What Is “E-EAT” in SEO?

What Is “E-EAT” in SEO?

October 24, 2023

What is E-EAT and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)?


24th of October 2023


Written by: Ryan Walsh

So, you might currently work within a marketing team within a company? And you might have been asked to put together a short presentation, explaining to your marketing team what E-EAT means. Yet, at this point, you are unsure what EEAT even means.
Well you’ve most definitely come to the right place, because we are the experts on this subject.

So E-E-A-T simply stands for “Expertise, Experience, Authority and Trustworthiness”. And in a nutshell Google’s algorithms use this to decipher if a page or a blog post is high-quality and worthy of ranking high, so on the first page of Google or not.

Just as one business will write an absolute brilliant blog post, that potentially millions of people might find the work super useful, another business might produce a low quality blog post which they have simply copy and pasted from another company! So, its Google algorithms job to detect spammy work, and make sure it doesn’t rank on page one of Google.

Another business could produce a quality piece of work that could help to improve the businesses search engine optimisation, this simply means that the company that produces quality, well written useful work.

And the other business, because it has been, well a bit lazy and copy and pasted someone elses work, that could potentially severely damage the company’s SEO. It could also result in a Google Penalty, sometimes meaning that the businesses website may get “de-indexed” and removed from Google’s SERP’s altogether!

E-A-T has been around for some time now, thats as part of Google’s Search Quality Guidelines, however much more recently Google added more advice and an additional ‘E’ to its Search Quality Guidelines, making it “EEAT”, so this extra E, its simply an extra layer, of assessing whether a company is pages high quality or not.

You should think all this guidelines and Google’s EEAT is a bit like a filter, in that the EEAT filter will allow quality work to pass through, at to potentially show up on the first page of Google.co.uk or say Google.com, yet the rubbish low quality work, such as work that has been copy and pasted from another company, well, that will be caught by the filter and will never show up on the first page of Google.



So, have you ever read through an entire, rather long-winded article, and it might have taken you say 10 minutes to read in full, and when you read through it completely, you’ve come to the end dissatisfied, because you believe it’s a total load of waffle?

So for example let’s give you a real life scenario-let’s say that you have a shower tray in your bathroom, and its leaking water causing a big problem, which requires your attention.

So you will want to obtain some quality advice via Google or Youtube on how to fix it, and you read through what seems like a blog post that will offer a solution, “how to easily fix your leaking shower tray”.

Yet, after reading the article, you come away from reading the article and your totally disappointed as it doesn’t answer the question at all.
Well you guessed it Google’s algorithm wants to ensure that that work which doesn’t answer the question, doesn’t get onto the first page of Google.

Instead Google wants you to come away from the article thinking that that’s been the super useful and that’s been very helpful article, and with my collection of notes I can simply complete that DIY task now and fix that shower tray.
So what point are we trying to make here?

That is the person writing the article needs to have expertise on the subject, and to offer good quality advice, whether that’s how to bake a loaf, or yes indeed fix that leaking shower tray.



So, the E within E-E-A-T simply stands for “experience”, and its this part of the search quality guidelines simply means that Google will work out whether with person writing the article has experience of actually carrying out the advice that’s been offered within the article.

So let’s give you a real-world example, let’s say that you are reading a blog post about “how to fix your shower tray”, the company could do is embed a YouTube video, of a highly qualified and experienced plumber which starts to explain how to install a shower tray step by step, and walks you through how to install one.

Plus, the company then go the extra mile, that, then also offer a link to the plumbing businesses LinkedIn profile, which clearly shows they are a director of a plumbing firm, showing they have managed a plumbing company for 10+ years.

So, this is clearly someone who will know how to install a shower tray.



Authority to us simply indicates whether the author has experience and the authority to answer the question.
So note how we explained earlier, a link to a LinkedIn profile, to a person that owns and manages a plumbing firm, who is offering plumbing advice, well therefore they should clearly have authority to offer plumbing advice.



This is an important part of the E-EAT and SEO, that is can you trust a company that’s offering the advice? So how do you build trust?
Well, it might be a lot of genuine reviews of the product that you are looking to buy. So, for example Trust Pilot reviews and the star rating that the company has could be shown on the companies homepage.

They can also be clearly visible address of the company, so the companies address should be written on the footer of each page.

The might also be other ways to build trust, such’s a phone number, so to have a local area code phone number, they could also be a link to social media reviews of been left about the company.


So when it comes to improving a business’s seo, and E-E-A-T why is so important?

Well, quite simply put if the seo work that you add to your company website is high quality, then the business simply stands a much better chance of ranking higher on search engines such as Google.

If you provide a good user experience (UX), simply meaning that you make your company website easy-to-use for your customers, and you offer good quality advice that somebody looking to buy the product would want to read, then this could also help to reduce the company’s bounce rate


Google’s E-A-A-T is incredibly important for your website for a number of reasons, including:

Well, when you talk to any good marketing company, they will tell you, that’s Google keeps its algorithm, in terms of how its algorithm works top secret.

This is with good reason, because if marketing companies, or all businesses knew exactly how the Google algorithm works, while they could basically find shortcuts, in essence try to cheat the algorithm into thinking that the businesses better at organic seo than it actually is.
So we can only provide you with how we think Google, assesses whether your company website has a good E-E-A-T score or a bad E-E-A-T score.

So, let’s have a look at how we think Google works out whether your website is good at E-A-A-T or not.


Bounce rates

So let’s say that you are shopping for a brand-new television, and you really want to buy a television today.
And now let’s say that you visit seven different businesses on Google.co.uk, let’s say that the first six businesses that you visit, that you don’t stay on those website for any more that 10 seconds, as they don’t stock the TV your after.

So that business therefore has a high bounce rate, meaning that the first page that you landed on, you quickly see that that business doesn’t offer what you want, so you’ve left to go on to another business instead.

Yet you visit business number seven, and they clearly sell high quality Sony televisions, so you spend over 30 minutes on the website, your browsing all the different various televisions, you really like the advice that they offer on each product, and you eventually buy from the company.

Because you have spent so long on the website, and because you visited so many pages, and the website has a low bounce rate then this website clearly offers a good user engagement.

Then that business is highly likely to rank high on Google.

Because it has a low bounce rate, plus the time spent on the website is high.


Does your business need help to improve its SEO?

If your company needs help to improve its SEO, then why not get on the dog and bone, that’s phone and have a chat with us and see how we can help your business to improve its organic seo.

All of our work that we complete is white hat so you can be assured that you are obtaining quality work.

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