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Link building

Link building it’s still widely considered as one of the most important ranking factors by Google and other important search engines such as Bing. So when improving a businesses organic search engine optimisation you often need a lot of do-follow, and also no-follow backlinks. Well, hop aboard as we journey through the bustling realm of link building- we have been helping British businesses to gain more backlinks, to improve their SEO now for over 10 years. Let’s demystify the real reason why some websites rank like a monarch while others just can’t seem to languish on page 10 of Google.

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Why is link building so important?

You might have heard some of the large digital marketing agencies, such as ours regularly talking about the importance of building do follow backlinks. So that Googlebot crawls and indexes these links, then if the links are super high quality, say from BBC, then Google’s algorithm should rank your business higher in the search engine results pages. We have helped so many businesses get onto page one of Google and Bing.

Link Auditing:

This is really important that before any digital marketing agency takes on a new client and starts any SEO work, they should have a look at the quality of the businesses backlinks- if they are good quality, then that’s great. If they are not, then this can really hamper progress, and the SEO agency may need to disavow backlinks, or come with another strategy to minimise the damage that low quality backlinks can have on a companies SEO.

The reason for this is, if the business has low quality backlinks can actually drag your business down the Serps rather than your business going up the Serps. So, your business only needs quality backlinks- don’t ever build, or buy low quality links, its really not worth it.


Content Marketing and building quality backlinks

We think that the best way to build quality “do-follow backlinks”, is to publish on your own company website really high quality articles / blog posts offering useful advice to your customers.

Plus, the business may wish to also publish “evergreen content marketing” and to also produce Youtube videos and to embed these on your main pages, then other businesses may want to link to the work, if it offers quality advice.

When you add quality content marketing to your website other businesses, as well as also bloggers may want to link to this work, this is how you build high-quality backlinks in a white hat way.


Do-follow Backlinks

It’s important, if you want to get your business onto the first page of Google’s organic results, that you have many, sometimes you actually need thousands of really top-quality white hat do follow backlinks. Of course, you will also need some no-follow backlinks as well, these should always be built, without exception, in a white hat way.

All of the backlinks that you build should be relevant to your business.


White hat

It’s important to build all backlinks in a white hat way, but it’s also just as important that all of the search engine optimisation work that your seo agency completes, that all of the work is white hat.

Everything from writing something as simple as the meta titles, right through to the anchor text through to building do-follow backlinks, they must all be built in a white hat way, and the marketing agency should also always follow “Google’s Webmaster Guidelines”. We use some the very best organic SEO tools, such as Google Analytics, Ahrefs, and Moz seo tools, we also has a very highly skilled seo consultants, so we simply know how to build backlinks the correct way.

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Hello! We are a group of skilled developers and programmers.

Content marketing:

Our squad of wordsmiths and researchers can create quality content marketing, such as “evergreen content marketing” that can sometimes be in excess of 7000 words, if the work is super high quality then this can attract do-follow backlinks to the website.

What’s all this fuss about link building?

    Google’s a search engine that ever since the days of Google’s PageRank has always used backlinks as a way of deciphering how good a business’s search engine optimisation is. For example, a business with 1,000 quality backlinks, is likely to be a business which ranks on page one of Google’s results. All of that “link equity” can really help to improve a businesses organic seo.

Why should we bother with link building?

Think of links as your passport to digital stardom. The more really high-quality links you’ve got, the better you’re likely to perform in terms of where the business ranks on Google. So, it simply doesn’t matter if you sell classic cars, such as rare Ferraris online, or perhaps you sell scented candles online, your business often won’t get onto the first page of Google, unless it has a lot of quality backlinks to help to get your company onto page one.

And how many backlinks do you need, well, if your direct competitors have say 100 very high quality, relevant backlinks, your business, needs at least more than that. But remember, its all about quality, its not just about quantity. So, you need as many quality backlinks as you can obtain, but all backlinks must be relevant, so if you’re a solicitors practice, there’s no point in obtaining a bunch of backlinks from your local rugby club.

So, what’s considered a first-rate backlink?

So as we mentioned it’s not just about quantity ; it’s about quality. A quality, relevant link that comes from a quality website, such as Top Gears website, if your business is in the Automotive business sector, is likely to really help improve that business organic seo?

That’s the gold we’re after. The backlinks therefore need to be a really high quality, if they’re not, and not from a quality source such as the BBC, or another quality business, then they could actually damage your businesses search engine optimisation.

Ever heard of Google Penguin updates?

All digital marketing agencies should know about this important update; as its Google’s way of ensuring that the businesses which rank on the first page only have high quality do follow and no follow backlinks. An algorithm tweak from way back in 2012, Penguin’s on the prowl for those trying cheeky tactics.

Broken Link Building

Broken Link Building, what is it and does your agency use this method to build backlinks?

Picture this: You find broken links on websites, such as the BBC, you offer a suitable replacement (from your website, of course), and voilà! New link, has been built to your business and one step closer to being the digital monarch.

There you have it, , the lowdown on the fascinating world of link building, it’s still a very important part of search engine optimisation. So it doesn’t matter if you run a solicitor’s practice or you are a huge online retailer, often you need backlinks to rank on the first page.. As we’ve journeyed through this guide, it’s clear that not all links are crafted equal. Quality reigns supreme.