Google Business Profile- How your business can better optimise your Google Business profile

Google Business Profile- How your business can better optimise your Google Business profile

June 10, 2024


Our SEO expert, Ryan Walsh, has written this article to explain how businesses can better optimise their Google Business Profile.

Written by: Ryan Walsh
Date: 10/06/2024
Subject: Local SEO
Read time: 10-minutes

All businesses should use and optimise their Google Business Profile, previously named Google My Business (GMB).

A well-optimised Google Business Profile can help your business appear on page one of Google. This is even if your organic SEO hasn’t yet improved to the point where your business appears on page one of Google yet.


What can a Google Business Profile offer?

A Google Business Profile allows a business to collect customer reviews and manage critical information that customers want to know, such as the business’s name, address, and phone number (NAP).

If a shopper wants to visit your store, it’s then just a matter of asking Google for directions to get their meaning that its important for any business to try and appear in the Google Map results. This way your business could obtain more customers.

Here are some of the ways you can better optimise your Google Business listing so that it appears in more results:

  • Add pictures of your staff, storefront, or, let’s say, new products that you are selling
  • Start accumulating a lot of good business reviews
  • Post updates, such as special offers or just a change your opening hours over the bank holiday weekend
  • Make sure you keep your business NAP information up-to-date

Whether your business sells wedding dresses or you own a coffee shop in one of Cardiff’s arcades, you will often need an optimised Google My Business (GMB), and our business can help you achieve this.

Optimising your Google Business Profile

Keep your business information up-to-date.

It’s all too easy today not to update your business’s Google Business profile. For example, in the chaos of moving business premises, many companies are focused on transferring stock and ensuring the new shop looks as they want.

A common mistake is that many businesses they do update their company website with their new business address, yet sometimes don’t update their Google Business profile, with the latest company address.

However, you do have to keep your Google Business profile updated. Otherwise, it could negatively affect your businesses local and also organic SEO. You could also be sending customers to your old business addresses!


NAP information

Therefore, your company’s “NAP information” is often mentioned on your website. Then, you will have your Google Business Profile, which should also state your company’s NAP information.
Often then many businesses will have many business citations in which NAP information is mentioned on each business citation, such as on Yelp.

Often, businesses will have many business citations, including Yelp, Yellow Pages, Thomson’s local LinkedIn profile, and much more. Again, these need to be updated if your company’s NAP information changes (NAP = name of business, address, and phone number) does need updating.


How gaining positive business reviews can help improve your local SEO

Don’t buy fake business reviews- this get your company’s Google Business Profile deleted, as you will be flouting Google’s rules.

Many businesses get their Google Business Profile removed because they have bought fake business reviews—yet we never, ever recommend that any business buy’s business reviews.

Let’s say a brand-new restaurant opens up within Cardiff Bay. That business may not want zero positive reviews on its Google Business profile, so they may make the mistake of buying reviews. This is a massive mistake when it comes to SEO, and you are likely to get your GMB profile removed because you are flouting Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

So, instead, you need to be patient and let customers leave reviews about your business.


Authority and Backlinks

If your business accumulates a lot of high-quality “do-follow” and “no-follow” links, and these are all quality and built in a white-hat way. It becomes clear to Google algorithms that your business is likely to be a well-known business, say in Cardiff—otherwise, why would all these other respected businesses be linking to your company website?

As highly experienced SEO consultants, we have found that if a business has many quality links (do-follow and no-follow links), the company can appear much more often in Google Map results.

However, for this to happen, the links which are built must be very high quality, plus you often need many.
For example, let’s say you run a local solicitors practice, and you gain links from the BBC and the Independent Newspaper. Let’s also say your business has been featured within an article within the Solicitors Journal, another respected publication.

If you get links from these websites to link to your company website, it is clear that you’re a business is respected, as otherwise why would all these well known companies and brands link to your company website? Therefore having a lot of quality links, can improve your businesses Google E-EAT score, which means that you can rank higher in Google’s organic SERP’s and also appear much more often in Google’s Map results.


Talk to the SEO experts.

We are now taking on more clients in Wales. If your business needs help improving its organic to local SEO, call our highly experienced SEO company today.


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