A beginner’s guide on how to carry out an SEO audit

A beginner’s guide on how to carry out an SEO audit

February 21, 2024

Written by: Ryan Walsh
Date: 20/02/2024



If your websites possibly not generating the sales that you had anticipated?

And you might now be thinking about hiring a local SEO company in order to increase the volume of monthly sales your business obtains.

Yet before any SEO work is carried out, thats before a single backlink is built, it’s important to carry out a detailed SEO audit to see what areas need to be improved. This means carrying out an SEO audit.

The audit could flag some of the following problems

– Poor quality backlinks
– Indexation problems
– Redirect issues
– 404 pages

These are just some of the faults that a website could have. These need to be rectified if the business is to improve its search engine optimisation.



This is the guide for you; we will talk about ways to improve your business’s search engine optimisation and why its important to obtain an detailed SEO audit report.We shall also talk about why the free reports offered by some agencies are not that useful. We shall explain why often an experienced SEO consulant is often needed to manually check the following:

  • The quality of the backlinks, whether they are good quality or toxic links
  • To check the content marketing, see if it meets the standard set out by Google EEAT
  • To check for any duplicated content marketing
  • To check whether to domain name has a manual action penalties have been applied to the website

We can offer to write a detailed SEO audit report for your business

We offer to carry out SEO audits for many businesses. Its worth noting that some seo companies offer to conduct an audit for free; however, in our experience, these are just often reports taken from various SEO tools. Instead of these reports, a Google Analytics and Google Search Console account is often needed, as well as a highly experienced SEO consultan who is able to evaluate the reports and offer advice on the main strengths of the business SEO and what areas require improvement.


The SEO consultant should check the businesses backlinks, because if these are spam, low-quality links, these can most definitely stop your website climbing Google’s Ranks. in matter of fact, if the links are truly low-quality, and spam links, its possible that Google decides to remove the business alltogether.

Just as a builder has very detailed plans drawn upo, which they should diligently follow when constructing a new building, an SEO consultant must do the same when improving a business’s search engine optimisation.

However, instead of a set of architects’ drawings, us SEO consultants, use SEO reports as well as looking over the website and checking to see where we think we can make SEO improvements.

These areas for improvement should be noted, and then a long term plan created, for how the agency plans on implementing the SEO work:

The agency should therefore state:

– How they will build backlinks

-How often they add new content marketing

-Whether new pages need to be added

-How they will improve the local seo, for example whether a Google My Business account needs to be created, how many business citations are needed.

Every business is different, and so are their websites. Therefore, before your business sets off on its mission to climb to the top of Google’s ranks, you must first carry out an audit to see which areas need improvement.


What exactly is an SEO audit?

There are various SEO tools out there that will carry out an SEO audit in a matter of minutes.

However, this is a bit like fault codes displayed on a car’s fault reader. Unless the actual system is put into the hands of an expert mechanic, then these codes mean absolutely nothing and the fault won’t get repaired.

This is the same for your business’s SEO; to improve it, you need an SEO report. Yet this needs to be put in the hands of an expert SEO consultant; you can make that information.

For example, many agencies often use quality backlink checking tools, such as the Majestic backlink checking tool. We would also recommend Moz Pro as well as Ahrefs; they are all very good quality.


Why is it worth getting an SEO audit carried out?

When it comes to improving your business’s search engine optimisation, you could spend your time in many different areas trying to improve the on-page and off-page SEO.

That’s because Google uses a really good, clever algorithm uses well over 200 ranking factors to weigh-up, where a business should rank on Google.

Googlebot will first index the website, crawling and indexing the various pages. Then Google’s algorithm will work out how strong the business’s ranking factors are in relation to the direct competition. Then Google’s algorithm, will work out, well we think that business should rank 10th or say 7th.

When a business improves its ranking factors, and do bear in mind there’s over 200 that need improving, this is when you climb the ranks on Google.

Therefore, you can spend forever and a day, for example rewriting and improving your anchor text, where a more highly experienced marketing consultant will know you have to enhance the main ranking factors will bring about better results in a shorted time frame. Perhaps for example removing duplicated content marketing, and replacing it with work that Google’s Helpful Content update plus Google’s EEAT will approve of.


How much does an SEO audit cost, and how long does it take?

Some companies offer to carry out SEO audits for free. To do this, often they can’t spend considerable time analysing the business’s website. Instead, an automated seo report is often used to generate a report, generated from an seo audit tool that the agency subscribes to.

This might be all well and good, and as a matter of fact, this is what is needed is for a marketing expert to go through the report and look for weaknesses, strengths and how they will improve the company’s website.

For this, however the report does need to be manually interpreted, and much time often needs to be spent having a look at what areas need to be improved. Our SEO reports vary between £250 and £750 to create. Once this fee has been approved, they can take anything from one day to 3 days to 7 in order to write.


Here are some of the things that you may want included within your SEO report,

Can your website be crawled by Googlebot?


Now, this point is crucial to consider because you will want to know if Googlebot can crawl and index the pages.

For example, if Googlebot cannot, it could be because of a “no-index” instruction.

And if Googlebot cannot index these pages and blog posts will never appear in Google’s results.

Sometimes, when you check the page indexing report, and your business might have 1000 pages that you want to index, and you notice that only 75 are being indexed. Therefore, there could be an indexation problem; it could be a robots.txt for example is stopping the page from getting indexed.


Are there any 404-page errors?

A lot of 404-page errors can be frustrating for shoppers, that’s because they might want to purchase a fridge freezer, but they can’t because the page no longer exists- so after clicking the meta title in Google’s Serp’s, rather than looking at fridge-freezer, they are instead shown a 404 page no longer found page.


Does your website have a lot of orphan pages?

Orphan pages are blog posts or pages not linked internally; this means that you could spend hours upon hours writing a 3,000 mammoth article; yet this is not indexed by Googlebot, because of lack of internal links leading to it, well that page will never appear in Googles results.


Fix any duplicate content marketing problems.

A common problem that our SEO agency sees is that sometimes, a website will have duplicated content marketing.
This is often done by either the web designer or the company itself adding duplicated text. And usually, product descriptions or even blog posts that are plagiarised, so taken from another business, can cause significant SEO issues.

What then happens is that duplicated content marketing can have a severe negative effect on business rankings. As Google’s algorithms detect that the work is not original and, therefore, is plagiarised, this can mean that your business’s organic rankings take a sharp, nosedive.


Create a marketing strategy

It would be best to devise a marketing strategy right from the outset; let’s say your website is brand-new, and you have just got it back to the web designers. Now, it’s time to start the process of search engine optimisation. Yet be under no illusion, SEO takes a lot of time to begin seeing results.

There are over 200 various ranking factors that often need optimising, which differ in terms of their


The competition

As previously mentioned, you need to look at competitors’ backlinks and content marketing as well as there web design. This is to see, how you could make your company website even better, as that’s the only way of ranking higher than your competitors on Google.

However, never copy your competitors; never copy the text, for example. However, if your competitors are writing long blog posts with

YouTube videos, infographics, and expert opinions incorporated into the work, then your business should do same.

Equally, if your competitors have managed to get, say, over 100 quality do-follow backlinks, various well-known brands and companies in the United Kingdom, your company should also aim to do the same.


Your competitors, therefore are setting the bar for you to beat

For your business to break through onto the first page of Google and Google’s algorithm and to place your website on the first page for any keyword- whether it be “dishwasher” or “local accountants, you must be deemed to be offering helpful advice, as well as offering good customer experience and a well-designed website.


All of the content marketing must therefore be written in the following way:

– Be 100% white hat
– Follow Googles Webmaster Guidelines
– Be approved by Googles Helpful Content update
– Have a good Google E-EAT score
– Not be duplicated
– All the text must be original
– You must not keyword stuff


SEO is hard work but the results are worth it

White hat SEO agencies these days have got their work cut out; it is not easy to bring any business onto the first page of Google.
To get any business onto the first page of a considerable amount of time and also perseverance.
Yet when a business does get onto page one of Google, the sales can often improve greatly.



One of the main differentiators between a business that’s ranked on the first page of Google, and one languishing on page 10 of Google is often backlinks. The business which has really good quality backlinks, are the companies that are normally ranked right at the top of Google.


Would you like our marketing agency to help you?

We don’t carry out SEO audits free of charge, yet we can offer you a detailed and well written SEO report, with prices starting from just 250.00

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