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We Are A Group Of Skilled Developers And Programmers.

In depth SEO audits

We can carry out an SEO audit for your business, our SEO reports range in price between £200 and £1000 depending on how many pages your company website has.

Our services

In depth SEO audits

So, you’ve heard of this mysterious thing called organic SEO, and you’re thinking, “Blimey, where do I even begin?” How do our company even know, how strong our businesses search engine optimisation is at the moment?

Well, pull up a chair, make yourself a cuppa, and let’s chat, shall we? As we have invested in some of the best SEO tools available, plus we have some of the most highly experienced SEO in Wales working for us. This means that we will be able to quickly decipher how strong your businesses SEO is currently. Prices for an in-depth SEO report, start from £250 for a website with 10 or less pages, a large e-commerce website will cost around £1000 to create a report.

Why invest in a good quality SEO report?

SEO, that is search engine optimisation, is like the petrol you put into a sports car – the quality of the fuel makes all the difference. And did you know? A massive 68% of people looking to buy a product or service start with a search engine.

Looking for the crème de la crème of SEO services? Walsh and Partners can help your business to generate more sales. We’ll deep dive into the labyrinth of your website, sort out the issues which might be holding your businesses search engine optimisation back, and we can make improvements every single month to improve your businesses SEO. We do offer SEO reports, as a stand-alone service, and we do offer also organic SEO, as a rolling monthly service.


Highly experienced

Our SEO consultants, have literally spent thousands of hours, keeping their knowledge up to date. This means that we have some very talented, highly experienced and knowledgeable SEO consultants working for our marketing agency within Cardiff.


Fixed monthly prices

If your business is thinking of hiring an SEO company, then it’s important to note that search engine optimisation is a long-term process. For example, a business which is looking to improve its local SEO, shouldn’t expect good results, until six months have passed. However, we offer very competitive prices.


White hat

When you hire our marketing agency to improve either your local SEO or your organic SEO, each member of our team will only ever use the very best white hat methods of search engine optimisation.

Avada Programmer

Hello! We are a group of skilled developers and programmers.

What do our SEO reports include?

While some folks think organic SEO is just about chucking in a bunch of keywords, and where your business is ranking for those keywords, there’s a lot more to it than just that. For example we will need to undertake the following work.

Content marketing Check: Ever heard the saying content marketing is king? Well, we’ll make sure your site’s content marketing is top quality. Because if it’s not top quality, then it will help to improve your businesses SEO.

We will need to fix any technical SEO issues, such as 404 errors.

Zoom Zoom: If your company website is slower than a tortoise that’s out for a leisurely stroll, we’ll need to speed things up a bit, and make sure that your company website becomes much faster.

Would you like us to create an SEO report of your business?

SEO can seem confusing to some, can be a bit overwhelming, but when you hire Walsh and Partners, you will be hiring some of the most highly experienced SEO consultants in Cardiff. We therefore look to partner with your business over the long term, to help your business to generate more sales.