What exactly does an SEO agency do?

What exactly does an SEO agency do?

February 6, 2024

Written by: Ryan Walsh

Date: 06/02/2024

Table of contents:

1. Our top tips for carrying out keyword research
2. How to create winning content marketing
3. Link building and why it has been important ever since the days of Google’s PageRank
4. Technical SEO- why fixing all those glitches, such as 404 pages is an absolute must


You might have friends in business, and their companies might be flying. When you sit down over a cold refreshing pint, and say well how- how are you doing it?They may say where in investing in SEO- they might be paying us here at Walsh.
And if you partner with the right, SEO agency well you will never look back.

Yet, at the same time, at this moment in time, you might not know what an SEO company does on a day-to-day basis.
But do not fear, as this article will explain everything you need to know about what our hardworking SEO consultants are working on for our valued clients. So, at the end, you will know what services we can offer, what a backlink is, and why you should get on the phone and chat with us if you want to grow your company (that’s upto you of course).


So what do we do each day?

Well, an SEO agency today has its work cut out more than ever before. Google’s algorithms are more complex than ever; quite simply put, if the work doesn’t cut the mustard, it’s not going to work.

With Google’s Helpful Content update, Google E-EAT, and Google Page Experience updates, to name a few, the standard of SEO work must be high- the bar to get over is set very, very high.

What we mean by this is that unless the work is top quality, the success of your company’s SEO will be a big flop.


So, what do we do on a daily basis to make our client SEO a success? Well here’s a flavour of the type of work we might be doing on any one day:


– Link building
– Keyword research
– Monitoring SEO metrics, bounce rates, time on site, and organic visitor numbers
– Writing content marketing
– Working out and solving technical SEO glitches
– And so much more, if we were to go on, we would send you to sleep!


So, lets distil what we do into four excellent chunky topics:


Keyword Research

Before the sales team at any SEO agency dishes out an SEO quote, they should conduct keyword research. They most probally will set down, and use Ahrefs, Moz Pro, SEM Rush, there all good.
So, in a nutshell keyword research means the following:

– Working out which keywords to optimise the website for
– How high the search volume is
– How competitive the keywords are

Use a good quality SEO tool to research keywords, so if you ask us for recommendations, Ahrefs or Moz Pro are some of the best options, but you have to pick what floats your boat.

Content Creation (Crank up that espresso machine)

Google needs to place businesses on the first page results which do an absolutely superb job at answering a question. The business must offer such good customer service that the shopper will be satisfied with the answer to they question they have asked Google.

Therefore, Google is constantly looking through the web, using something called “Googlebot”.

This bot is busy, jumping from website to website like a bee looking for pollen in the peak of British summertime. It tells Google’s algorithm that this piece of content marketing is good, so it brings it into its index and ranks the page according to how good it is. (Google E-EAT). If the content marketing is rubbish, on the other hand, lets say its spam, like a piece of spun content marketing, well, that will damage your company’s SEO.


To go forward, sometimes you need to go backwards.

So, a business will often have to use many SEO agencies in the past. There might have been a falling out over disappointing results, or the agency ceased to exist and vanished into thin air leaving a mass of angry customers. So this means a company website often has many different SEO consultants working on it during its duration.
Some will have been good, worth their weight in gold. Some will have been, well, not so good.

And they may have diced using black hat methods (never recommended).


So, before you move forward, sometimes you must look back and ask yourself?

– What are the company backlinks are like? If the backlink profile good quality?
– What are the old blog posts like? Are they well-written?
– What are the main pages like?
– Any major technical SEO issues such as a lot of broken links or perhaps duplicated content marketing?

So when all these issues have been sorted, it’s time to ditch that reverse gear and plough forward.


The little details

A good bricklayer pays attention to the finer details; they like a good mix of concrete and good bricks, and it all bonds together to make something substantial: a wall.

Use this mindset when writing content marketing and implementing onsite SEO. It’s the finer details, which all come together to make a good piece of work, so what are these finer details we hear you cry:

– The content marketing needs to be well written (very well written)
– The creator of the work needs to understand Google’s E-EAT
– Do add a well-written meta title and meta description (improves your CTR)
– Add some internal links
– Add some well-written anchor text
– Make the URL extensions SEO-friendly
– Take your time to create written work is so much better than your competitors
– Wear a white hat, don’t wear any other hats when doing SEO. (SEO falls into three categories, white, grey and black, only use white hat methods).



A large part of your business’s SEO success hinges on backlinks- that’s if you have enough and how good quality they are.
If your backlink profile is perfect, and you have a load of quality white hat do-follow and no-follow links, you’re on the path to SEO success. Your likely to shoot to top of Google faster than a rat up a drain-pipe.

If, on the other hand, you have a mass of low-quality links, well, you are probably days away from being hit by a Google penalty.
So be wary of any SEO consultant proudly stating they have bought many links. This should have you worried, well, for two reasons.

One, its never a good idea to buy links; secondly, buying low quality backlink is going damage your companies search engine optimisation.

So if the not-so-good SEO agency has bought mass amount of links, well there likely to be spam.
This will then trigger a “Google Penguin penalty”, either a manual penalty or an algorithmic one.
This will mean your rankings will drop like a lead balloon! So a word to the wise, just build quality links.


So, if backlinks are essential, how do you go about building them?

So, a good piece of content marketing must demonstrate “E-EAT”. There is more on how Google’s E-EAT works in this article.

Write quality content marketing (this can earn you backlinks)

If you write super high-quality content marketing, you show that you know your stuff, you are somewhat of a “thought leader”, or at least show an original perspective and slant on what your writing about, then what can happen is that people enjoy reading what you’ve written.

They will like the fact that it looks like a real human has written something with thought, and opinion, that’s rather an A. I robot scribbling the work.

They may like how you’ve thought something through or done something. And guess what? They are more likely to link to your work. Such as saying, this is what Joe Blogs at so and so company thinks- then you might get a link.


Technical SEO

Last but not least is technical SEO. But this is often covered less on various SEO companies’ websites, namely when talking about 404-page errors, page 301 redirects, and how to make your website faster; it usually produces yawns and a feeling of sleepiness.
Yet it’s essential; this work has to be done; we have seen super high-value websites where the web designers have messed up the client’s SEO due to no-index issues. It basically told Googlebot not to crawl a page or made it hard for Googlebot to do its job. So the result is a brilliant-looking website that looks the part but is nowhere on Google or so far down the ranks that no one will click on that business.


We have now provided insight into what we do and how we do it at this SEO company.
There are SEO agencies; then there’s Walsh.

Here at Walsh we don’t cut corners, hype the SEO process up, or aim to baffle our clients with complicated marketing jargon- which makes us different.

We are different

We do things differently. As the name suggests, we at Walsh and Partners want to partner with you.

If something is impossible, we will say so; we don’t over-promise and then under-deliver.

We use our years of SEO knowledge, our years of using trial and error, to guide what we do. We produce fantastic results for our clients. They won’t be fast results; organic SEO takes time, but like a fine scotch whiskey, the result will taste better because of that hard work and patience to get the recipe right.

So, if you’ve decided to grow your business, why not call us?


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