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We Are A Group Of Skilled Developers And Programmers.

Technical SEO / Organic SEO

Any business if it wants to rank on page one of Google.co.uk, will need to be “crawled and indexed” by Googlebot. Yet sometimes, “no-index” tabs, brokens links, such as 404-page errors can cause problems, with a website getting indexed. We can fix any technical SEO issues your website may have.

Our services

Technical SEO

At Walsh and Partners, we’re a highly experienced group of SEO consultants, We have got the process of getting business onto the page one of Google down to a fine art. We’ve got ambition, we have drive, and we have helped a large number of businesses to get onto page one of Google.

What’s this Technical SEO Malarkey?

Just like ensuring your car’s engine is purring, through various sensors on the engine making sure everything running right, we can use top quality SEO tools, such as Ahrefs, and Google Analytics and Google search console, to improve your businesses organic SEO.

technical SEO is all about fine-tuning your company website, fixing flaws, such as 404-page errors, also known as broken links, ensuring that each page or blog post can be crawled and indexed by the search engines.


Does your company want to improve its “organic and local SEO”?

It’s worth knowing, that SEO is most definitely a slow process- it often takes many months to get a business onto page one of Google. Yet, all of that effort and perseverance by our SEO consultants can pay dividends, once your business does get onto the first page of Google.co.uk


Does your business require help to improve your local SEO?

We have helped a lot businesses based all across Cardiff, to improve what is called a local search engine optimisation.

This process simply allows your business to appear within the Google My Business results, also your company can appear in the organic results as well. So perhaps you run an architects practice or perhaps a solicitor’s practice, we can help your business to appear on the first page of Google and this can have a dramatic effect on the amount of enquiries that your business obtains.


Always White Hat

When you visit many digital marketing agency websites, you might have seen the term “white hat” crop up time and time again on the homepages. If you don’t know what this term means, it simply means that the search engine optimisation work should be completed so its quality work that is completed in accordance with Google Webmaster guidelines.

We would most definitely recommend only purchasing top quality seo, and this work should be completed by an respected marketing agency like Walsh and Partners. If the work is not good quality it could actually mean that your business moves down where it ranks on Google.

Avada Programmer

Hello! We are a group of skilled developers and programmers.

Technical SEO Audit

An SEO audit can be carried out either manually, or through an SEO tool such as Site Bulb SEO, or Ahrefs for example. A full health check-up but for your website using various SEO tools, can flag any problems, such as broken links.

When we’re talking technical SEO, it’s not just about the codes and algorithms- its also about making sure the content marketing is good quality and the business offers helpful information to the customer. The businesses which rank on page one of Google, are the businesses which don’t just sell products and services, they are the businesses which offer the best advice, that’s very useful to a shopper. This could range from explaining which washing machines are the most efficient, through to explaining how the divorce process works.

It’s the businesses which balance organic SEO, good onsite SEO, and fix any technical seo issues, such as broken links, are the companies which rank on page one of Google.