In 2024 are backlinks still an important part of SEO?

In 2024 are backlinks still an important part of SEO?

June 20, 2024

Are backlinks still an important part of SEO in 2024?


Date: 20/06/2024
Written by: Ryan Walsh


Table of contents:

  • What is the difference between internal and external backlinks?
  • Does Google’s algorithm still consider backlinks an important part of SEO?
  • Does Google’s algorithm still deem backlinks an important ranking factor?
  • Why your business only needs quality backlinks
  • What are backlinks?

Links or backlinks as some SEO consultants refer to them, are still an important part of search engine optimisation. There are some rumors, that links are not an important part of Google’s algorithm these days, however, we think that is not true.

We think Google’s algorithm still deems links as a very important ranking factor. However, as we shall explain in a bit more detail later on, your business must build the right links.

With the right links, say powerful backlinks from the BBC, your business may soar to the top of Google. However, on the other hand, if your business has a lot of spammy links, well it is entirely possible that your SEO could be severely damaged, even to the extent a Google Manual Action is placed on your website (you don’t want that).


What are the main differences between internal and external backlinks?

So, an internal link is a link that simply connects one page on a website, to another page or blog post yet on the same domain name. It’s very common for a business to write an article, and then link back to the main product or service pages, this is an example of an internal link. You might be thinking what’s the point of these links if they point back to the same website?

Well, the simple answer is, that they help Googlebot to better crawl and index pages. Internal links also help send customers to pages or blog posts they may want to land on. For example, if a page is reviewing the top 10 best-selling products, then you should link to those pages, as the shoppers might want to buy that product after reading about it within the blog post.


So, what are external links?

External links are when another external website links to your website. Now, if your business backlink profile has a lot of quality links, let’s say 100 links, from quality websites and brands, well, this can have a dramatic effect on your company’s search engine optimization. Your business can move up Google’s ranks, sometimes quickly, if the links are of good quality and relevant.

If on the other hand, the incoming, or external backlinks are a bit spammy, well, your business could move down Google’s ranks. So, if you’re in any doubt about how to build links, our best advice is, just don’t.

Instead, hire an expert to do this work, and if done right, well it can be massively time-consuming, so it does cost quite a lot to hire a link-building expert. However, if a business is serious about getting on page one of Google for important keywords, then often you need links, actually let us rephrase that often you will need a lot of backlinks.


Are backlinks still important when it comes to improving a company’s SEO?

Google’s algorithm still uses backlinks as one of the main ways of determining where a business should rank
Backlinks, especially external backlinks, from authoritative websites, can still help to massively improve your company’s SEO. If your business, let’s say it’s a start-up company, and it gets featured on the BBC Wales website, and you get a do-follow backlink, well you are instantly likely to see your business SEO improve.

Backlinks, can therefore massively help to improve your company’s SEO if they are built in a white hat way and the link builder understands Google E-EAT.


You only want high-quality links

Some SEO companies might promise to build let’s say 100 links a month, but if those backlinks are damaging your company’s search engine optimisation, then they are no good.

It’s far better therefore to have say one single, good-quality link, that’s from say the BBC.

If on the other hand, your business doesn’t build quality backlinks, you build rubbish spam links, then your business could get an algorithmic or a manual action penalty placed on the site. Trust us when we say, that if a business has spam links, and then receives a Google algorithmic penalty, then it can take a very long time to recover from such a penalty.


Helping to retain shoppers, leading to lower bounce rates and higher time-on-site

A good SEO company will work hard to reduce the bounce rate, especially on the main pages, such as the homepage. The reason is, that you will want shoppers to browse your products/services for as long as possible so that it increases the chances that they buy an item from you.

Also, Google’s algorithm knows how long a shopper has spent on a website, or whether they have left in just a few seconds of landing on say the homepage or another page. So, the websites that often rank right at the top of Google’s SERPs, search engine results pages, will be the websites that retain the shopper’s interest.

So, it’s important to build quality links, so more shoppers find your business, but once the shopper is there, you have to work hard on improving the U.X.

For those that do not know what U.X. means, it simply stands for user experience, and it means improving the design of the website, to make it simpler for shoppers to find the information or products they want.

A well-designed company website, therefore offers a good U.X and is therefore likely to rank higher in Google’s SERPs.


At Walsh & Partners, we can help to improve your business SEO

Whether your website needs to improve its technical SEO or off-page SEO or you would like us to add content marketing to your website, to improve the number of organic visitors you receive we can help.

We have some of the most highly experienced Welsh SEO consultants working for us. So whether your business needs help building links, or you want us to help improve every aspect of your SEO we can help you.
Written by: Ryan Walsh

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