WordPress SEO- How can our company better optimise our WordPress CMS website?

WordPress SEO- How can our company better optimise our WordPress CMS website?

July 4, 2024



First things first, congratulations are in order. We think WordPress is a brilliant CMS, and you have chosen a brilliant content management system.

That said, a website is only as good as the website designed using this CMS. You can give the best painting brush in the world to someone, but unless the person holding the paintbrush is an experienced painter, you will end up with an oil painting that’s open to interpretation of what on earth has been drawn on the canvass.

So, a WordPress website is only as good as the website designer that has designed it.

Yet, as a content management system, well, it’s up there with kicking back on a Friday night with chocolate and your favourite ice cream, in our opinion.- its that’s good.

So, what makes WordPress so good? Why do SEO agencies like ours love WordPress:
– It’s widely used globally. It’s one of the most commonly used content management systems used across the world.
– Simple to update the WordPress Dashboard and its generally a piece of cake to use the Dashboard
– Brillant websites can be designed using WordPress, that offer an excellent U.X


So, how can we better optimise our WordPress website?

Site title

Understanding the importance of optimising your site title and tagline on your WordPress is crucial. In just a few words, these two lines of text can communicate what your website is about and what you offer.
Googlebot will crawl this text, instantly understanding more about your business and what you can offer.

Whether you retail dog leads or diamond rings or specialise in luxury cars, your site title and need to be well optimised, guiding potential customers to your business.


Optimising the site title.

That part is crucial; Google will crawl and index this information, and inform Google’s algorithms; that’s what this business specialises in selling.

Now, this is crucial, and from our experience, don’t change the site title often; set it and leave it in place for a long time. If in doubt about what to write here, consult with an SEO consultant or use a good quality SEO tool, such as Ahrefs, Moz, or Sitebulb, to find out which keywords are essential to your business.


Homepage optimisation

Every page on your website should be well-optimised, and any SEO agency you employ should spend time improving the following on-page search engine optimisation on your homepage and all other pages.

However, we would argue this is especially important for the homepage—and you may ask well, why?
Well, usually, it’s the homepage of any business will appear the most in Google’s organic results. Let’s say you’re a demolition company. You may offer seven different services, including commercial, industrial, and robotic demolition. Yet, rather than those individual pages appearing in Google’s organic results, often it will be the homepage will appear most in the SERPs. But why is that?

Well, it’s often due to backlinks, links, and sending link equity through to a domain name, then Google E-EAT, especially the “authoritativeness” aspect. That aspect gets assessed based on the backlinks leading through to a website. Often it’s the homepage that has the most links, and as the homepage has the most good-quality links, that page will likely rank higher in Google’s SERPs.


Page titles
Take the time to carefully write your page titles, but don’t just fill every page title with keywords you want to rank for. This approach doesn’t work when it comes to improving your SEO. Adding keywords everywhere on the page, in way that could be deemed excessive is likely to lead to “over-optimisation issues”.

So, instead, this is our best advice: always put yourself in the customer’s shoes. Google has released endless algorithm updates, which have made it crystal clear that they want businesses to put the customer first, and SEO should come second.


How do we know that?

– The Google Helpful content update (Google wanted the content marketing on a website to be made helpful and focused on helping the customer)
– Google E-EAT (Google wanted the business to demonstrate Experience, Expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness in your business written work
– Google wanted websites to be fast so they offer a better user experience; this is why Google provided the speed test tool
– Google released a Google Panda update to get rid of copied, low-quality content marketing such as spam or spun work
– Google released Google Penguin to penalize websites that were using low-quality backlinks


The list goes on

Therefore, Google has made it clear that low-quality SEO is unacceptable.
If the SEO work flouts “Google’s Webmaster Guidelines”, then the business could get penalised through a Google Penalty.
The work should therefore be high-quality and centred around offering the best possible advice to the customer.

So now, with that in mind, how can we improve the on-page SEO?


Page titles

Add page titles that accurately describe what the page is selling or about—again, don’t add keywords here to try and optimise the page. Instead, if that page is about “employment law.” Well, call it that.

Therefore, the page title must accurately describe what the page is about.


Meta title and meta description

We are discussing in this article about how to best optimise a WordPress website, so if you were to ask our SEO company what plugin to use to optimise the meta title and meta description better, we would have to say use Yoast SEO. There’s a free version, so you don’t even have to spend a penny on this plug-in if you don’t want to.


Why do we recommend Yoast SEO?

Well, for most of the client websites we work on each week, we usually recommend using Yoast SEO if they have a WordPress website.

When you type in the meta title or meta description, it will tell you whether you have exceeded the word limit.

You want to keep within the specified word limit, as this makes it more likely Google’s algorithms will use that meta title and meta description you have entered.

A well-worded meta title and description are essential for a higher CTR or click-through rate.


Why is it essential to have a well-worded meta title and meta description?

The simple answer is that any SEO business you employ could burn the midnight oil, and they may well get your business ranked 3rd for a very highly competitive keyword on Google.co.uk. Well, done to them, that’s not simple to achieve to get any business ranked in the top 5 positions on Google; often, it involves significant effort and hundreds of hours of work on their part.

So credit where credit is due, they have been successful, which may contribute to the business growth.

But here’s the thing: when a business gets on page one of Google, you still compete with many other companies.

Nine others in the Google organic ranks and all the other companies that are paying for Google Adwords, and if it’s a local business you are looking for, then you can compete with the Google Business listings as well.


Internal links and indexation

It’s essential to add internal links across your WordPress website. The internal links need to be used in a white-hat way to help the shopper better navigate the pages, and the anchor text should always be white-hat.

Internal links can sometimes help Google crawl and index new pages or spot changes made to existing pages.

Internal links added to your WordPress website can improve “dwell time,” also called time on site, and reduce a page’s bounce rate. You can monitor this with your Google Analytics account or using a quality SEO tool like Moz Pro.

Use internal links in a white-hat way to link products or pages you think the shopper might want to read.


Add H1-H6 titles

When you add content marketing to each page, split the text up using H1-to-H6 tags. Again, only use the best white methods and page titles so that shoppers can skip to the part they want to read about.


Make sure each page is not content-thin

A common mistake that many businesses make is to build an basic company website that doesn’t have much text. Google’s algorithm could deem each page as “content thin,” meaning the page will likely rank much lower in Google’s SERPs.
The page should offer helpful information instead of being content-thin, so a much higher word count is often needed.


Alt text

Make sure that each picture on your website has well-optimised alt text. This is for both brochures and e-commerce websites. The alt text should be applied to every image.
So, let’s say the picture shows a sunflower; label the alt text as this. This will help Google’s algorithms understand that this is a picture of a sunflower.


Your WordPress website should be responsive.

Ensuring your WordPress CMS website works well on smartphones and desktops is essential.


Blog posts

WordPress has a Dashboard, making adding a blog post straightforward. You can log into the WordPress Admin section; all you need to do is add a username and password.

Once in the Dashboard area, you can click the side button that says “add post” and add a post in a few minutes.

Then, you can write content marketing and add it to the page.

We recommend using Google Search Console to send that article for indexing. This will allow Googlebot to crawl and index that article much faster.


Well-designed main menu

The great thing about having a WordPress website is that many different designs can be made. However, with that said, regardless of whether it’s a brochure website or perhaps a large e-commerce website, you need a well-designed main menu.


Add YouTube videos

Adding and embedding a YouTube video into your WordPress main pages can help improve the time on site. The reason is, let’s say, someone is looking to find a solicitor, then they land on the website where a qualified solicitor is telling the visitor more about their business. We think people like to learn more about a company via a YouTube video rather than reading large amounts of text.

YouTube videos embedded in your company’s WordPress website could, therefore, help in the following ways:

– Improve time spent on site (check this using Google Analytics)
– Reduce the company bounce rate
– Could help to earn the company more backlinks if other websites link to the page because they can see your business is offering good quality information


NAP information: you need to add this to your WordPress website

If your business wants to improve your company’s local search engine optimisation, then write in plain text the companies NAP information to your company website, this is essential. We write the NAP information clearly and plainly for all our clients in the footer, and on the contact us page.

Think about WordPress hosting.

You must have a brilliant WordPress website designed; yet now consider which hosting company you want to choose to host your WordPress website. There are hundreds of different website hosting companies to choose from.

However, you want a reliable company, and at the same time, you also wish your WordPress website to be super fast. In the blink of an eye, you want your company website to load quickly, so whether somebody is sitting on a high-speed train or perhaps there sat on a home on the sofa, you want the website constantly to load quickly.

This is especially important with WordPress websites because sometimes if you hire the wrong web designer, they can slow the website down by adding unnecessary pluggins to your WordPress content management system. Instead, you want the website to be supersonic fast, so the designer who designed the whole website needs to think, how can they make the businesses website fast?


Google RankBrain and WordPress

This is especially important when considering Google RankBrain, with many of the leading SEO minds across the world believe that Google uses artificial intelligence to decipher how engaged shoppers are on your website. Do they like browsing around various products, and the majority end up making a purchase with your business?If they do, this is fantastic news.

They are engaged in your business, as they spend a long time on your website, and they’re making a purchase from you.

On the other side of the coin, and on the other hand would be a disinterested shopper, resulting in a very high bounce rate for each page.

Having the average shopper leave the company website in a matter of a few seconds means that they are disinterested in what your business offers, Googles algorithms will therefore rank that business lower, as it shows shoppers are less interested in what you are offering.

If this happens for a sustained period, you can bet your bottom dollar that uses algorithms will also start moving that business down Googles ranks in the search engine results pages.


We think WordPress is brilliant but you still needs to have a well-optimised website with good on-page and off-page SEO

We hope this article has been of great interest to you.

We hope that it helps to better optimise your WordPress website; what we would say is that as a final comment, it doesn’t matter which

WordPress website you have or which type of content management system you have.

The basic rules of organic SEO apply to every kind of CMS regardless of which type of website your business chooses.

That is, the content marketing needs to be high quality, the website needs to be well-designed, and it needs to have high-quality backlinks.

Does your business need to have a WordPress website better optimised, so that you can move higher up on Google?
Whether you are a plumber or perhaps a dentist, WordPress is one of the most widely used and popular content management systems worldwide. And with good reason: It’s simple to use, absolutely fantastic, and brillant websites can be designed with WordPress.

At the same time, to get the business higher up on Google’s organic ranks, you often need an SEO agency or a SEO consultant to advise you on every single step of improving your on-site or off-site SEO.

What’s great about picking Walsh & Partners is that we have experience working on many WordPress websites to improve the SEO for these companies, we now have over ten years experience of improving the SEO for businesses that have a WordPress website.

With monthly prices starting from just £1000, we are the agency to call. We are expert WordPress SEO consultants, call us today

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