What are the main building blocks used to improve a business’s SEO?

What are the main building blocks used to improve a business’s SEO?

July 3, 2024

Businesses all over the globe want to rank at the top of Google. Whether the business sells dog leads or is a retailer of luxury diamond wedding rings, businesses undoubtedly want to be at the top of the search engine rankings on Google.

And this is with good reason; it can often dictate the business’s success; if the business ranks at the top of Google, it could sometimes mean the business will flourish, but the business at the bottom of Google’s first page or beyond page two of Google could be struggling.

Therefore, SEO agencies like ours are never short of work, with many businesses trying to get onto the first page of Google. It’s often a matter of success or failure for some companies in some business sectors- that’s why our SEO consultants are often working late most evenings, because we are close to being fully booked at our seo agency.


The building blocks

When you look at various SEO building blocks, you will see that they can get highly technical and massively complicated when you read some blog posts—so much so that you might have a migraine after reading a 3000-word article on “How to build backlinks in 2024”.

So, we thought it would be a good idea to write a more digestible article, breaking down the five parts and core components of SEO.

These are simply the building blocks of improving the business’s organic SEO.

Write quality content marketing that gets straight to the point

Have you ever talked to somebody who’s been rambling, talking nonstop, and you are then left wondering what they are trying to say and what the point of the conversation is?

You do not want to be rude, but you might think that these people are wasting your time. Their responses should be more succinct or at least get to the point of what they are talking about so that you can have your lunch break!

This is precisely the same as optimising a web page; Google’s algorithms work the same way; they don’t have the time to wade through 4000 words of text to understand what the page or blog post is about and selling. Just as you want someone to get straight to the point when talking to you at work, Google wants you or your chosen SEO consultants to clarify what content marketing is about so the search engines know where to rank that page in the SERP’s.

Very quickly, Google’s algorithms will want to know what that page is promoting, what it is talking about, and whether the information is going to be helpful to shoppers or not.

Therefore, a good SEO consultant uses page titles, alt text, meta titles, meta descriptions, internal links, and schema markup, to name a few ways, to make it clear to the search engines exactly what that page is about.

Google doesn’t want to go crawling and indexing work without knowing whether you’re selling a kitchen blender, an electric car, or a helicopter.


To improve your business content marketing you can use the following methods:

– Keep the writing on topic and don’t ramble
– Make the article detailed
– Don’t use duplicated work
– Build quality links
– Follow advice set out by Google E-EAT

Quality content marketing, a word to the wise: don’t copy anybody else’s work.

Good SEO consultants must spend hundreds of hours crafting high-quality content marketing annually.

This means that the search engines, such as Google will see that the work is of high quality and that the author may have considered Google E-EAT. That is experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and

Trustworthiness. Therefore, if this work is good quality, it will help drive your business to the first page of Google’s results.

However, in other words, this written work should be well written and original, show that you have carefully researched it, and show through the text, that you know what you are talking about.


Link-building is like having a lot of friends.

A celebrity or an influencer has many followers. This is because they have many friends who have decided to add them to their social media accounts or just to follow them to get regular updates about their life through say Instagram. This is how some social media accounts may have, say, 1 million or more social media followers.


Quality links

Well, links (backlinks) work in a similar way; if your website has thousands or even millions of good-quality links, this shows that your business is important, a lot of people liked it, and a lot of people chose to link to your companies work. Therefore, it stands out more and ranks more highly in Google’s search engine results.


User experience (U.X)
Offering a good user experience is essential. It is a bit like a shop you like visiting regularly: the products on sale might not be the cheapest in that particular town, yet you keep going back because you know you can get good customer service in there.

Walking into a shop, you might see a business owner or director waiting to greet you and offer good customer service.

Of course, you can’t provide that with your e-commerce website, you cant offer the personal touch and good customer service a real shop worker can offer in person. However, you can offer a good user experience (U.X) and good-quality helpful information in way of blog posts and product descriptions, and helpful guides. Also, it is essential that the website is well designed and fast.


These are the building blocks of good SEO.

We’ve been helping Welsh businesses improve their SEO for over ten years. Therefore, we can help improve your business’s organic and local SEO. If you want to hire organic or local search engine optimisation experts, call Walsh & Partners today.

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