Why it’s important to regularly carry out a local SEO Audit

Why it’s important to regularly carry out a local SEO Audit

June 13, 2024


Many Welsh businesses heavily rely on their local SEO for sales. This is why regularly conducting an local SEO audit can bring about significant enhancements, rectify potential errors, and boost the business’s online visibility and customer reach, which could lead to increased sales and growth.

Similar to how a mechanic checks a car’s components during a service and MOT a proficient SEO consultant examines critical aspects of your business’s local SEO to look for possible weaknesses. This includes reviewing your business’s online presence, analysing your website’s performance, and assessing the quality of your backlinks.

This process aims to identify areas that can be fine-tuned and improved, just like a car’s performance after a service or repair work. With an experienced SEO consultant, you can feel reassured that your business’s online presence is in good hands.



Written by: Ryan Walsh
Date: 13/June/2024


In this article we will cover:

-What is a local SEO audit
-Why you should check all your business citations are consistent
-The quality of your companies backlins
– How to optimise your Google Business account
– Why your content marketing must be useful
-Why your copywriters need to know about Google’s E-EAT update
– Why your business should only be publishing high-quality content marketing


What exactly is a local SEO audit?

We will go into great detail as to the different aspects that should be checked by your local SEO consultant. The main area is ensuring that your Google Business profile is well optimised and kept up-to-date.

It’s not just about updating your business’s name, address, and phone number, yet if this information does change a critical task that your SEO agency should make the necessary changes. If you change your business address, updating these details promptly is crucial to maintain the accuracy of your Google Business account. Also if this information is not promptly updated, it could affect customer’s ability to find and contact you.

Then, it’s time to examine the company’s backlinks.
Are they relevant?
Is there a good mixture of do-follow and no-follow links?
Has the anchor text been written correctly?
‘Link velocity ‘, which refers to the rate at which new links are acquired, is another crucial factor to consider. Are the links all of good quality?

So much to consider, when assessing if a business has good quality backlinks or not. This is why we would recommend hiring an SEO company that has an expert link builder, a link builder who’s proficient in using say Majestic backlink building tool, a very good tool might be add.


Quality of the businesses content marketing

Then it’s over to check the content marketing, and the copywriters wrote really good content marketing that could be deemed helpful.

Is it satisfy that Google E-EAT should update?

Are there a high number of good-quality backlinks leading to the pages?

Have internal links been used effectively?

So many questions need to be answered, and a highly experienced SEO consultant should be able to cast their eyes to see if your companies’ links are good quality and if your businesses content marketing is good quality or not.


The Google local pack and now it’s fiercely competitive
Some businesses, a number of years ago, never hired an SEO agency but still obtained a lot of free organic and map listing clicks, such as via the business’s Google Business profile.

These are the two reasons: the organic section would have had much less competition, say 10 years ago, the standard of SEO would be much easier to beat. Therefore, businesses would have gotten onto the first page of Google’s organic results much more easily let’s say, ten years ago.

When Ryan Walsh first started his SEO consultancy, back over 10 years ago, it was much more simple to get a business onto page one of Google, mainly due to a lot of companies were not investing in SEO improvement as much as they are today.

Today in 2024 a lot of businesses, from small businesses, through to global brands are investing in SEO.


Its now much harder to get a business to appear in Google’s Map results (Google Business Results)

Then there’s the ‘Google Business Results ‘. This is a key component of your local SEO as it provides essential information about your business to potential customers. If a business is near what is called the centroid, a marker Google’s algorithm’s once used, which was once deemed as the central point in the city or town, the seven businesses were often displayed in the Google My Business results, often companies that were close to the centroid marker. However, with the changes in Google’s algorithm, the ‘Google Business profile’ is now much harder than ever to secure a spot in the Google local map results, because often now there’s only 3 businesses that get listed.

7-pack on Google My Business is now reduced to often just 3 Businesses

However, things have now massively changed; the Google Map results, there sometimes just three businesses instead of seven, and sometimes it is even less than that.

Instead of using the Google centroid, it’s now based on location data; for example, a person on their Android smartphone with the location data switched on, will often have businesses displayed closest to them.

Therefore, SEO agencies throughout the United Kingdom and worldwide must work harder than ever to get businesses displayed in the Google business results. There is no room for mistakes regarding conflicting citations, fake business reviews, and low-quality backlinks.


Now in order to get a business to appear in the Google Map results, often the business will need:

– Good positive business reviews and a lot of them
– The positive business reviews, must be left by real customers and be genuine
– Have a lot of quality backlinks
– Have a well optimised Google Business Profile


Make sure that you Google My Business profile is well optimised.

Setting up a Google business profile is relatively simple, but what’s harder is to optimise it. Often, you will need hundreds of business citations, that is, quality NAP listings on websites such as Yelp.

Your business will also often need to accumulate a lot of genuine business reviews from customers, as often it’s the businesses with many positive business reviews, which get displayed in the Google Map results. Then there’s optimising the Google

Business listing itself, so you add photos of your business, perhaps of your team, also of the shopfront or simply a product you manufacture. Then it’s keeping on top of managing that listing by keeping all of the NAP information up-to-date.

What we mean by keeping on top of that listing is simply keeping the information up-to-date and as valid as possible. So if your opening hours change over a bank holiday weekend, then you need to update your Google My Business profile.


Its crucial to keep your NAP information up to date:

  • That your companies address
  • Company phone number
  • Company Name


Schema markup

Add ‘schema markup’ to your website, especially add Schema Mark-up to your companies NAP information. ‘Schema markup’ is a code that you put on your website to help search engines (Google) return more engaging results, for example yoru business is more likely to appear as a featured snipper if you add Schema Mark-up to your website. This takes only a few minutes, but it’s pretty essential if you want to improve your companies organic and local SEO.


Make sure that all of the content marketing is high-quality

It doesn’t matter if you manufacture and bake wedding cakes or are a solicitor; people who want to buy your services or products often have similar questions they want answered. Ever since the Google Helpful Content update and the Google E-EAT update, the information you offer should be very high quality.

Thankfully, gone are the days when various SEO agencies was writing 500 words of complete waffle to try and improve a business’s organic SEO. Now, it’s much more a matter of offering really helpful and insightful information, showing off that your business is the absolute expert at what you do. It is also your business’s opportunity to highlight what makes your products or services superior to some of the direct competition.

Through your evergreen content marketing and your blog posts, you have the opportunity to answer some questions that your customers often ask. For example, you might get asked the same question by most customers on a daily basis? Therefore, if you address this question and answer it correctly and in-depth way through a main page or blog post, you could be helping to drive a lot of organic visitors to your website.

Therefore, by writing helpful content, you are helping to improve your business’s organic SEO.

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