What exactly does “creating a link-building strategy” mean?

What exactly does “creating a link-building strategy” mean?

May 22, 2024

What is a link-building strategy?

Written by: Ryan Walsh
Date: 22/05/2024


SEO stands for search engine optimisation, and for those who know a thing or two about the process, content marketing and offering a good user experience are important.

Yet there’s often something that perplexes, confuses, and causes many business owners to have a confused expression when they try to understand how backlinks work.

That’s to say when an SEO consultant sits down with a client and explains all the qualities a backlink needs for it to be deemed a “good quality link, ” business owners can get somewhat confused.

But be confused no more. We are on hand to explain how backlinks can help your business, and we will do so as simply as possible.


So, what is a link-building strategy, and why is it essential to have one?

So, even since Google first launched its original algorithm, “PageRank”, backlinks have been essential in working out where businesses should rank in Google’s ranks.

Yet, with that said, not all backlinks are worth the same; some can help move you higher and higher up Google’s ranks. Other, well, they can move you down. So you don’t want to play snake and ladders with where your business ranks on Google, so how do you build good quality links?

Well, first things first: Set aside at least three hours to read about how Google’s E-EAT works. Now, the part we are most interested in here is “authoritativeness.”

Who would you buy a used car from, someone with no positive feedback or a car dealer with 1,000 positive reviews?

You will likely have more confidence in buying your car from a car dealer with many positive reviews. Well, this is a bit like how Google’s algorithm works: if you have thousands of quality links from good quality websites, Google’s algorithm trusts your business more, placing you higher in the search engine results pages or SERPs for short.


Link acquisition
So, the links you want to acquire are quality links and in a high number. Yet when we say a high number of links is often needed, this is where many businesses go wrong. They build a quantity of low-quality links, which will damage their SEO.

So, you need quantity and quality, and trust us, as an SEO company with over ten years of experience building links, this is not a simple feat to undertake. It will most likely take a link builder hundreds of hours, if not thousands, to create a strong “backlink profile”.

A car insurance company, a household name, is likely to have thousands of good-quality links, and the SEO agency that has been hired by them most likely has many staff members dedicated to building links—so you can see why link building is such a time-consuming and skilled job.

You are busy building links, but so are your competitors.

So, let’s say your business builds 1,000 super high-quality links. They are relevant quality links, a mixture of do-follow and no-follow. The anchor text is well written, and all the links have been built in a white hat way, following Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. Well, this might put your business in the top position in the SERP’s on Google.

Yet, that doesn’t mean you can take your foot off the gas; as another business, let’s say your direct rival, they could build, say, 10 more quality links that get indexed by Googlebot that week. This could sometimes be enough to tip the scales, and then that competitor overtakes you in Google’s SERPs. So, as you can see, link building requires constant effort, and you can get overtaken by your direct competitors.


How to go about creating a link-building strategy

Use the best SEO tools available.

It’s all about competitor research. If a competitor has one hundred quality links, you should use the best SEO tools available to find out where they have built them, too.

Now, it’s often not just a matter of copying their backlink profile simply because most of these websites may not offer you a link. Businesses usually link to other companies for commercial reasons, because they supply them with goods or because they are friends in business.

Yet, looking at your direct competitors’ backlink profiles can give you a good idea of where you could be building backlinks.

For example, let’s say you run a construction company, and a rival has a link from their supplier of roofing products. Well, you could contact your roofing supplier and ask for a link.

All links must be high quality and built in a white hat way, following Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.


Offer high-quality content marketing in return for a link

So, let’s say you have a list of websites from which you want to obtain a link. Let’s return to our example: you run a construction business and have contacted your roofing supplier for a link.

Now, you could write a detailed article explaining how you use various roofing products to fix a leaking roof. This could be a detailed guide that’s really helpful. You could also add YouTube videos you have made. You offer step-by-step instructions explaining how you can fix the roof. The roofing supplier then adds this to their website, you obtain a link, and this is how you can improve a business’s organic search engine optimisation.



You will want Googlebot as it crawls and indexes a new link for every link built for its high quality. You don’t wish to spam low-quality links, as these will damage your company’s SEO. Some businesses hire the wrong SEO agency, which builds spam links; this is a sure-fire way of getting a link penalty.

Google E-EAT and content marketing

There have been two massive changes to SEO recently: the Google Helpful Content update and the Google E-EAT update. So, all content marketing you write must be very high quality if you want to obtain backlinks.
This leads us nicely to our next point:


Earning backlinks

So, if you ask our SEO consultants, what is the best way to obtain backlinks?

We would earn backlinks.

Just as a company wants to sell a product so well that it doesn’t have to spend much on marketing because it sells itself, so should your business’s content marketing.

Now, what we mean by that is simple:

Your business’s content marketing should follow the advice set out by Google E-EAT and publish very high-quality, helpful content marketing. It is so valuable that thousands of people worldwide will want to read it and so useful that other businesses will want to link to it. They will want to mention it in their blog posts; this way, your business is not asking for backlinks, and you are earning them.


Use social media to get more shoppers/readers on your company’s content marketing

No matter if you sell skateboards or luxury candles online, if you advertise your business on social media, on X, Facebook, and Instagram, your business can obtain more shoppers and readers. This, therefore, increases the chance and likelihood of other businesses and other blog owners wanting to link to your work.

So do promote your business on social media. For every new blog post, promote it on, say, your company’s Facebook account. Other blog owners may link to your work.


How our business can help you

We have some of the best SEO minds in Wales working for us. We know everything from what 301 redirects are to how to write your business’s anchor text correctly.

Now, in our opinion, there are SEO consultants. What we mean by this is that we work with some businesses that generate 100% of their sales via their website. So you want an SEO company that really knows its stuff.

So many Welsh businesses come to us because we don’t cut corners. We do SEO the right way, we follow the advice set out by Google E-EAT, we follow Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, and we only build links that Googlebot will deem as high quality links.

We never build spam links, so come to an established white-hat SEO agency based in the centre of Cardiff.


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