How does the “Google SGE” update change SEO?

How does the “Google SGE” update change SEO?

May 25, 2024

Many highly experienced SEO consultants are discussing an important integration that’s being made into Google’s core algorithm called the “Google Search Generative Experience”.

In short, it’s often called “SGE,” by many SEO consultants, and its also being commonly referred to as “AI-assisted search.”
This update could have a massive impact on some businesses’ CTR and click-through rate as its more widely used by Google, and its highly likely that more and more queries are likely to be answered directly in the SERPs by SGE.

Within this article, you can learn how AI-assisted search could impact your business and how to adapt in terms of how you should write your company’s content marketing since the integration into Google’s core algorithm.


Written by: Ryan Walsh
Date: 25/05/2024


What does Google Search Generative Experience (SGE) mean and how does it change SEO?

This Google update has many copywriters and SEO agencies worldwide discussing how it could impact organic search engine optimisation (SEO) over the coming years.

Within this article, we will discuss what SGE is and how your business may wish to adapt and change how it implements organic SEO and how you write your companies content marketing.

It is likely that in the future, Google Search Generative Experience will produce more (SGE) answers directly in the search engine results pages. This helps the shopper, as the SGE response is a bit like a featured snippet that appears to answer a question. The shopper has then not got to read various pages to find an answer to their query. Instead, the answer is placed front and centre in front of them directly in the SERPs.

Therefore, Google is integrating artificial intelligence to answer questions directly within the SERPs, that is the search engine results pages, helping shoppers to find answers to questions much more quickly.


SGE is still in the “Beta Stage”

Google Search Generative Experience (SGE) is still in its beta stage at this moment in time, yet it already appears in some Google results.


SGE and featured snippets

It is widely thought that this update will continue the trend of featured snippets appearing in the SERPs.

Therefore, it is possible that the increasing number of answers appearing in the SERPs will reduce the CTR rate of some businesses.


Why the same SEO rules still apply.

Quality content marketing is still the name of the game.

When you think about it, when you add a piece of content marketing to your company website, a featured snippet will simply be a snippet of text from a page on a companies website, or your business text is featured in this new Google Search Generative Experience it will often also be taken from say a companies article its just written.

So, when it comes to how a business should be improving its organic SEO, it is still all about offering quality information, written in way which Google E-EAT will approve. Since the “Google Helpful Content Update”, this has become more important than ever.

Therefore, the basic rules of SEO still apply when it comes to improving your company’s organic search engine optimisation, which means writing top-quality content marketing is still very important.

Google will have thousands of businesses and articles that it could select to appear as a featured snippet, and to then display that business on the first page of Google or in its SGE. This is why your businesses content marketing must be very well written, if you want it to appear in the SERP’s.

Therefore, the same concept still holds true: a business still needs to write helpful content. This has become even more important since “Google Helpful Content Update” and since Google issued SEO guidance, which it explained how Google E-EAT is changing SEO.



How did the Google’s Helpful Content update change SEO?

You may have seen us writing numerous blog posts about the “Google Helpful Content Update” in recent months, that is because we believe it was a massive Google algorithm update that substantially changed where many businesses rank in the SERP’s. Businesses more than ever must publish useful, well written work, which will help shoppers. This can positively improve the businesses SEO.

If the work is helpful and well-written, shoppers will find it helpful. This work will therefore most likely have a low bounce rate, as well as high dwell time. Google’s AI, such as Google RankBrain will pick up on this, and therefore your website might get featured as a featured snippet.


Quality content marketing

Gone are the days of businesses and marketing agencies being able to write wishy-washy content marketing with a few keywords scattered in the title, the body of the text and the meta description to try and get the work to rank well on Google. This work will not help improve a company’s SEO anymore; it will actually damage the company’s SEO.


Integrate Schema

Do add schema markup on your company’s website
Schema markup is a form of structured language. It helps search engines understand what you are writing about. Therefore, it’s important to integrate Schema markup into your website, as it gives Googlebot and the Google algorithm a clear idea of what that page is about.

For example, you could use Schema to:

– Mark up your companies NAP information
– Add schema to your businesses product information, such as the star rating of a product
– Title of the page


Optimise Alt Text

We would recommend not forgetting to optimise the company’s alt text

Now, there are some SEO consultants think that “alt text” is no longer needed because Google’s algorithm is so sophisticated it recognises what is in the picture without the need for writing alt text. If it’s a picture of a dog, Google’s algorithm will know this, right?

The AI Google uses is therefore very clever at knowing that is its say a picture of red apple on a table.

This is why many SEO agencies saying that alt text is redundant. But we don’t think it is.

We say that alt text is not redundant just yet, because we don’t think that its still a good idea adding alt text to describe the picture a bit better.

For example, if the picture shows a Labrador dog sitting on the beach, why not add this to the alt text?

It will help the AI know exactly what the picture is if it was trying to decipher what the picture is about.



Real-world experience and Google E-E-A-T

So, in a world where people are constantly worried that robots and artificial intelligence is starting to take over the world, you have to think, well, what can AI not do at the moment?

And what A.I can’t do is have real world experiences, for example A.I relies on information from real people, so a plumber may offer advice on how to fix a boiler, because A.I has never fixed a boiler itself in the real world. So artificial intelligence doesn’t have any experience itself of fixing or doing anything in the real world.

So through the Google E-E-A-T framework, Google clearly states that it wants content marketing to display the author’s real-life experience of what they are talking about. To show that author has real life experience of what it is they are discussing in the written work.

So, let’s say you run the U.K plumbing business. You could have plumbers on your website giving quality advice about what to do when a pipe springs a leak during cold weather.This could be YouTube video that is integrated into the page on your website where a plumber explains what to do.

What this does is show that you have real-life experience about what you’re talking about, it therefore proves real experience, of a plumber, who has real experience of fixing broken pipes.

Because the work show an expert talking about how to fix the problem, this is work which is likely to best answer the question that a shopper has. Google therefore wants to put businesses on the first page of Google that best answers the query, the best way of doing this is to get an expert to offer advice, as they know exactly what they are talking about.


Google E-EAT

Google therefore wants you to demonstrate Google E-E-A-T, that is, experience, expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness.

So, basically, you need to try to showcase that your business is the expert when it comes to offering advice on that product or service.
Whether it’s why your blender your selling, or your offering more complicated advice, such as legal advice, your business must showcase that you are the experts at what you are writing about.

This is where things get a bit complicated, yet do bear with us as we briefly discuss Google Knowledge Graph and the Semantic Web. Google has in-depth knowledge of all products and services, so if your content marketing offers detailed advice, then Google will know that you know what you are talking about and that you are experts.

Couple this with the ability to hold a shopper’s interest because the dwell time is high on that page, and you will be improving your company’s SEO.


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