We provide our top-tips on how to generate more organic visitors to your company’s website

We provide our top-tips on how to generate more organic visitors to your company’s website

February 10, 2024


Written by: Ryan Walsh

Date: 10/02/24

Table of contents:

– How to gain more customers via your company’s social media accounts such as Facebook, X, Instagram and LinkedIn
– Why organic and local SEO is so important when gaining more customers
– Why it’s essential to obtain backlinks
– Why it’s essential to create your own YouTube Channel



When a lot of business owners make the decision that they want to improve their business’s online marketing, sometimes they think that they have to pay for every single click. Therefore they automatically think of Google Adwords.

Google Adwords is great way of obtaining more sales, however, that’s not want this article is about, we are talking here about how to obtain more customers for free off Google.

Organic SEO

Yes, you can generate a lot of organic traffic, which is free traffic to your website. Within this article, we will cover the benefits of search engine optimisation (SEO), and why it’s essential to have a social media account for your business (X, Facebook and LinkedIn).

We shall also describe how YouTube can bring a lot of shoppers to your website.

First things first, set up a social media accounts on X, LinkedIn and also Facebook

This is an absolute piece of cake. However, the ongoing maintenance of your social media accounts can be time-consuming. You might wish to hire somebody (Social Media Manager) to manage your social media accounts. A social media manager could work internally, so as an employee.

Alternatively, you may wish to hire a digital marketing agency, such as Walsh to externally manage your business’s social media accounts.


Hire an SEO expert

SEO, for short, basically means “search engine optimisation”; it’s a process of improving where your back business ranks on Google and other search engines, like Microsoft’s Bing.

Often, you need to increase where your company ranks on Google for multiple keywords. So for example, we use quality SEO tools like Google Search Console and Moz Pro to improve where we rank for these terms:

– SEO agency
– Digital Marketing Agency


Let’s say you specialise in selling a particular brand of running trainers; let’s say Nike trainers. You can get your business onto the first page of Google organically for a particular model of Nike running trainer that you stock. Often you need the help of an marketing agency to do this. This will likely dramatically increase the number of sales your company makes.

It’s been widely reported that over 93% of shoppers begin their shopping journey using a search engine. So that could be via mobile phone, tablet using say voice search. A lot of people use Google Assistant for example to find local suppliers of a particular product. Therefore for your business to have good quality SEO, often you’re going to need the help of an SEO expert.


SEO is not a one-off process

Please don’t believe for a second that SEO is a one-off process, that with a few buttons clicked, and that’s it, your business will appear at the top of Googles organic results (it doesn’t work like this).

SEO is most definitely not as easy as this; an SEO expert instead often has to write content marketing; analyse which keywords (Moz Pro we highly recommend using for keyword research). It will also have to build quality follow-back links, also the marketing company will need to improve your business technical SEO, and also help bring in more organic traffic to your website.

If you do hire a search engine optimisation expert, the more they can help your business rise through the ranks on Google, (organically). Yet this is not an overnight process. It takes many months to start seeing results. You can put in a ton of work; you only get rewarded with this when there’s a Google algorithm refresh.

From our 10 years experience offering quality SEO, we would say that Google typically rolls out a major Google algorthim refresh twice a year.

Smaller changes to Googles algorithm, in terms of improving it, are often made by Google hundreds of times a year. Yet the larger Google algorithim updates, that cause large “ranking flux” these we think only tend to happen a few times a year.

Some of the more major Google algorithm updates are the, Google Panda update, the Google Penguin update and the Google Bert update, these all caused significant ranking flux.

Invest your time in quality content marketing

When you invests time and effort in really high-quality content marketing (evergreen content marketing)- it can help to promote your business in many different ways.

First of all, you are helping to draw in more organic traffic from Google and the other search engines.

By publishing quality content marketing, such as “pillar content marketing” you are also helping to create much better brand awareness.

For example, somebody considering purchasing a relatively expensive item is most likely to do a lot of research before buying that product.

Therefore, if your brand consistently pops up on Google.co.uk, offering really helpful advice to that shopper, whether it be a blog post, YouTube videos, or simply a detailed product description, your brand is likely to stick in the shopper’s mind.

That shopper will likely return to your business when they want to purchase that item.

Also, good quality content marketing helps to improve your business’s search engine optimisation by improving your business’s “time on site” , but also helping to reduce the bounce rate- you can monitor both of these using Google Analytics.

So, by giving away your time, or paying an agency to create quality content marketing, you could be rewarded with thousands of more organic visitors.

You can see how many organic visitors your business is getting each day, week or month, by logging into your Google Analytics account.


Create a YouTube channel (its free and super simple to do)

Again, this is easy to do and can help bring more shoppers. For example, you might have a contract to supply a particular product.

You might be the only company in Wales to sell that particular product, so you have even the exclusivity overselling that item.

Therefore, you can create a YouTube channel explaining the benefits of that product, lets say it’s a luxury barbeque, thus bringing in more shoppers to your website.

Your companies YouTube channel can help therefore to promote the products or services your company sells.


How our marketing agency can marketing:

We can offer you a complete marketing package. We can manage your social media accounts, such as your business LinkedIn, X, and your company’s Facebook accounts.

We can also improve your business’s search engine optimisation, to help your company in Cardiff to rank higher organically on Google.co.uk.

We have over ten years of experience helping companies improve their organic and local SEO. We have so much knowledge on improving your business’s rankings and SEO.

We are quite simply the SEO experts within Cardiff, so why not call us, and we can tell you how we can get your business onto the first page of Google.


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