How important is content marketing, such as writing blog posts, when it comes to improving companies’ SEO?

How important is content marketing, such as writing blog posts, when it comes to improving companies’ SEO?

May 18, 2024

How Important is Content for SEO?

How important is content marketing for improving a business’s organic/local SEO?

Written by: Ryan Walsh
Date: 18/05/2024


So, how important is content marketing for improving a business’s SEO?

Content is essential to SEO, just as bricks are to a wall. You need original, helpful, well-written content marketing written by an expert on the subject. Google released a major algorithm update called the “Google Helpful Update”, —so in a nutshell, anything you write on your website must be super helpful.

All of your content marketing, from an evergreen piece of content marketing through to a product description, must display the following qualities:

– Google E-EAT
– Experience: to know what you are talking about, you must have real-world experience with the product/ service and, therefore, write about it like you know what you’re talking about
– Expertise- can you demonstrate you’re an expert on the subject you’re writing about?
– Authoritativeness – how authoritative is the work? Has it attracted high-quality backlinks?
– Trustworthiness- how trustworthy is the content marketing? Does it include accurate facts and statistics


Write for humans, not the search engines; this inveterately will help improve your organic SEO

If you focus too much on improving the SEO, you will lose sight of the purpose of the work, which is to help your customers. It can seem as though you’re ploughing a lot of money into improving your SEO at the start, and no, or hardly, a trickle of customers are coming through.
SEO is a slow process—there’s no two ways about it—it’s a slow burn. Yet, if you write super helpful work that satisfies the Google E-EAT criteria, then over time, you gain more and more organic visitors. These visitors can then be converted into paying customers, yet this takes time. Often, many months’ worth of work is needed to get to that point.


Must be valuable

So, some businesses take the approach of writing content marketing that’s rather sloppy. It might send the reader to sleep or just be generally unhelpful. This work needs to be avoided. It won’t move your business up Google ranks; it’s likely to have the opposite effect.
So, just as junk food is bad for your waistline, low-quality content marketing is bad for your organic search engine optimisation. So, take your time and write some excellent quality work instead,


Split the text up

Everyone is in a rush these days, impatient when waiting in a queue at the supermarket, beeping the horn on the way home from work, and no one wants to wait too long for a parcel to be popped through the front door. Therefore, not many of us have time to read through a thousand-word article like this unless we are truly interested in what is being talked about.

This is why good copywriters split the text up; this doesn’t just help the reader get to the section they are interested in. It also allows Google.

Writing high-quality content marketing, where the author has split the work up using various headings, allows Googlebot to understand your writing better.

For example, in this article, if we split the text with various headings such as “Google Helpful Content Update” and “Google E-EAT”, the Google algorithms and Googlebot will know we are talking about content marketing.


Avoid duplicated content marketing and low-quality content marketing

Duplicated content marketing is a sure-fire way of damaging a business’s SEO. Too many companies make the mistake of copying other businesses’ work or just copying and pasting hundreds of product descriptions from the product manufacturer’s website.

What ends up happening is Google algorithm. Google Panda will notice that the work is duplicated, and too much duplicate text will lead to a Google algorithmic or Google manual penalty.


Google wants original, high-quality work.

If you were to ask Google, “What’s the best electric bikes in 2024?” as a shopper, you would want different perspectives. Different answers. One website may say these are our top 10 bikes we think are the best, while someone else, let’s say a bike magazine, may think other bikes are the best.

So, a difference of opinion is good. Google wants to rank websites that have their own perspective, the work is original, and shows you put some thought into creating it. Now, if ten businesses all said the same thing and the text was all the same, this would be boring for the customer, so this is why Google doesn’t like duplicate text.


Engagement is important

If you were promoting a product, let’s say a brand-new perfume in a department store, and it smells nice, well, if no one was approaching the stand, no one wanted to take a whiff of this new exciting brand, you would wonder why. You may move the stand, change the signage, or run an offer.

Well, this is the same with your content marketing. It involves an ongoing effort to check the bounce rates, engagement, and dwell time (how long the average shopper spends reading the work).

Engagement is key. If the bounce rate is high, why is this so? Is the work a dull read? Could you embed a YouTube video with one of your sales staffs having a quick chat about the benefits of owning the product?

This could, in turn, increase engagement, keep shoppers on the website for much longer, reduce bounce rates, and move your website up Google’s ranks.


Spread your bets

Often, customers use various descriptions to describe a product. An electric bike might be called an e-bike or an electric mountain bike, so your chosen SEO agency needs to optimise your website for many different keywords.

When you log into your Google Search Console account, you can see hundreds of keywords your business ranks for. This maximises the chances of more shoppers finding your website, even if the keywords are “long tail keywords.” It still helps more shoppers find your company, which could help you increase sales.

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Written by Ryan Walsh

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