How exactly does Google crawl a website?

How exactly does Google crawl a website?

December 1, 2023



Written by: Ryan Walsh


Date: 01/12/2023

So, if you ask somebody what are the most important aspects of search engine optimisation, they are bound to reply with the answer, “backlinks” and “content marketing”.

And they most certainty wouldn’t be wrong, these are important ranking factors, which Google’s algorthim uses, to work out, well, where should that page rank on Google?

Both components are essential when improving a company’s search engine optimisation. Yet, at the same time, if the work can’t be “crawled and indexed” by Googlebot, then it stands no chance of appearing in Google’s results.



All pages/blog posts you want shoppers to see must be crawled and indexed

Therefore, if you, an excellent SEO consultant, then they need to ensure that all of the work on the company website can be crawled and indexed, and there’s nothing stopping Googlebot from indexing that page.
Also, the SEO consultant must consider how they can wisely use the company’s crawl budget; if Googlebot is repeatedly crawling and indexing pages which can be regarded as non-essential pages the customer will not ever need, such as the WordPress login page, then this is quite simply wasting your company’s crawl budget.


So, what exactly is a crawl budget?

Have you ever wondered how when you add a brand-new blog post, how does Google spot this new work, and then index the page so that it can appear in the search results? This is a great question.
Google uses “bots” or “spiders”, which are commonly referred to as Googlebot.
Simply put, Googlebot follows internal or external backlinks to crawl and index a page.

Then, the Google algorithms decipher whether that page is high-quality and, if it is good-quality work, when it should rank on Google.


Google Search Console

This is one of our top tips, in order to check if a page or blog post has been indexed, copy and paste the whole URL into Google Search Console, it will instantly tell you whether the page requires indexing or not.

If you have just completed or updated an important piece of content marketing, you can submit it to Google Search Console for indexation.

This speeds up the whole process, so you don’t have to wait for Googlebot to crawl and index the work, because sometimes, you might have to wait a few weeks before the work gets indexed.

Now that you understand how Google crawls websites work, we would recommend you see if your main pages have been indexed or not.

It could be entirely possible that something as simple as simply ticking the “no-index” box on that page for it to be not indexed means that it will never appear in Google’s organic results, and this might have been left on because of the careless mistake because let’s say a web designer left it by mistake when making web design alterations, meaning that something as simple as a primary service page might not have been indexed.



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