Why quality SEO is vital for E-commerce businesses

Why quality SEO is vital for E-commerce businesses

February 16, 2024

Why organic SEO is essential if you run an E-Commerce business

Date 16/02/2024

Written by: Ryan Walsh

Table of contents

  • What exactly is an E-commerce website, and how is it different from a brochure website?
  • Methods to improve your website time of site figures
  • Why your website must work well on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets
  • How to enhance the visibility of product pages in Google’s SERPs
  • Why is it essential Googlebot can crawl and index every page

If you sell products via your website, you run an e-commerce business. Technically, these products don’t need to be physical; you might sell, let’s say, software. For example, an e-commerce website could be an anti-virus software.

Within this detailed guide, we shall explain why you often need an SEO company’s help to get that website onto the first page of Google. Trust us, if you don’t partner with an excellent, knowledgeable agency, the business may never get any organic visitors from Google.

This helpful article will, therefore, discuss why SEO is so important if you run a UK e-commerce business.

So, first things first, what is an E-commerce website?

So, an e-commerce website sells products or services, which also takes payment there and then. Often, the website is a CMS, such as WordPress with Shopify, to help the business add products. Then, various companies can handle financial transactions.

So, here’s the thing: getting on the first page of Google’s organic results is not easy. Say, in any one city, there are over one hundred businesses in that business sector paying a company to improve their SEO. Yet, there are often only ten places on the first page of Google. Plus, to make SEO even more complicated, only the businesses right at the top get the highest CTR, so clicks from shoppers.

So SEO is not easy; out of, say, 100 companies, all are paying an SEO agency to improve their rankings. Well, it’s only the top four places that will get most of the most clicks. So, this is why you need to partner with an agency which understands how to get your e-commerce business right at the top of Google.

Here are the top reasons why white hat SEO is so essential for any e-commerce business

Make sure that your website is mobile-friendly

Do invest in a high-quality website. There are some parts of your business where you could save a bit if the business is a start-up company. Cheaper office furniture, perhaps, isn’t going to impact the industry and the services it offers. But our best advice is don’t purchase a really cheap website. Often, they are overly basic, can be difficult to apply SEO to later, and sometimes need binning and starting again.

So, ensure your website works well on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Test the useability across the main operating systems, such as Android and iPhone. Ask as many friends and family to test the website on their phones as possible because it may not function on older phones, so you must try this. If there are any glitches, fix these with your web developers’ help, as you don’t want to obtain a high bounce rate for your business.

Don’t have a slow website; purchase high-quality website hosting.

You don’t want to offer shoppers a low-quality U.X. Just as you don’t want an elevator to get shoppers to a floor of a shopping centre slowly, you don’t want your website to be slow either. When talking about slow these days, we speak about milliseconds slower than your direct competitors. Yet, you may rank lower if your competitor’s websites are faster.

Google RankBrain and U.X

Google incorporated into its algorithm A. I technology, which SEO consultants and Google refer to as “RankBrain”. It’s widely thought that RankBrain analyses the U.X of businesses. So SEO agencies believe the following are taken into account when working out how good the user experience is:

– Time on site
– Bounce rate
– How many pages are visited
– Whether the shopper goes back into the SERP’s to select another business

How to improve your organic SEO / E-commerce SEO


So you could be writing blog posts, plus ever-green content marketing until you are blue in the face; top-quality backlinks are also needed. The next question is likely to be, are these easy to build?

The answer is no; backlinks are genuine, high-quality backlinks that send a lot of link equity to a page; these are incredibly hard to build. It’s not impossible, but any marketing agency saying they can get an e-commerce business to the top of Google for a small fee, well, we think, is not realistic.


Sometimes, some keywords are tough to rank on the first page of Google. Think car insurance, high-value products, wedding rings, and fashion. It’s hard to get a business to rank on the first page. So, you do need to assess keyword difficulty carefully. Is it achievable?

Just like you wouldn’t start to climb Everest if your fitness was not at a super high level, neither should a business start chucking their marketing budget at trying to get on the first page of Google for super, super competitive keywords.


Googlebot and possible indexation issues

Sometimes, a website can go live but might have indexation issues. We have taken over websites where previous SEO businesses have worked on them for some time. We are adding content marketing, such as blog posts, as regularly as clockwork.

Yet sometimes, unknown to some companies or the SEO agency working on their behalf, they have an indexation on their website. This is causing Googlebot now to bring the page into Google’s index. This means that content marketing has been a waste of time because it can’t get indexed, so it will never appear in Google results.

So, problems with indexation need to be fixed; it could be something straightforward sometimes. For example, while designing the page and waiting for instructions from the client, a web developer may have written in code not to index that page. Googlebot would follow that instruction and not index it.

This could be because the web designers were waiting for the copy and the text to be added to the page. Yet, the no-index code might have been left on the page, causing no-index issues. The fix is, therefore, sometimes relatively simple.

Yet, if not fixed, the page or blog post cannot get ranked on Google. It tells Google’s algorithms to ignore that page and treat it as if it doesn’t exist, which can be destructive for your company’s SEO if the no-index code is left on when you don’t want it to be left on.

Since Google E-EAT update, your businesses content marketing needs to be of amazing quality

So, there have recently been two super important Google updates: the Google Helpful Content marketing update and the Google E-EAT update.

So, when writing content marketing now, say blog posts, the post must demonstrate experience, expertise, authority and trustworthiness to rank on the first page of Google. So whether you’re writing about the best electric cars of 2024 or blenders, you really need to write top-quality content marketing.

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