How can we get our company to appear in Google Map results?

How can we get our company to appear in Google Map results?

December 20, 2023

Local SEO

Written by: Ryan Walsh

Date: 20/12/2023

When you put yourself in your customer’s shoes, they will want to find local businesses easily and quickly.
So, if they see a Google Map result, and there’s a business that open less than a mile away with excellent reviews, that company will likely be deemed worth visit by the customer.

Yet, for a business to appear in the Google My Business results, often also referred to as the Google Map results, often the company will need to have optimised their listing. Here’s some of the ways they may have achieved that:

– Obtaining customer reviews
– Making sure the NAP information is mentioned correctly and matches exactly with many business citations
– Regularly log into their Google account and keep the necessary information up to date


But how do you get your business to appear in Google Maps’ results?

Well, this in-depth guide will explain more to help improve your business’s local seo

Google is often the first-place which a lot of shoppers turn to when looking to purchase a product or service locally. It has been stated that 98% of shoppers use Google to find local companies, and nearly one-third will look for local businesses multiple times a week; that’s data taken from Bright Local. So, in a nutshell, if your business is not investing time and effort into improving its local SEO, you could be missing out on potentially a lot of sales.



What are the benefits of a business having a Google My Business account?

The benefits of any business regularly appearing in the Google My Business results can be enormous; for example, it’s thought that the Google My Business results generate 44% of all the clicks on the page.

So, a business often simply can’t afford not be visible here, that’s because if one of your direct competitors is, you could miss out on a lot of business.

So, read on and learn how to optimise your company’s Google My Business account so that your business stands a much better chance of appearing in the GMB results.



So, this is probably the most crucial factor to consider: making your website as relevant as possible for the products and services you sell. Accompany this with the correct business classification on your Google My Business account, and you are on your way to improving your local SEO.


What we mean by revalance is the following:

– Making sure your business has good descriptions for the products or services you sell
– Lay out each service and group of products on their own page
– Use good quality Onsite SEO techniques, such as a well written meta title and descriptions



So, Google knows shoppers will want to go to visit a business that is as local to the shopper is; after all, why drive 10 miles when you can drive just 1?

So, whether your businesses GMB listing appears often comes down to distance, how close is your business premises to you to your customers? This is why, from an SEO point of view, it’s better to choose a business location where you are close to your customers, rather than a store that’s far away out of town, as you’re likely to be deemed further away from many of the shoppers and, therefore won’t appear in as many Google My Business results.


How many positive reviews do you have from your customers?

How long have you been gaining Google My Business reviews?

If you have primarily positive business reviews earned on your Google My Business account over say the last 10 years; this will massively improve your local SEO.


Its time to create your Google My Business account

So, to appear in the GMB results, you must have completed a Google My Business account. It’s straightforward to do: dedicate, say, an hour to do this; we wouldn’t recommend never rushing the completion of this, as it’s so crucial that all the information is correct; plus, once optimised, it could help you draw in many customers to your company.


So here are some things you might want to prepare in advance so you are ready to complete filling in the details necessary for obtaining a Google My Business account:

– Get a copy of your company logo ready
– Why not as the main banner have a picture of your team also
– Make sure you have ready your company’s NAP information, and copy it exactly how it appears on your website. Add your business name, address and phone number.
– If possible, use a landline number rather than a mobile phone number
– Make sure that you have someone who can check your mail regularly to look for the validation code that Google sends to confirm your Google My Business account
– Also write a business description that’s written just for GMB account, so its unique. Use the entire word count allocated.


Your Google My Business account might already be live?

Your Google My Business account may already be live; and it might just need validating?
Why not have a Google search for your business name? Does your business appear? If so, click the “claim and verify” button to show that you own that business.



Add schema markup to your website.

So, put yourself in Google’s shoes just for a second, or more precisely, “Googlebot”- as it Googlebot that has to read each page on your website.

This process of reading the page, is called “crawling and indexing”.

Let’s take the homepage as an example; well, there might be 700 words in total written on that page, so how does Google know where to read your company’s NAP details, that’s your business name, address and phone number?

Well, Google is very good at spotting NAP information on a company’s website.

However, why not give Googlebot a helping hand? You can make your NAP information stand out by using schema markup.

This makes it much more easily for Googlebot to crawl and index your businesses NAP information.

Your web developer should be able to add schema markup to your website quickly, and it will then clearly tell Google which parts of the text are your company’s name, address and phone number.


Backlinks are an important part of local SEO

So, ever since Google uses PageRank, as the algorithm to work out where to place businesses in the SERP’s, good quality backlinks have always been important.

So, to make your business more likely of appearing on first page of Google, that’s in the organic serps and also the Google My Business results, its important to have relevant, high quality, white hat backlinks.



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