content differs from writing high-quality content marketing.

However, here’s the thing, if you concentrate on writing high-quality content you will also be improving your rankings on Google at the same time. So, focus your time and effort on writing high-quality work.
Google’s E-EAT

Be conscious of Google E-E-A-T and also Google;s Helpful Content Update when creating all content marketing.
In a nutshell, you should aim to write high-quality work, that’s written well, and has the input or is written by an expert on the matter.


What is Google’s E-E-A-T?

You may not have heard of this important Google update; it’s called the Google E-E-A-T update.

This critical update, its now part of what is called the core algorithm used by Google. Its therefore central to the decision-making process used by the algorithm to workout where business should rank in the search engine results pages.


What does E-EAT mean?

E-EAT simply stands for “experience, expertise, authority, and trustworthiness”.

It’s a set of guidelines that the Google Quality Raters will use to assess whether a piece of content marketing is good or whethers its infact low quality and therefore spam.

Once they have ascertained a way of determining whether the content marketing is quality or not, this set of checks is integrated into Google’s core algorithm.

Therefore, Google E-EAT is simply used as a way of quickly assessing whether or not a piece of content marketing is of good quality or not.

For example, the Google E-EAT update is likely to ask these questions and many more:

  •  Is the written work original?
  • If various facts and statistics are cited have these been referenced with a link
  •  Does it look like the works been written by someone with sufficient knowledge on what they are writing about


Google’s Helpful Content Update

Google released an important and significant algorithm update; it was rolled out back in late 2022.

Many websites saw significant ranking fluctuations around that time, which means that a lot of businesses altered where they ranked on Google.


People first content
This is a description that more and more SEO consultants worldwide are using.

The term is used to describe writing content marketing to help humans, rather than just trying to improve a business’s search engine optimisation. The term “people’s first content” is therefore used.



Gone are the days when a copywriter could write a 1000-word blog post and they only have a very superficial and vague understanding of what they are writing about.

Now, they need to have in-depth knowledge of what they are talking about. This may seem like common sense, yet often blog posts were written just to mention keywords in the title, a few paragraphs and the meta description. The sole intention was therefore to try and get that business higher on Google’s ranks, it wasn’t really written to offer useful advice. However, now the tables have turned, and this work that’s written to “fool” the algorithm will actually damage your company’s SEO.


Use high-quality SEO tools such as Moz and Ahrefs to pick out the right keywords

There are now many high-quality SEO tools that your business could use, such as Ahrefs or Moz.

These SEO tools can be used to gain valuable insight into which keywords and phrases you should optimise your website for.

There also brilliant at analysing your direct competitors backlink profiles. Often you get a period of time where you can try these tools for free, so we would most definitely recommend doing that.



Some keywords will have a much higher search volume than others, but typically, a keyword with a huge search volume will also have a very high keyword difficulty.

This simply means that it’s much harder to get your business to rank on the first page of Google for that keyword. The reason its so hard is because hundreds, thousands, or potentially millions of other companies are also trying to target that keyword and get their own business on the first page of Google for that same keyword. The higher level of competition means that it’s harder to get your business onto page one.


Complete keyword research

You don’t want to write content marketing that’s full of keywords to the point that Google’s algorithms deem the written work as being “keyword stuffed”.


Keyword stuffing is something you should avoid.

However, you still need understand which keywords you want to target, we would recommend using a quality SEO tool for this. Perhaps Moz, which simply brilliant and easy to use.

So, let’s say, for example, that you are an online electrical goods retailer. You notice that particular brands of washing machines have a very high search volume.

So, instead of writing a piece of content marketing, incorporating the brand of washing machine and just washing machine, this is not very useful and will likely be dull to read. Its likely to be a boring read if all the article just says, we sell this brand of washing machine.

However, on the other hand, you could create a piece of content marketing which instead explains the ten most energy-efficient washing machines that are sold here in United Kingdom.

Therefore, people will most likely want to read this because some will use their washing machine daily and want to find an energy-efficient model.

So, by doing this, you are writing a piece of content marketing that is helpful and informative to shoppers. At the same time your also helping to improve your SEO for that particular keyword.


Keyword difficulty

It’s also essential to think about “keyword difficulty” when considering which keywords you want improve the organic SEO for.
We mentioned this point earlier, but it’s necessary to reiterate it again as it’s really important.

Some seo agencies and businesses believe they can target and increase the rankings for a particular keyword, when sometimes it’s impossible on their marketing budget or the amount of time they have available to them to do this.

So let’s give you an example, let’s say the example you run a car insurance business.

Let’s say that particular business has let’s say a thousand pounds per month marketing budget, often this is an absolute drop in the ocean of what is required to get the business on page one of Google for “car insurance”.

When you consider that many car insurance companies are spending millions per year on targeting that particular keyword, the company with a thousand pound a month budget, well it won’t cut the mustard.

This is not to be downbeat about the company’s ambition; it’s about being realistic.

That’s because there are many SEO agencies out there, they will grab any marketing budget from any company they can.

Yet after 12 months, when they have to turn around and say they have failed in their ambition of getting the business on the first page of Google, well there’s going to be one annoyed client at the end of the phone. But these companies often vanish, and then reappear as a different company name. This is why you need to hire a respected SEO company.

So both the agency and the client have to be realistic and understand if it’s realistic and possible to get that business on page one for super difficult competitive keywords.

Local SCO is much easier; in comparison to national or international SEO, well its a walk in the par. So before you even begin to start work on improving your company’s organic SEO, do asses keyword difficulty, and one of the main ways of doing this is to determine the backlink profile of your competitors.


Backlink profile

If your direct competitors have, let’s say over100,000 quality “do-follow” as well as also “no-follow links”. You have to keep in mind that one SEO consultant, working like a busy-bee Monday through to Friday might sometimes struggle to even build one quality link per week!

This will, therefore, give you an idea of the size of the challenge that some companies face, when competing with major brands with a huge and good quality backlink profile.

This is often when the company tries to cut corner, thats if they have a rather limited marketing budget, they may buy backlinks.

Buying backlinks is a definite no-no. As mentioned earlier, it’s a one-way ticket to getting a Google penalty.

Promote the work

It’s also essential to promote your content marketing. For example, you might have gained a following on social media, for example on X, Instagram or Facebook. Therefore, if you put a lot of time and effort into a piece of content marketing, then why not promote it on your company’s social media accounts?

The article is liklely to get more views. Therefore, you might accumulate more backlinks as a direct result of this.


Would you like us to help improve your business’s SEO?

As part of our team, we have some of the most highly experienced SEO experts in the whole of Wales working for us.

We work for a wide range of different clients, they own businesses ranging from well-known brands to local solicitor practices.

We always use the best white hat methods, and our written work will meet the standards set out by Google Webmaster guidelines. We also offer very competitive monthly prices.
Our prices for our SEO monthly prices start from just £700 PCM. If your business wants to gain more sales then why not talk to our team today?


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