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We Are A Group Of Skilled Developers And Programmers.

WordPress SEO

Over the last 10 years the vast majority of the companies that we have worked for, have chosen a WordPress website. We think that WordPress is quite simply the bees’ knees, we shall now explain why we think this.

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For a lot of businesses, it simply a no-brainer to choose WordPress as their Content Management System. At our marketing agency, we highly recommend using WordPress, we think its easy-to-use, it can be updated easily, plus it’s easy to add plug-ins, so that you can add important detail to your company website such as meta titles and meta descriptions.

As per Kinsta’s research in 2022, WordPress was powering a staggering 39.5% of all online websites. This goes to show how popular WordPress is, so if you’re currently contemplating, which CMS, to choose your business then you might want to consider WordPress as millions of businesses already use this content management system.

Our agency can help businesses which have a WordPress website, to obtain more organic traffic. We can optimize your CMS, content management system optimising areas such as the businesses meta titles and meta descriptions to encourage higher click-through rates, we can add content marketing as well as also improving your businesses on-site SEO.


A report by BrightEdge, which publishes important marketing statistics, states that over 53% of all website traffic that can be tracked comes from organic search. This goes to show, that if your business is not partnering with a SEO agency, the can help improve how many organic visitors your website receives, then you could be missing out on a lot of potential customers.

For more than a decade, our established SEO agency have offered specialise in offering SEO services to businesses throughout Wales and the rest of the UK, we have helped many businesses to significantly increase their organic traffic. We have helped our clients experience exponential growth, we have taken some businesses from a complete standstill, in terms of having no shoppers visit the website, through to the business obtaining thousands of shoppers visiting the website each month.


Competitive prices

There will be a million other marketing agencies out there which will be cheaper than us, but we don’t compete on price, neither do we want to. Instead, what we compete on is our level of SEO knowledge and the level of experience which we have accumulated over the last 10 years, we therefore believe that our knowledge is second to none.


Organic SEO

If any business says that organic SEO can generate results overnight, or in a very short time span, they are simply telling porky pies. SEO is a slow process, and any needs to take their time to make sure that every aspect of the work is high quality.


Highly experienced

Through recommendations, and also running an SEO agency that uses the very best, white hat top quality SEO we have put ourselves miles ahead of some of our competitors.

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Hello! We are a group of skilled developers and programmers.

Why do so many businesses choose WordPress as their CMS?

WordPress, in particular, has proven to be an excellent content management system, to used to improve the businesses organic SEO. millions upon millions of businesses worldwide, from local solicitors practice working within a small town to multinational corporations, have chosen WordPress as their company website. We highly recommend WordPress for its intuitive dashboard, that’s a piece of cake to use, and its ability to build company websites that simply look brilliant. According to W3Techs, WordPress held a commanding 64.8% market share amongst CMS in 2022.

Whether you’re a legal professional, online retailer, or a local dentist, we can devise a thorough digital marketing strategy to help improve your businesses seo, and to help get your WordPress site onto Google’s first page. With a successful track record of dramatically elevating organic visitor numbers, for a number of Welsh businesses, we are the agency to contact if you need to generate more sales.

Go on, why not work with us?

We are one of the most highly experienced SEO companies in the whole of Cardiff. The business is managed by Ryan Walsh, who has a huge amount of experience taking businesses that have practically no organic visitors to obtaining thousands of shoppers to the website every single month.

Our level of experience and knowledge when it comes to SEO is simply 2nd to none, so why not pick up the dog and bone unless discuss how we can drum up more business for your company.