What exactly are social signals? Can having a social media account(s) can help improve my business’s SEO?

What exactly are social signals? Can having a social media account(s) can help improve my business’s SEO?

February 29, 2024

Date: 29/02/24

Author: Ryan Walsh


What exactly are social signals, and can having multiple social media accounts improve my business SEO?


So, most businesses will have heard of search engine optimisation, aka SEO for short. Your friends in business are most likely investing in this process. However, most marketing agencies charge more to create and maintain social media accounts for your business, so is the extra expense worth it?

Well, we are a bit biased here, as we are a marketing agency, however, what we would say, is that most businesses these days don’t just hire just an SEO consultant, they also need a company to manage their paid ads, for example on Google Adwords, plus, also to manage their social media accounts, such as on X owned by Elon Musk, or Facebook and Instagram.


So, is it worth having social media accounts?

Well, in short, yes, here’s why:

– Can help to promote your company’s content marketing, i.e promote a new product or just a blog post you have written on say Facebook
– Helps to create better brand awareness
– Helps you use social media platforms like X to gain customer feedback.


In this blog post, we’ll cover:

  • What are social signals and whether these can have an impact on your business’s organic SEO
  • The different types of social signals
  • How social media can be used to help bring more shoppers to your company website


So, what exactly are social signals?

If a social media account, let’s say your companies Facebook page, has significant engagement, well, this will signal to Google’s algorithm that the business is attracting a lot of conversation. If it has many followers, comments, shares, and people talking about that business, this generates a “buzz” around the company.


The semantic web

We will need to get a bit complicated here, but bear with us; as we are SEO experts, offering you as much detail as possible is essential so you understand why having multiple social media accounts for your business is a good idea.

So, the semantic web, plus Google’s Knowledge Graph is what Google uses to understand “entities”. Google is super clever, we all know that, its algorithm is nothing short of a masterpiece, and to know as much as it does on, well, pretty much everything, such as products/ services it uses four things to do this:

-Googlebot (Crawling and indexing)
-Google’s algorithm
-Google’s Knowledge Graph
– Semantic web


“Think things and not strings”

So there was quite a famous comment made a few years back, that got SEO agencies across the world talking about it.

That comment was, “think about things and not strings”– basically, that was the idea that we are moving away from backlinks as a primary ranking factor, now moving more into the semantic web. Please don’t get us wrong; quality backlinks are still important part of SEO, essential, in matter-of-fact.

Yet, we are moving more towards Google’s Knowledge Graph and the Semantic Web.

Which is the idea that a person, place or product is on the Knowledge Graph as an entity.

If your business, which can be an entity on the Knowledge Graph, is well known, and one of the ways of doing this is having an active social media account with a large number of followers, likes, and mentions, then your business stands out, like a beacon.

It’s this that helps your business to rank higher organically in the SERPs.

So, can having social media accounts directly impact search engine rankings?

So, setting up a social media account over a cup of tea during your lunch break won’t have any noticeable impact on your business search engine optimisation.

However, a social media account, where you share what your business offers, regularly add new blog posts, new products, and engage with customers, is how you build up a considerable following.

Build a substantial following, and people will follow your business, comment on your posts, share your posts, talk about your business on social media, and possibly leave a review.

If you have a lot of social signals, this will all contribute to Google spotting that your company has a substantial following and is liked by millions of people; this will help move your business up Google’s ranks.


Be active on all Facebook, X and Linkedin.

Don’t set up just one social media account; leave it dormant until the tumble weed follows.

Be active on your businesses social media accounts, and engage with your customers; it might feel like you’re shouting in an empty room for a long time.

And what do we mean by that?

Well, you will have next to no followers when you first start, no one commenting, following, or sharing your posts, yet slowly but surely, you can build up a following.

So when you start shouting about new products and services, you will have thousands, if not more, of people interested in what your company offers.



Generate more likes; for example, talk about new products and services, notice which posts gain the most likes on Facebook, etc, and publish more of the same.

For example, let’s say you manufacture skateboards; you publish a post about new technology you have incorporated when designing and making the skateboard wheel. This is likely to interest skateboarders; you may get a lot of likes. Google will pick up on posts which gain vast amounts of likes. Google will know your business is generating a lot of engagement with skateboards, so your business’s keywords may start to rank higher.


Shares, comments and followers

Don’t just use an automated social media tool to push out posts simultaneously every week.

Instead, if your business can afford it, have a team managing your social media accounts, use your business social media accounts to do the following;

– Gain product/service feedback from customers
– Respond to good or bad reviews, shows you care about offering good customer service
– Gain as much engagement as you can; monitor which posts are gaining the most engagement
– Post regularly
– Give products away, competitions, etc, to keep your audience engaged



Our final thoughts
So, in summary, is it worth your business to have social media accounts?

Well, in short, yes. It can be beneficial as a way of helping to improve your business’s semantic SEO. The company’s management can often gain valuable insights into what people think about your products or services.

If you haven’t got the time, we highly recommend just creating one social media account for your business, such as on Facebook.

If you have more time or perhaps staff to manage your business social media accounts, then be active on as many accounts as you possibly can, such as Elon Musk’s X, Facebook, Instagram



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