How to get your business to appear in the Google My Business results?

How to get your business to appear in the Google My Business results?

November 21, 2023


Written by: Ryan Walsh



Setting up a Google My Business listing is very easy, with a step-by-step screen, it’s a piece of cake to do. You just need to answer a few questions, such as whether customers will visit your store, your companies address, phone number and website address.


Google My Business results

Its also a good idea to fill in as much information as possible, so for example the store opening hours, don’t skip that, try to fill that information in.

The reason being is, the more complete your Google My Business profile is, the more likely its likely to appear in the results.

After all, if someone is searching for “dog food store near me”- Google will most likely want to show a shop that’ open, so the customer doesn’t get there at find its closed. So, this is why, to help Google to display you for more results, then you should fill out with as much detail as possible.


Consistency is key

Here’s the thing, SEO is so important to so many businesses, without it, well a business may go bankrupt.
Because, when people need to find a service or buy a product locally, they often use Google. Yet with that said, small business owners, well one thing they often haven’t got much of is free time.

There’s so much to do, before you know it, its 5:30 and everyone’s driving home, and you still have a huge amount to get done, before you can pull down the roller shutters- sound familiar?

So, this is why so many businesses rush their seo, if their doing it themselves, they sometimes, just try and do things ultra quickly.

And one of these things, might be building business citations.

A lot of businesses know they need to build these, yet building citations, one after the other, its laborious work.

So, mistakes then occur, in terms of one citation saying “Road” and another abbreviated to “Rd” which causes conflicting



What are conflicting citations?

Well, this is simply when the citations details, that’s the NAP information, doesn’t match. On Yell, your address may read, “South Wales U. K” and another citation, on say Thomson Local, may say “S.Wales”- so the citations don’t match.
So, consistency is key, that’s if you want your business to appear in the Google My Business results.

So, make sure all of your business’s citations, that’s NAP information, this needs to match. Let us give you a super easy way of ensuring this, just add the name of your company, the address, phone number, URL into a word document, and just copy and paste across.

This way, when your tired, after a long day at work, its easy to start building business citations, without, making mistakes, and creating conflicting citations.


Make sure you use a local phone number

So, we would strongly recommend, if you can, use a local phone number, so by that we mean a landline, with the local area code.

A lot of people may not have this option, as plumber, there likely to get most calls via their mobile.

So, use local number if you can, but if you can’t, then do use your mobile.


Keep your opening hours updated

So, you might want to extend your opening hours, over say the run up to Christmas, so do update your Google My Business account to reflect this.

This serves your business in two different ways; one your customers will be better informed as to when your business is open. As let’s face it, a drive to a store, to get told there closing in 10 minutes, when the website shows they should be open for another hour, well, it causes people to rush, which is not a good for the customer.

So, do update your hours, when your opening hours change, as this helps your customers to understand when your open or not.

Then, it can also help your businesses seo as well, because Google is much more likely to rank a business in the map results, if the profile is regularly updated.

For example, a pet store that regularly updates its listing, as opposed to another store that hasn’t changed any information in a very long time, Google is likely to consider the shop that’s making regular amendments to the profile more accurate, therefore show that business is more results.


Write a unique business description

Write a unique business description, take your time to write this, and max out the word count, so you reach that word limit.

This will ensure that you have added as much detail as possible about your business.


Make sure you put your business in the right category

This is so important, so many businesses get this wrong, so for example, a landscape Gardner may list their business under construction companies, which it is not. This can mean that your business doesn’t appear in the Google My Business results, or if your business does, for the wrong queries.


Add some custom categories

So, let’s say you run a hair dressing saloon, but you also do nail extensions, add to the custom category “nail extensions”.


Add photos to your GMB listing

So, if you own a business premises, where customers come to buy things from your shop or meet you they’re for a meeting, then do upload a photo of your business premises. Also, a team photo is a good idea as well. If you sell products, such as wedding cakes, why not add a few photos of the items you sell. These photos will enhance your Google My Business profile, so more people are likely to go on and visit your company website.


Gain genuine business reviews

So, its typically the businesses with a lot of positive business reviews that get shown in the Google My Business results a lot.

Businesses that have bad reviews, they don’t tend to get displayed in the Google My Business results, unless, there’s no other business to show in that area.

Notice how we worded the title “genuine”- that’s because Google is super clever at detecting false reviews, so if you do add some, this will most likely get your Google My Business profile deleted.


User experience

So, you do need as an absolute must, a mobile version of your website to designed. If not, shoppers will be landing on a website that won’t work on their smartphones, causing a bad user experience, a super high bounce rate, and this will ultimately negatively impact your companies seo.


NAP details on your website

This is super crucial, so in this article we have concentrated on getting a Google My Business account, and updating it.
Yet Google’s algorithms will be looking to see if the NAP details on your company website, match your Google My Business account.

Then Googlebot will be seeing if the NAP details there match with your business citations, such as on


Contact the experts

Whether a business is improving its organic or local SEO, this is massively time consuming. This is why so many companies hire us, we are an established digital marketing company. So to discuss how we can help your business, to get higher on Google, why not call us?




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