How many backlinks will a business need?

How many backlinks will a business need?

May 29, 2024


Link building is often an essential component of improving a business’s search engine optimisation if you want to get that company onto the first page of Google. But it’s not a walk in the park, it’s not simple, and here’s the thing: some businesses just don’t know when to stop.

It’s a bit like eating a delicious cake: the first slice is excellent; the next slice, you might be worried about the impact on your waistline; and the next slice, well, you are just being downright greedy.

This is the same with backlinks. You can gain some super high-quality links, and wow, look at the business move up Google’s SERPs. Then, you build another bunch of quality links suitable for reinforcing the good-quality SEO you may be implementing. Then you get sloppy. It’s then more challenging to gain more quality links, so you mix in some rubbish spam links, and that’s when your SEO can become massively damaged.

So, when is enough time for link building? Stay tuned, and we will attempt to answer that question. : the first slice is excellent, the next slice might make you worried about the impact on your waistline, and the next slice, well, it’s just

Written by: Ryan Walsh
Date: 29/05/2024


Linking building & Off-Page SEO

In today’s super competitive world, whether you sell luxury scented candles or prestige cars, the business space is often crowded. So, what separates a “good” SEO agency from one that’s run-of-the-mill?

Well, often, it comes down to backlinks; sometimes, most shoppers won’t realise that your business has 10,000 of these leading to your site. It comes down to this: they have many good quality links, yet some businesses then decide to build spam links.

You should never build spam links. They dilute the strength of your business’s backlinks, and if they are really low quality, your business could get a Google penalty, such as a Google Penguin algorithmic penalty or a manual action penalty. These penalties are bad news for your business’s organic search engine optimisation and could massively damage your rankings.


First things first, what are backlinks? Why does my business need them?

So, quite simply, a backlink is another website deciding to link to your website.

Now, an excellent website linking to your website can boast your SEO- yet for this to happen, the link must have the following qualities:

– Be good quality, coming from a good quality website
– Anchor text must be written in a white hat way
– You don’t want too many links, linking from the same website
– The link must come from a website that’s relevant to your business so the products/services you offer
– Your backlink profile should be a mixture of do-follow and no-follow
– You want to build quality links up over a long period; you most definitely don’t want to build a large number of links all in one go


Vote of confidence in your business, even since the days of Google PageRank

Search engines such as Microsoft, Bing Alphabets, and Google have not stood still and have remained unchanged since they were created.
They have undergone massive changes to their “core algorithm”, the complicated blend of A. Artificial intelligence and mathematical formulas determine where a business should rank.

Googlebot ” crawls and indexes” the web, spots new backlinks, and other improvements a business has made to its ranking factors. Then, Google’s algorithm works out. How good is this business’s SEO?
Google’s algorithm will, therefore, ask these sorts of questions.

– Is the SEO work white hat?
– Has the business followed Google’s Webmaster Guidelines
– How good is the business at following the advice set out by Google E-EAT?
– Is there any spammy SEO work? If so, how much? Does this business need an algorithmic penalty imposed on it?
– Backlinks, how good are they? How many do they have? How long has the business been accumulating backlinks


There are over 200 ranking factors, so don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

Some businesses laser-focus on improving just one ranking factor. For example, a brand-new business in Cardiff may have an in-house marketing team that uses SEO tools. They have zoned in on backlinks as the main driving factor in getting to the top of Google.

In a way, the in-house marketing team are correct, but not entirely right.

They are right in the sense that backlinks are important. They are the primary ranking factor, and in terms of the food chain, they are at the top. Yet, they’re not the only ranking factor; there are 200 others to focus on.

So, you guessed it, a competitor’s website may have fewer links but overall better SEO, offering a better UX and generating a lower bounce rate so that this business may rank higher.

So, don’t get tunnel vision.

Some businesses within Cardiff get obsessed with building backlinks. It’s sometimes the only thing a client may focus on when they read the monthly SEO report. However, as any good SEO consultant will tell you, you need to consider how well the SEO ranking factors are improving.


A good SEO consultant will, therefore, ask:

– How are the engagement metrics improving, i.e. time on site or dwell time
– How are we improving the on-page SEO?
– How are we improving the off-page SEO, such as business citations, etc


Google E-EAT and “Authoritativeness”

So, for those who regularly read our blog posts, we have written quite a few about Google Helpful Content update and Google E-EAT update. Therefore, to get any business onto page one of Google, you usually have to follow the advice set out by Google E-EAT. One way to do this is to improve your website’s authoritativeness. How do you do that? Well, by building quality backlinks.

When you look at which businesses rank at the top of Google, say, in the top 3 organic positions, they often have the best backlinks.
Links from, say, the BBC or generally have brilliant quality backlinks from well-known brands.

There might be a thought leader in your industry; for example, if they like your business through their blog, this will improve your SEO. It doesn’t matter if you sell steel rsj’s or perfume; if someone in your industry is respected as being the best of the best and they link to your website, this will improve your company’s SEO. That’s because you have shown that your business is authoritative. After all, other authoritative websites link to you.


How many backlinks does my business need?


Level of competition

If your business is in a small rural town and you want to improve your company’s organic SEO, say, for the best luxury hotel in that area, you may only need a few backlinks to get to the top of Google.

That’s simply because the level of competition is low in that area, so gaining, say, a few links may well be all you need for Google’s algorithm to say, well, they have the best backlink profile and company website in that town, for the keyword luxury hotel + name of the city.

Yet, if you want to compete nationally against significant brands and get, say, your e-commerce website on the first page for “running trainers”—well, often to go up against really large household, well-known brands, such as Nike or Sports Direct—your business will need to have thousands of good-quality backlinks.

And since the shopper isn’t using infinite scroll, the page is limited to 10 Google organic results. Well, for your business to get in the top 10, up against well-known brands, you will often need a large number of quality links if you want to get on page one of Google.


Use SEO tools to work out how many backlinks your business needs

So, first things first, it’s worth noting this point again: your business only wants quality links, that’s because spam links will damage your company’s SEO.

Let’s assume, just for a second, that all the backlinks you build are quality. What you want to do is work out which keywords you want your business to rank for. Which keywords have “purchase intent”—that is, shoppers are more likely to make a purchase rather than just want to research buying a product.

So, for example, “running trainers with next-day delivery” shows a shopper wants to buy a product and may well buy right now, as they have stated they want the item the next day.

So now search on Google for the keyword you want your business to rank for.

Google’s algorithm has already placed a list of businesses on the first page of Google’s website. Now, you can use quality SEO backlink checkers, such as Moz, Ahrefs, or Majestic backlink checking tools.


Now, analyse these companies’ backlink profiles and ask the following questions.
So, for example, use the Moz Backlink tool to see the following:

-How many backlinks does the business have
-How many referring domains does the business have
– where have they built these backlinks
– For how long have they been building backlinks

This will give you a good idea of how many backlinks your business needs to build; that’s because those businesses whose backlinks you have analysed are already ranking on page one of Google.

So, for your business to get on page one of Google, you must beat the standard set by your competitor’s SEO. So, if they have 100 quality backlinks, your business should aim to build 101 quality backlinks.


Don’t underestimate the competition.

A common mistake many businesses make in SEO is choosing the wrong SEO agency immediately.

Any SEO company that takes, say, one thousand off your monthly budget yet knows the competition could be spending millions per year on improving their SEO; well, they know your marketing budget will be a drop in the ocean and generate next to no leads.

So, when it comes to improving a business’s SEO, you must be realistic. How strong is the competition?
If you’re competing against household names and well-known brands with colossal marketing budgets, can your business realistically compete with them?

For example, if a large company has 30,000 good-quality backlinks. Yet your marketing agency is building one quality link a month; at that rate, we could be talking centuries, thousands of years before the company could be on the same level as the competition.

So, regarding SEO, you must be realistic. How much work can be achieved for the marketing budget? And don’t pick SEO agencies that say the world’s your oyster but don’t deliver the leads you want.


Why it’s important to check your company backlinks regularly

So, it’s important to use top-quality backlink tools to check your business backlinks, the reason being you don’t want to accumulate spammy links, and if a damaging SEO attack is being pushed on your business, you want to be able to counter it, takes steps and if necessary get a solicitor to take action against the company behind it.

Spam links will damage your SEO; there are no two ways. Eventually, the business will receive an algorithmic penalty. This is why you need to check your company’s backlinks to make sure you are not obtaining spam links.


Quality links are the way to go.

So we can leave you with a final thought: only build quality links. Don’t focus on the numbers so much; many marketing agencies and businesses make this mistake by focusing on quantity rather than quality. The company could then incur a penalty.

So your business quality wants top-quality links built. This takes a lot of time; you need really good, highly experienced SEO consultants to do this work. That’s what our SEO agency, Walsh and Partners has, with SEO packages ranging between £1k and £10k per month, contact us, to see if we can help your business.


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