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It’s important not just to improve the organic and also local SEO for a company, but also to work with web developers and web designers that the company has hired. This is to improve the user experience of the company’s website.

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We have helped many Welsh businesses to improve their user experience (UX) and therefore helping the company to generate more sales. Our marketing company has helped many well-known brands to improve their Conversion Rate Optimisation. This can help a company to generate more sales, for example by simply improving the company’s product descriptions, this may help customers to find out more easily about the product, and if it suits their needs, by just quickly looking at bullet points. This may help the business to generate more sales, therefore improving the conversion rate.

Did you know, that the business which improves its U. X that’s user experience and CRO, conversion rate optimisation can increase your conversion rate by up to 400% (source: Forrester)? At the heart of our design efforts, we prioritise the user experience and conversion rate optimisation. So for example, it could be something as simple as redesigning, the mobile menu on a website, this may help to improve the user experience, which may mean that shoppers visit more products and simply buy more items from the company.

What does UX and CRO actually mean?

The concepts of UX and CRO are pivotal in today’s digital landscape, for example, you could have brilliant search engine optimisation, yet if your company website doesn’t offer a good user experience, in terms of helping customers to find the products or services they want easily, then this might just result in a huge bounce rate and the company losing sales.

You need to hire a digital marketing agency here in South Wales that has a huge amount of experience in improving a business’s user experience UX, and conversion rate optimisation using split testing.

Some people might be thinking that these are simply mere marketing buzzwords, however they are actually crucial factors in the success of a business, these might sound like marketing buzzwords, but trust us, when you are improve the design and also the businesses SEO together this can really help to improve how many sales your business generates.

This is why, leading SEO companies need to work closely with web designers, to improve the businesses search engine optimisation, but also to improve the design of the website as well.

Remember, the success of your company website isn’t merely defined by its visual appearance, for example some people add a video to the homepage header, which looks really impressive, but if it takes an eternity to load, resulting in the website ranking at the bottom of Google because the low times are so slow, while this might actually mean that you are missing out on sales.

So good web design team need to work with a highly talented seo agency like ours, to get balance between making sure the website is well designed, that the seo is good quality and also thinking about ways how they can help a customer to buy products or services much more easily.


Bounce rate

Our SEO consultants, can improve your businesses on-site SEO, and well written content marketing and also improve the user experience to help reduce your businesses bounce rate.



Our SEO agency, based in Wales, is well known for producing very high-quality work. We work with a wide range of Welsh businesses, ranging from the construction sector, right through to well-known solicitors’ practices.



Here at this SEO company, we will only ever use white hat methods, that is we will only ever use the very best white hat methods to improve your businesses SEO.

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Hello! We are a group of skilled developers and programmers.

Why is User Experience (UX) design essential?

User Experience design is essential as it centres around helping your customers as much as possible, this means making it easier to find the products or the services that they want, and then. answering any questions that they may have. For example, if somebody wants to buy a fridge freezer, yet they can’t find an answer to how energy efficient that electrical item is, then they might simply leave your website to go to a competitor’s who clearly labels how energy efficient their electrical goods are.

How does UX influence organic SEO?

UX has a profound impact on organic SEO. For example, let’s say that you manage to massively decrease your company’s bounce rate, then this can help to improve your businesses organic SEO.

Google’s ranking algorithm factors in various engagement metrics, such as your businesses bounce rate to gauge how good your businesses SEO is.

For instance, if most of your shoppers leave your company website shortly after arriving, it indicates the content marketing might not be answering that they were looking for. For example, if somebody was buying an air fryer and they wanted to know what type of food they cook cooking the air fryer, and your business didn’t answer that question, but another business did, through the product descriptions, then the other business may well be more likely to make the sale.