Why it’s essential to improve your businesses content marketing continually

Why it’s essential to improve your businesses content marketing continually

June 29, 2024


Written by: Ryan Walsh
Date: 28/06/2024




Content marketing is a bit like your favourite jeans; bear with us while we explain why that is so.

You might enjoy wearing your favourite jeans so much, like your favourite pair of Levi’s, that they may well become worn and tired and need a good freshen-up.

Slap in some fabric detergent and washing up powder; those jeans smell nice and are ready to wear and be functional again.

This is precisely the same as your business’s content marketing. The text on your company website can become stale and outdated and needs a good freshening up.

However, a word to the wise: This should only be undertaken with the guidance of a highly experienced search engine optimisation consultant. The expertise of a good SEO consultant on improving your company’s content marketing can profoundly improve your business’s ranking on Google if done correctly.

By correctly, we mean the SEO company should follow the guidance set out in Google’s E-EAT when creating content marketing for a business.

The company or person improving your search engine optimisation must also follow Google’s Webmaster guidelines- the work must be white hat. The SEO consultants must, therefore, work diligently and have experience improving a business’s content marketing.

Content marketing can make or break a business’s search engine optimisation success. Today, some companies rely solely on their digital marketing to grow, so it’s crucial that the best white hat on-page optimisation methods are followed on every page.


It’s a long road


 Writing, proofreading, refining, updating, and generally improving a business’s content marketing is a lot of work. Even if you write a standout piece of content marketing that’s amazing in every sense of the word, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t need work in the future.

It will still need updating from time to time, such as the statistics. Therefore, writing content marketing and improving it, well, it’s a long road.

Yet, all that content marketing is combined, generating all that organic traffic with a low bounce rate, massive clicks, and spending time on site. Well, your business can climb Google’s ranks. And for a business that’s at the top of Google, well, that can mean that business flourishes and succeeds, well a business that chooses the wrong SEO agency, well, the business may go into administration.

This is why seeking the right SEO company to partner with is crucial. It’s a long road, so make sure you feel that you can work with that business for many years to come.


Write content marketing that comes from the heart and soul.

Create a picture of someone’s hands writing on a laptop,
Content marketing must be helpful (Google Helpful Content Update). Every paragraph should also reflect what the copywriter or the author understands about Google E-EAT.


To quickly recap on what Google E-EAT means:

– Experience
– Expertise
– Authoritativeness
– Trustworthiness

However, we think the work’s author should show even more than this; content marketing should be written from the heart and the soul.

When you walk into a small business, you are sometimes greeted by the company owner/director. That person knows everything there is to know about their products or services. They are often passionate, driven, and love what they do.

The advice or product they give you may not just be about selling you something; they care about offering you good service. You may return to that business many years down the line because you remember that person who offered you good customer service. Well, this level of customer service should be put into each piece of content marketing that your business publishes.

Generic, wishy-washy content marketing with the sole intention of just placing keywords all over the page will not cut it anymore.

Now, how do you achieve this?

Half-baked stale content doesn’t cut it.

Just like a piece of stale bread or food can leave a foul taste in your mouth, so can a piece of content marketing- that’s if you spend 10 minutes reading it, right at the end, the reader hasn’t been offered a meaningful answer to the question that you want to be answered.

What then happens is that a disgruntled shopper on your website is likely to leave, taking the bounce rates to catastrophic heights (you can monitor each pages bounce rate using Google Analytics) if this happens too much by too many customers your organic / local seo will suffer. Digital marketing agencies therefore spend a lot of time reducing a businesses bounce rate.

Therefore, it’s far better to slow down, carefully consider your content marketing, and focus on quality rather than quantity of articles.

Therefore, make yourself a cup of tea and start writing content marketing so it’s the best answer to that question that you can offer.



Your should just aim to write mediocre article, instead aim to offer the best possible advice you can. I

Aim to beat your direct rivals; knock it out of the park.


How do you write superior content marketing?

– Follow advice set out by Google E-EAT
– Monitor key statistics such as time spent on site, bounce rates, and incoming backlinks
– Write long articles
– Make sure the work is original
– Optimise the on-page SEO
– Build quality, relevant, white-hat do-follow and no-follow backlinks
– Make sure you use internal links
– Write the anchor text in a white hat way


What makes content marketing better?

Make it more detailed and more helpful (Read about Google Helpful Content Update).

When you, as a customer are reading an article, whether its on how to change a plug, or how to look after your lavender plant, you will want the information to be useful and helpful.
Step-by-step instructions are, therefore, often useful.

Therefore, you must put yourself in the customer’s shoes. What is the best way to present the information to the customer, should be a YouTube video add to the page? Is it a step-by-step instructions laid out in an infographic? Is it a chunky bit of text so that the person can understand an answer to a question by reading a piece of evergreen content marketing?


Be helpful

This article is centred around this main point, that is make the information you offer helpful and valuable.

Create a picture: A company director, sitting in board room
As a business owner, you may wonder why you should invest time or money into creating content marketing.
Yet the truth is, providing valuable advice can help your business in many different ways:
– It can help create brand awareness
– It can help to improve local SEO
– It ca help to improve your company’s organic SEO
– You can, therefore, generate more sales.


The benefits of investing time into creating high-quality content marketing

It can be argued that it takes staff resources and time to create, say, a 3,000-word blog post, YouTube Videos, and social media posts. On the other hand, if the work really ‘cuts the mustard’ (meaning it’s of high quality), it’s brilliant way of possibly getting thousands of people across the country to find your business and potentially to purchase from you.


Helping to improve brand awareness

Your business’s brand awareness could improve if you regularly publish high-quality and helpful content marketing. Having shoppers on your website for an extended period, let’s say minutes plus (you can monitor this using Google Analytics), can enhance your business’s SEO.


Returning visitors

If your business has strong organic SEO, it could rank in the top 3 positions of Google’s organic search engine results (SERPs) when somebody needs your services.

So, giving information away for free in the form of content marketing could help your business to generate more sales. The downside is you’re giving away time for free.


Should we be repurpose, and update old content marketing?



Here’s the thing: content marketing is a bit like petrol that you put into your car. Good quality petrol can propel your car forward with high performance, that’s if it is good quality high-octane fuel. If the fuel is not very good, it will create a sluggish performance.

Now if combine the two, that’s good-quality fuels with lousy-quality fuel, or mix gets diluted and mixed, and you have a combination of good and bad performance.

This is the same: your business’s content marketing, you might have a combination of good quality content marketing and low-quality content marketing.

For example, an old marketing agency you used to employ may have written poorly written content marketing, perhaps even duplicated content marketing that’s holding your businesses seo back. It might have even resulted in a Google manual action penalty or an algorithmic penalty, such as a Google Panda penalty if you have spam or low quality content marketing on your website.

If you are unsure whether the content marketing is good quality or not, do consult Google’s Webmaster Guidelines or a good SEO agency for further advice.

Most definitely don’t delete articles, unless you consult with an seo company. That’s because the marketing agency, may see that they just need to improve the work a bit, rather than deleting them.

By deleting articles that could be good quality or have a lot of quality do-follow links leading to them, what you could be severely damaging your business search engine optimisation, so do consult with an SEO expert first, before you change any content marketing.


Make it even better



You do have to aim for the stars when writing content marketing, you will be competing with potentially thousands of other businesses to rank for that keyword. So, the work must be of exceptional quality. To achieve that, the work must be better than the pages currently on the first page of Google. If it’s not, then Google’s algorithms simply won’t rank your business higher than those companies that are currently on page one of Google. This means the onsite and offsite seo needs to be better than those companies.


Work on improving the user experience (U.X)?

This again where the web designers and copywriters need walk in your customer’s shoes for a while and think about the following questions:

  • Is the website simple to use?
  • If the website fast?
  • If the mobile version of the website well designed?
  • Is the font easy to read
  • Which pages have a high bounce rate, how can then be improved?


Bounce rates:



For those who do not know, the bounce rate of a page or a blog post is simply something that’s expressed as a percentage and can be read in your businesses Google Analytics account.

We would also highly recommend using Ahrefs, if your business is looking to purchase an SEO tool to help you to improve your companies U.X and on-page SEO.

The bounce rate, which is shown as a percentage shows how many visitors leave the website without visiting more than one page.


Improve your businesses CTR. (Click Through Rate)

A well designed shopfront, with good sign writing, nice big windows and an enticing stock in the windows is likely to bring more customers. This is precisely the same as a well-written meta title or description, it will help to improve your companies CTR, which stands for “click through rate”.

If you really want to push the boat out, you can get a featured snippet added to the page, which can then appear directly in the SERP’s.

A featured snippet, such as showing the star-rating of product, could help to improve your businesses CTR.

A featured snippet, which can be gained by adding Schema to your companies website, is likely to get the shopper’s attention and improve your CTR. If you manage to keep the customer on the website long enough, this can help boost the organic SEO.


Google RankBrain


Google RankBrain is something that not many Seo companies talk all too often about, often SEO articles concentrate on discussing link building and content marketing and so on.

Not many companies talk about Google Rankbrain and with good reason, there’s no much known about how this artificial intelligence integration into the algorithm works.

So, as SEO agencies, we are left guessing and speculating on how this A.I system works. But how many companies think Google’s RankBrain works is as follows:

– It monitors shoppers’ engagement with a company website
– Websites with low engagement, i.e high bounce rates move down Google’s Ranks
– Google’s RankBrain is constantly reshuffling the order of businesses, to more businesses up which are more likely, or gaining more engagement. This means a business needs to have lower bounce rates, higher dwell time, and the shoppers should be visiting multiple pages.


Google RankBrain and the SERP’s

Many SEO consultants globally believe that Google’s RankBrain also looks at whether you’re the only sole business that the shopper went to.


Soundcloud or add YouTube video to your main pages

When you finish after a long day at work and your travel home on the train, you might not want to read 1000 words of text to decide if that’s the right product or company for you. You might find an article with an embedded Soundcloud video, so perhaps you can listen in comfort, with someone telling you about for example, what makes that area a great place to visit by holiday. Alternatively, you may want to sit and watch a YouTube video where a staff member is doing a 5-minute presentation on what makes that product brilliant.

Therefore, the customer might wish to watch the YouTube video explaining the product’s benefits, the customers might want to read the text, and some shoppers may want to listen to SoundCloud; by offering all of these options on each piece of content marketing your offering the option to them, this is likely to improve the companies organic SEO by retaining the shopper on the website longer.


This can therefore help your business in the following ways

– Bounce rate may decrease
– The amount of links may increase as other businesses/bloggers recognise the quality of the work
– You may increase the time on site or dwell time, therefore this can positively impact your businesses SEO as well


Bullet points

It’s a good idea sometimes to summarise an article at the top using bullet points or to use bullet points throughout the article.

This allows the reader to understand right at the start whether reading the article will the blog post most likely answer that question they had wanted answered. For example, if they are looking to repair a car themselves, and the bullet point at the topic specifies the model vehicle that they own, they are more likely to read through and spend some time on that page reading for example, how to change the oil on that model car.


Do add schema markup

Whether you would like the price of an item to be displayed directly in SERPs, perhaps you would like a star rating that customers have left for a product to be displayed in the SERP’s then to create a featured snippet then often you will need to use schema mark-up.

Schema markup is brilliant. It’s simply a form of structured language that can be used to mark up critical information about your business’s products or services.

Google offers a free tool, which you can use, to add schema to your website. You simply highlight the text, however, we would recommend your web designer adds the schema mark-up.

  • Use Google Analytics and ask yourself the following;
  • Which pages are receiving practically no organic traffic?
  • What is the time on site for each page? (dwell time)
  • What is the bounce rate for each page?
  • Therefore, this will give you a good idea. Perhaps you want to use an Excel spreadsheet to organise the pages that need your improvement.

How do you go about improving a business’s content marketing?

It could be something as simple as changing the title and meta title slightly so that the customer believes that work will better answer their question.

It could be that there are much larger issues with content marketing. For example, an expert SEO consultant might step in and say that there are massive duplication problems across the main pages. These will need to be fixed straight away if there are duplication issues. Google’s, algorithms most definitely do not like duplicated content marketing.

Duplicated content marketing could trigger a manual action penalty or an algorithmic penalty. (never have duplicated text on your website).

Improving your businesses meta title and descriptions?

You might have a blog post published that is over 3,000 words in total, but the meta title and meta description might be missing.

Then, Google’s algorithms automatically take what they believe to be the title and a snippet of the text to use as the meta description.

The problem with this is it its better if an SEO consultant writes the meta title and description, so its well optimised.

Therefore, if your using a WordPress plugin such as Yoast SEO, don’t leave the meta title and meta description blank, make sure you optimise it.



How Google’s algorithms work, is that they mathematically work, via the algorithm which pages should be in ranked top 10 on the first page of Google.

Create a picture: Mathematical formula and Google logo

For example, let’s say the article is about aluminium ladders. There are likely to be thousands of retailers of this product who are based right across the country. How does this Google’s algorithms determine that that particular business should be on the first page of Google?

Well one of the main ranking factors Google uses, is to see how many do-follow / no follow quality backlinks lead to that website.

This means the content marketing might be brilliant, it might even be written by the country’s most respected expert on a particular subject.

Yet if the page doesn’t have any link equity leading to it or filtering down to that particular blog post or page, then often it doesn’t get onto page one of Google.


Come to the SEO experts within Cardiff.

If your business needs help improving its organic SEO or perhaps your company wants to improve local SEO, then do contact us.

We can offer the following services:

– Website Design
– Organic SEO
– Local SEO
– Content marketing
– Link building


We have some of the best SEO minds in Wales working for us.

For example, we can say this because we have SEO consultants working for us that have over ten years of experience helping many businesses to improve their SEO.
Do contact us today for a quote

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