Technical SEO: What you need to know what your business should be tracking

Technical SEO: What you need to know what your business should be tracking

April 17, 2024


Written by: Ryan Walsh
Date: 17/04/2024


Here at Walsh & Partners, we are the masters at improving a business’s organic traffic. However, to get to that point, where more and more shoppers are flocking to a website, often the technical SEO needs to be improved.

Often there are often some speed bumps in the way; your website’s technical aspects need improving before we can shoot for the stars and get your company on page one of Google. So, for example, there could well be “no-index” code added to the header, or within a robot.txt document, which could be stopping that page or post from getting indexed by Googlebot.


We are here to help

But do not fear; we have over ten years of experience improving businesses’ organic search engine optimisation. Many Welsh businesses are now flourishing because we have some of the best SEO minds in Wales working for us.

Is your company’s SEO going nowhere fast?

So you’ve written content marketing until you turn blue in the face.

You’ve been super busy-bee building backlinks, and that is nothing stopping your business from reaching the first page of Google, right?

Well, sometimes it can be a ton of technical SEO glitches; it could be the last SEO company you hired, made a hash of certain areas, and the made the colossal mistake of cloaking text, adding no index coding, redirects pointing all over the place and the wrong place, a bucketload of

404 pages- so a shopping list of problems basically with your technical SEO.

However, do not fear, bat man is hear and we can solve these for you, so do not worry.


Has your website got the handbrake on?

Sometimes, some SEO agencies can put hundreds of hours work into a website, writing evergreen content marketing and building backlinks, which means paying a small fortune to web designers to improve the website as well along the way.

However, it could be a technical SEO error, a little SEO gremlin, or something written in the source code, for example, stopping the Googlebot from diligently crawling and indexing that page and allowing it to appear in the SERPs.
We’ve seen this before, businesses that have paid for a 12-month contract, where it is apparent the people who have had a go at improving the seo, have made a hash of it.

This means technical SEO problems may have persisted throughout the contract, holding the website back. Hampering organic seo performance stops the page from getting onto the first page of Google.

Make a brew, put your thinking cap on
Sometimes, you need to step back, put the kettle on, and think about what’s going on under the hood.

Is there a technical SEO problem? This should be the first question any good SEO consultant asks themselves, because if there is, well its like driving with the handbrake on.

Is there something written in that code stopping the Googlebot from indexing that page? Has the website been designed so that much text, that’s crammed into accordions and can’t be indexed?

Do these sorts of problems need to be fixed?

Does technical SEO even matter?

Well, in a nutshell, technical SEO is essential, a bit like the wiring loom of your car; it wires everything is up so that everything can talk to each other.
If the technical SEO is a mess on your website, you could have redirect loops (302 redirects) that send the shopper in an endless circle.
You could have cloaking issues, and those coding problems are bloating the website and causing it to be super slow. So yes, technical SEO is essential, as otherwise, you could be missing out on a lot of sales.

What are the benefits when your technical SEO has been improved?

Improving brand awareness

You may want to enhance your brand awareness, for example, you might sell a service within Cardiff, and you know that people don’t automatically buy that service straightaway. They may research and read many blog posts before I decide which company to hire. So, therefore, this could help improve your organic traffic.

So, how do we go about improving technical SEO


How fast is your company’s website?

Just like shoppers won’t want to be on a slow elevator going to the second floor when buying products in a shopping centre, nobody wants a slow website when purchasing items online either.

Businesses, therefore, need to buy superfast hosting.

Companies can actually spend millions of pounds on very high-quality hosting because they know that it can give their business the edge.
So whether your website is a brochure or a huge e-commerce website selling millions of products, your company website must be lightning fast.

Don’t pick a hosting company just because they’re cheap—this is a false economy. You want speed.

If your e-commerce website is a fraction slower than your competitors, then shoppers may well be unwilling to wait for say your homepage to load, and might bounce off your website and go to your competitor’s website, if your company website is too slow..

Can your website get indexed?

Log into your company’s Google Search Console account to see which pages have been indexed and which have not been. It could be some technical problems stopping that page from getting indexed; a web developer or somebody within your SEO agency will need to fix this issue.


Crawl budget

Most businesses will have a limited time for Googlebot to crawl and index their site, this time, is referred to as a “crawl budget”. So this time is valuable, as you want the Google bot to go through the website efficiently and index new pages and blog posts and notice changes that you might have made to existing pages, such as rewording a paragraph.
So, you will need to work with your seo company to ensure that the Googlebot can efficiently crawl and index each page, and that you’re using all of your crawl budget, and not wasting it by having Googlebot crawling the WordPress login page every day.


Crawl errors

Crawl errors are like sending somebody to a shop that is no longer there, it’s moved location.

To give you an example of what this means when it comes to search engine optimisation, Googlebot and shoppers will be greeted by deleted pages such as 404 page, have too many of these, and your organic SEO will nose dive to the floor.

Your seo agency must therefore mitigate this downward spiral and use permanent redirects, or restore the page, not just leave it as a 404 error.

Mobile friendly

Mobile-first indexing has been in place for some time now, donkey’s years in terms of how fast improvements are made to SEO.
And Google therefore has been using the mobile version of your company website for ranking, indexing, and crawling purposes for an extended period of time. In short, without boring you, this is called “mobile-first indexing”.

So if the mobile version of your website is not that well-designed, your organic SEO is massively affected.


Need help to improve your technical SEO

Our business doesn’t just offer technical SEO improvements; we can push the boat out to help improve your business’s local and organic seo. This involves a lot of effort in building backlinks, content marketing, and sometimes web design.

We can improve your business’s organic and local SEO. Many businesses we work with are ranked on the first page of Google right now for sometimes hundreds of keywords. Yet this process requires a long-term commitment from the business.

There is no quick and easy way to get a business onto the first page of Google. If any business tells you this, they are telling you porky pies.
The best way to get your business on the first page is using white hat SEO, we have been using the very best, latest white hat methods for over 10 years now at this SEO agency. This involves a considerable amount of effort and ongoing work to improve and keep the business ranking high on Google.

This is why many companies come to us in Wales: We offer quality SEO, so why not call us today?

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