How to improve your local SEO in 2023

How to improve your local SEO in 2023

November 14, 2023



When you talk to any SEO company, they will tell you, its difficult to get a business to rank on Google nationally for terms such as “roofing companies”.

Yet, with that said, its easier to get a business onto first page of the organic results locally. So, let’s say your business has three main locations across the U.K then its easier to get those businesses locations to appear on Google My Business and organic results.

It’s still most definitely not a walk in the park, to get a business onto first page locally, but its much, much easier, than trying to get a company onto the first page locally.

A good SEO consultant should be able to set up a Google My Business account, and optimise it through local SEO, to get that business profile a lot more visits per month.

Plus, through optimising the organic ranking signals, such as onsite SEO, technical and building backlinks, its entirely possible a business can rank locally on Google My Business plus within the organic business results as well.


So, how many search engines should my company website be optimised for?


This is a good question; however, we have to say, over the last 8 years, that we have been working with our clients. We have only ever focused on optimising the websites for Google.

But why is that?


How much will a Google My Business profile cost?


A Google Business profile, also known as a Google My Business account, this is a total piece of cake to obtain, best part is its free. So, regardless of what size business you run, we would encourage you to set one up.


Yet, with that said, what’s harder is to get that business profile to appear in the My Business results, and here’s why:


There are so many businesses competing for just what is often 3 results
Businesses with a lot of positive reviews are often shown, so new start-up businesses it can be harder to get listed
Often your SEO agency has to do a lot of work to improve number of business citations you have.

So, say we set up a Google Business Profile account what are the benefits of owning one?

When you set up a Google My Business account, it makes easy for customers to find


Business reviews


With a GMB account, your customers can leave reviews. Not only gaining positive business reviews, can enhance your businesses reputation, yet, it can also help to improve your company’s local SEO.

For example, a business which has let’s say 100 genuine, positive business reviews, Google is much more likely to rank that business within its Google My Business results, rather than a company which just has said one review.


Brick based business


So, we would recommend avoid just using mail box addresses. What’s needed instead is a business address where you meet your customers.

Tons of businesses obtain mail box addresses, yet, we wouldn’t recommend it. Let’s say it’s a relatively small business premises, yet there are over 1000 businesses listed as being there, well Google will know this.

Instead, Google wants to help people to find business premises they can go to, where the business is based and has staff.

How can a business optimise its Google My Business account:


NAP Consistency


Now, sometimes to have consistent NAP details is difficult, because sometime a business may have changed address. So, for instance the GMB listing, says the business is at one address, then because the business citations haven’t been updated, they say another address (conflicting citations).

This isn’t good for a company’s local SEO, in matter of fact, it can through a spanner in the works.

That’s because, Google can get confused at to which business address you are at. For example, Google’s algorithms, won’t know if the business is at address A, which the business citations mention or address B, where the GMB listing says the business is.

Because “conflicting citations” can cause confusion to Google, and shoppers, as they will not know which address to go to, this can mean that the business is likely to show up in the GMB results.


Near me searches and Location searches


So, people these days talk to Google a bit like you would ask a friend or family member a question “can you recommend a good Greek restaurant near me”.

So, the wording “near me” well, that’s not a mention of an area, like “Cardiff”, yet if the person that asks it has their location data switched on, they ask the question from an Android smartphone, then they will often by presented with a map, full of red dots of local businesses.

So, for your business to appear here, a business will need a GMB account.

So, here’s our take-away tips to better optimise your businesses Google My Business account.


Keep the GMB profile updated


So, regularly edits are a good thing, as they will serve to helping your business in two different ways.
Number one, they keep your customers better informed, they will know for example, if your business is open longer over the Christmas trading period for example.

Next, regularly updates tell Google that your active, your active in the sense your keeping your business profile up to date. This is important as it shows you want to keep shoppers informed, and that your business is still trading.


Respond to reviews


So, ideally you want all business reviews to be positive, but that’s not always going to happen. Even if your business may offer a top level of service, you’re always going to get some customers that are unhappy with the service.

So, its important to calmy and professionally answer any negative reviews, and positive reviews too.

It shows you care about customer service, and if you don’t feel the review is genuine, its honesty not a customer of yours, its clearly therefore a false review, call it out as such. Flag it as a false review.


Optimise for mobile


A lot of people want to use there android or I-phones to find local businesses, so your company will have to make sure it has a well-designed mobile version of the website.

If the mobile version of the website is not well designed, it could mean that the business loses business, plus has a high bounce rate.
By not a high bounce rate, this is not a good thing, it could lead to your website moving down Google’s ranks not up.


Here at Walsh


We think that businesses should be utilising local SEO, plus also have a Google My Business account.

Its entirely possible that on one page, your business appears twice, once in the Google My Business listings and once in the organic, and this can mean shoppers can click on your website, and all these visitors will be free.

We have helped a lot of businesses get onto page one of Google, and we can get your business there too, so why not call us.


This business is managed by Ryan Walsh.


Ryan now has over 10 years’ experience helping Welsh businesses climb to the top of Google.

If your business wants to improve its SEO, then why not call us today?

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