Why your business will need a Google Search Console account

Why your business will need a Google Search Console account

December 11, 2023


Google Search Console

So, what is Google Search Console?

Your business might have a really well-designed website and it may look, well like a million dollars.
Yet, to track where your keywords rank on Google, you may do this manually now.

However, you might be wondering if there is a tool that offers you all the SEO information that you need all in one place, such as informing you for example which backlinks currently lead to your site?
You might also be wondering how many clicks your website is getting and how the website ranks for specific keywords.

You might also want an SEO tool which reliably informs you of the following information:

– Average position information for keywords
– Backlinks
– How many clicks your website is receiving per day, week or month

Well, you are most definitely in luck. That’s because there is a really brilliant tool, one that is offered totally free of charge, and it is very good at telling you how well your business’s search engine optimisation is doing.


Super easy to use

Google Search Console is also very user-friendly, so even if you haven’t got the foggiest about SEO, you can start to pick up information on how well your website is doing quicky.

Google Search Console is brilliant for finding pages that haven’t been indexed and finding the average position for keywords you would like to analyse over a timeframe.

So, for example, if your business sells let’s say “organic dog food”, you might want to see where you rank on Google for this keyword.

Using Google Search Console, you can specify the period to see where that keyword is ranked.
So, for example, you can see where the keyword, organic dog food, has been organised over the last seven days, over the last month, or perhaps even for the previous year.

Google Search Console allows you to see this information with just a few clicks of the mouse.
Which feature of Google Search Console does your digital marketing agency use the most?

This is an excellent question, that’s because we think that there is some brilliant information that Google Search Console can offer your business.

However, you might be a business owner who is strapped for time; you may need therefore a quick insight into how your business’s search engine optimisation is working.

A really good feature of Google Search Console is using the “Performance” tab and simply clicking the average position button.

What’s great about this is you can set the timeframe from yesterday or perhaps over the last seven days, or the previous month, or perhaps over the last year.

Then, you can get an “average position” of where all your keywords ranked on Google; then, you might select an essential keyword for your business.

For example, let’s say you are a solicitor specialising in family law.
You will want to track where your business ranks on Google for “family lawyers”, plus the city in which you are based such as Cardiff.

Then you can track, well where did the website rank for this keyword a year ago? Where did it rank a month ago for that keyword? Where did it rank yesterday for that keyword?

This will give you an excellent idea of how your business’s search engine optimisation is improving or a set timeframe.

Ultra reliable data

There are some excellent seo tools on the market right now which offer super reliable data.

Yet if you ask us, which tools our agency uses the most often, well, we would have to say both Google Analytics and Google Search Console because both tools offer us reliable data.

Of course, you might want to also use another seo tool as well, and many marketing agencies do; for example, a company might use another seo tool for checking backlinks, and other tool to check competitors keyword positions as well.


How is Google Search Console any different from Google Analytics?

Well, there is a vast difference; here at this marketing agency, we spend most of our time using Google Search Console, as this tells you how good the search engine performance is in terms of clicks, average position, and also, very importantly which websites are linking to your website.

On the other hand, Google Analytics is different; it focuses more on user interaction and conversion rates. For example, you can set goals if somebody completes a contact form.


Creating a new Google Search Console property

Setting up a Google Search Console property is an absolute piece of cake.

All you have to do is log in to your Google account, go to Google Search Console, and then choose to add your domain to this account. It’s super simple; it should take you less than 10 minutes.

There are several ways to verify your website, and it’s important to note that it usually takes 48 hours after verification or sometimes longer for the data to start date to appear, such as the average position of your website.

There are several ways to verify your website, and we recommend talking to your web designer so that they can add the needed HTML code so you can start using Google Search Console.


Organic search traffic

How many pages are indexed?

Please don’t take for granted that Google indexes all your website pages and blog posts because sometimes they are not and won’t appear in the SERPs.

It is important to know that if a page is not indexed, it will never be able to show up on Google. So, as an absolute minimum, it’s essential to see if your main service pages have been indexed.

If they haven’t, you should submit them for indexing; otherwise, customers will never find them on Google.

Use the URL inspection tool.

We would highly recommend using the URL inspection tool for two main reasons: to see if Googlebot is indexing the pages so shoppers can find them,

The other reason is you might change a page in terms of its layout and wording, and you might want Google to reindex the page to notice these changes so that you can see if the changes have improved your SEO.

Also, when you write a blog post, for example, a critical article, you might want to get this indexed immediately to get the SEO value from it as soon as possible.

For example, Christmas might be fast approaching, and you might have a product you wish to promote on your company website. To ensure this gets indexed more quickly, you might want to submit it using the URL inspection tool.

Security issues and manual actions

We recommend checking the manual action tab to see if Google has placed any penalties on your website.
For example, Google’s algorithm might have noticed a lot of spam content marketing, such as “spun content marketing”. Therefore, your business might receive a manual action penalty because of this.

This will need the immediate attention of your marketing company.



We would recommend routinely checking the links tab within Google Search Console; this will be able to tell you how many backlinks you have.

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