How to accurately measure your business SEO performance

How to accurately measure your business SEO performance

November 30, 2023



Written By: Ryan Walsh

30th of November 2023


SEO consultants around the world charge varying fees for their services. Some may charge rather small sums of money, and the good, top-quality excellent SEO consultants can easily charge over £1000 a day to consult a business.


However, this begs the question: how do you measure SEO performance?

How do you know if the SEO consultant is good at their work, and how do you measure SEO performance?

The whole point of creating content marketing is having a focused marketing strategy whereby you offer valuable, useful and interesting advice to shoppers.

This work aims to help people better understand a product or service they are considering purchasing.
Because you have offered superb information that helps them decide on whether that product or service is right for them, they might be more likely to purchase from you.

For example, for somebody looking to buy something as basic as an air fryer for the kitchen, if you answer the questions that they may have, for example, is this item more energy-efficient than using a fan-assisted electric oven?

If you answer this in a comprehensive way that answers the person’s questions, they may go on to purchase that item from you because you’ve offered helpful advice.

Content marketing is an umbrella term that describes blog posts, infographics, videos and white papers.
However, you don’t just have to use one type of content marketing; sometimes, you could use a mix of these; for example, a blog post could incorporate a YouTube video explaining the benefits of owning a particular product that you sell. There could also be written text and infographics to help shoppers find the exact product or service they want.


Increasing organic traffic

A shop owner is most likely to invest a lot of time and also expenditure on making their shopfront as attractive as possible to draw in shoppers from the high street.

Well, this is the same for your website; however, you want organic traffic to increase instead of people physically entering the store. Therefore you often need a combination of good organic SEO and a well-designed website.
The more organic traffic you attract to your business, the more people that may well be interested in the products or the services you sell, and the more likely you are to make more sales.

For example, let’s say that you sell electric mountain bikes and attract 1000 organic visitors in one single month. Still, the marketing agency produces perfect content marketing, and in that next following month, you attract 10,000 organic visitors.

Because of this increased number of organic visitors, you are more likely to make more sales because people might have questions such as, how long does the battery last before it needs to be recharged on an E-bike?

Well, if you answer this question comprehensively, explaining the different model bikes you sell, you might say that this bike lasts 10 miles over 10 miles in range. Therefore, that is the exact question that the shopper might want answered so they may purchase from you.

One of the main reasons a business will invest considerable time into creating a piece of evergreen content marketing is to attempt to gain more backlinks for the company.

So, for example, if you answer a question that shoppers frequently ask your business, through a blog post, and it answers it in a way that is much better than how your direct competitors are answering that question.

Well, your likely to start to gain links from other websites. For example, let’s say that you sell electric bicycles, and let’s say that you create a comprehensive piece of content marketing which states “the ten bestselling bikes of 2023”; while this written work might get linked to by electric bike enthusiasts, who may run their blogs for example, therefore earning your business a lot of backlinks.


Achieving higher rankings on Google

So one of the overall aims of producing content marketing is to make your website much more relevant to the products or services you sell.

For example, if you regularly blog about electric bikes, then it’s more than likely that this is the actual product that you sell.

Therefore, by offering valuable advice that’s useful and well-written, you will start to rank higher on Google.
Plus, also what will occur is as people read the advice that you are offering, they will see that your business is an expert on the products or the services that you sell; therefore, by providing this advice, you can then start to then promote the products or, indeed the services that you sell on the same blog post, and they, the shoppers might be more inclined to purchase from you because you’ve offered them valuable advice regarding that product.


Organic visitors

Creating content marketing which aims to increase the number of organic visitors coming to your website.
For example, writing a guide on what to think about when purchasing a garden room; by offering this advice, you want more people to be come to your website that is interested in buying a summerhouse, and by doing so, they might even contact you to ask you to build the garden building for them.

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