How many backlinks does my business need to get onto page one of

How many backlinks does my business need to get onto page one of

July 2, 2024


Written by: Ryan Walsh

Date: 02/07/2024


It’s a question we get asked regularly as clockwork- how many backlinks does a business need?

Building backlinks is a bit like building sand castles when the tide is coming in, so let us explain why that is so.

When you look at major brands, the largest retailers in the U.K., their backlink profiles may have more than 30,000 links. So, when you use a quality link-checking tool like Ahrefs or Moz Pro, you quickly see that these businesses have many links.

An SEO agency might be working many hours to build new, good-quality do-follow links. Yet, older links are being deleted as quickly as they create new links and follow white hat methods. So, the first thing to know is that link building is a bit like building sand castles when the tide is coming in, as your building, but your work is also being washed away.

So, link-building never really comes to an end.

We are not saying that because we are a search engine optimisation company looking for endless work. We have a fully booked client list for this year. The reason we say link building never comes to an end is that old links are being deleted and need replacing. Yet there’s another reason: if your competitors have more links, more quality do-follow links, and a large amount of “link juice”, to say, the homepage, they will have the SEO advantage.

This is why link building never stops: if your business has 100 links, your direct competitor might have built 101, which will favour them if they have quality links.


What Are Backlinks?

A backlink link is simply an external website linking to your domain name. It hasn’t got to be a link to just the homepage; it could be to any blog post on that website, and this is an incoming link.

You want your backlinks to have the following links:

– Quality link
– Relevant
– Well-written anchor text

Does link origin matter?

Yes, most definitely. One business could have 350 quality links, putting them first in the search engine results. Google still considers backlinks one of the most important ranking factors, if not the most important. So, if Google’s algorithm indexes 350 high-quality, white-hat backlinks, this will help improve your business’s organic search engine optimisation.

If your website, on the other hand, gets bad SEO advice and has 350 spam links, it could disappear from Google altogether and from the search engine results pages. This is called obtaining a link penalty. This could be a manual action penalty or an algorithmic penalty—if issued by Google, the website could be “de-indexed”—fully removed from Google.


So, how many backlinks do we need?

In short, the business you’re looking to rank higher than Google, so you need more do-follow and no-follow backlinks than them. However, the backlinks need equal or, ideally, better quality. Now, if you don’t know what links are quality backlinks, don’t build any links! You don’t want a link penalty; it takes years to recover from, in our experience. So, hand the work over to a reputable SEO business that has experience building many quality links.


Domain Authority

You only want relevant backlinks from websites with high domain authority, and all of the anchor text must be written in a white hat way.

Want to see domain authority for yourself rather than hiring an agency? You can do this with several tools:
We strongly recommend Ahrefs, a great SEO tool. We recommend subscribing to it, as it gives you a list of your competitors’ backlinks.


How can a business get high-quality backlinks?

From our experience as a highly-experienced SEO company, the best way is to obtain links by earning backlinks.
Now you might be wondering, well, what does “earning links” mean?
Well, the long and short of it makes your website such a good place for quality advice that websites worldwide want to link to you. So, if you demonstrate you’re an expert on anything from ice skates to supercars, other websites will want to link to your work.
Googlebot will crawl and index these links, and if the links are quality, your Cardiff business will likely move up the ranks.


Backlinks for SEO

Monitoring your backlink profile is vital for two reasons:

You want only quality links; never build spam or low-quality links.

You could incur a link penalty if your business accumulates low-quality links.

Building a healthy backlink profile takes a massive amount of effort and time.

Building links takes a considerable amount of time, effort, and skill. So don’t opt for super cheap SEO prices, which are usually a waste of time. Plus, if the SEO is not done right, you could receive a Google Penguin penalty, which means the business gets removed from Google.
Come to the Cardiff SEO experts.

We have SEO consultants who now have well in excess of 10 years of experience improving businesses’ off-page and on-page SEO.
So, come to the SEO experts, with monthly prices starting from £1k, and we are the company to call.


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