Should our business be using Google Search Console or Google Analytics?

Should our business be using Google Search Console or Google Analytics?

July 5, 2024

Companies worldwide use Google Analytics or Google Search Console to improve their digital marketing. We recommend which tool you may wish to use. Should you use both?


Written by: Ryan Walsh

Date: 05/07/2024

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Most businesses will be focused on getting their company to rank higher on Google. This means much effort and time must be spent improving the business’s search engine optimisation (SEO). Thankfully, Google wants to help website owners by providing two main tools to help you improve your company’s organic SEO.

Those tools are as follows:


Google Analytics

Google Analytics can provide a vast amount of helpful information to you or your marketing company. For example, you can tell where visitors come from through organic SEO, social media, or PPC (Google Adwords).

Google Search Console

This is a massively helpful SEO tool. It provides where your website has ranked for particular keywords. You can sort this information to see where your website ranked on Google for a specific keyword. You can specify the date you wish to check, for example, whether for one day, such as yesterday or over the last month.


Do SEO agencies use Google Analytics and Google Search Console to assess a business’s SEO performance?

So, from our experience working with businesses and talking to other marketing consultants, we would say most companies and marketing agencies use these tools. These marketing tools are not used just because they are free; they are used because they are made and managed by Google, so the data is reliable and accurate, and, therefore, you can make correct decisions based upon, for example, which keywords you want to improve your business’s organic SEO for.

What is Google Analytics, and what are the advantages of using this marketing tool?

Google Analytics tells you how many visitors have been on your website, how they got there, and how they behaved when they got on your company website.

When we say behaved, how long did the average shopper stay there? How many pages did they visit? How many visitors left more or less straight away without visiting another page?

You can use Google Analytics for the following purposes?


Page Traffic

How did shoppers get to your website? Did they come via organic results on Google? Did they arrive via Google Adwords, so paid traffic? Did they arrive via social media?

What device, browser and operating system was the shopper using?

Therefore, you can tell how many shoppers came from, say, a Samsung Android device and how many came via, say, an Apple MacBook Pro.

Bounce rate
The bounce rate is simply a number that’s expressed as a percentage that tells you how many shoppers just visited one page. Any marketing company aims to increase sales. Therefore, you want customers to be on the website for as long as possible. This is why digital marketing agencies should work hard at reducing a company’s bounce rate. This is sometimes achieved by improving the design of the website.


Session duration

Session duration is necessary again, as it indicates how long the average shopper spends on your website. If shoppers spend less than 7 seconds, it’s clear that they are not that interested. However, if the shopper visits multiple products and spends a long time on the site, over 3 minutes, they are interested in what you are selling, and engagement is better. Google’s algorithm will notice this and rank a business according to shoppers’ interests.

So, what is Google Search Console?

Google Search Console is a tool we use almost every hour of the working day at this agency. It can help you detect website issues, such as a 404 (Page Not Found) error rise. It can also tell you how many clicks your website gets and its average position. So, where did your website rank for keywords over the last 24 hours, last week, last month, or even beyond that?
It can be used to see if those new backlinks you just built are having a positive effect or whether that piece of mammoth content marketing, over 10,000 words, has improved your company’s search engine optimisation.

So, our company often uses Google Search Console to monitor the position of keywords we want to improve for our clients, the number of impressions the website receives, and the number of clicks.
We use SEO backlink-checking tools such as Majestic; however, you can also use Google Search Console, which shows some of the backlinks leading to your website.


Speed up the crawling and indexing of your company website

We also use Google Search Console to speed up the indexation process. For example, when a copywriter has finished a work and added it to our WordPress website, we send it for indexation using Google Search Console. This often means that most of the time, the new work will be indexed in less than 48 hours by Googlebot.

Now, if we had just published a new piece of content marketing, such as a blog post, and didn’t send it for indexing through Google Search Console, it could sometimes take weeks before Googlebot indexes it.


Which metrics should we follow on both Google Analytics and Google Search Console?

Bounce rate

A visitor, and by that, we mean a shopper, which is on your company’s website for less than 10 seconds and doesn’t result in a conversation, and that shopper doesn’t visit at least two pages, that’s considered a bounce.

Businesses should try to reduce their bounce rate. Often, this is done via A/B testing, which is also commonly referred to as split testing. It means making changes to the design and seeing if, after those web design changes, this increases sales or not.
For example, a business might redesign the main menu; if this increases sales by, say, 2%, then the company will keep the change. E-commerce businesses often use split testing to improve the design of their websites.


Why it’s so important to check your business backlinks

This agency uses Google Search Console and other SEO tools to check our clients and backlinks. You must check your company links regularly, and here’s why:

Negative SEO

So, let’s say you have put hundreds of hours into improving your business’s organic search engine optimisation. Well, this may create jealousy from some of your direct competitors, so it is possible to try and drag a business down Google’s ranks through negative SEO.

Businesses must monitor inbound links to determine whether they are good quality or spam.

If the links are low quality, you need the help of an SEO consultant to fix them. If a business accumulates low-quality links and nothing is done about them, the company could incur a Google link penalty.

For example, a Google Penguin penalty could cause businesses to disappear from Google’s SERPs. This is why checking the quality of your website’s backlinks is so important.


Engagement and Google RankBrain

So, it’s widely thought, and we believe this too, that Google regularly reshuffles where businesses are ranked in the Google SERPs based on engagement. So if your website is causing tons of visitors to leave in a few seconds (high bounce rate), then Google’s very clever AI, that artificial intelligence, will likely move your business down the SERPs.

On the other hand, shoppers spend a long time browsing many items and spending a very long period on your company website; well, Google’s algorithms will know this. So, when Google’s RankBrain decides it is time to move businesses up the ranks, it will be the businesses that have the following:

– The average shopper is spending a long time on the website
– The bounce rate is low


Is the amount of organic visitors increasing?

Our marketing company’s primary service is improving a business’s organic search engine optimisation.
Businesses at our marketing agency want to improve their local or organic SEO. We, therefore, help a company obtain more customers through its Google Business listing and organic results.

Therefore, we use Google Analytics to monitor if organic visitor numbers are increasing monthly. There will always be seasonal trends; for example, a construction business will most likely see more organic visitors during the summer and fewer in the winter months, so this needs to be considered.


What does your SEO agency use Google Search Console for?

Here at this marketing agency, we use Google Search Console daily. We also use other good quality SEO tools as well. Here is what we use Google Search Console for:


Whether your business sells luxury dog leads or beer online, you will want to see where Google’s algorithm has decided to place your company in the search engine results pages. For example, Google algorithm changes and improvements cause “ranking flux”—one moment, a business could be in pole position, in the first place; the next day, it could be third.

To large e-commerce giants, this movement can cause fluctuations in visitor numbers. Whether you are a sole trader or run a massive online business, you should use Google Search Console to check where your company ranks for essential keywords.



Any business will want to see how many clicks its website receives; our agency uses Google Search Console.
After building all those quality links, writing endless evergreen content marketing, and improving the on-page SEO, you will want to see how many shoppers visit your website. Here at this agency, we find that one of the most reliable places to see how many visitors you get is through your business’s Google Search Console account.

It’s usually when you get your business on page one of Google for high-volume keywords. What we mean by this is keywords that most people type or say into Google when trying to find a business like yours.

Therefore, a plumber often wants to rank for “plumber + name of city”—this is usually the main keyword. When a business gets onto page one of Google for this main keyword, the number of clicks increases.

We submit a site map for indexing.

Googlebot has a super hard job. Its task is constantly looking for new websites and pages that have been added to company websites. As you can imagine, millions of new pages are added to company websites daily.

Therefore, Googlebot has a tough job; it has to crawl and index millions of company websites daily. Now, it’s possible that if a new blog post or page does not have an internal link added to it, Googlebot fails to crawl and index that page. This is why, here at this agency, we send it for indexing via Google Search Console after we have written a new post or page.

However, with that said, there’s something else you can do to help Googlebot know which pages you want indexed. That is to submit a site map via Google Search Console. This will be a list of pages and blog posts you want Googlebot to crawl and index.



As mentioned earlier, it is super important to check your business’s backlinks regularly to ensure that they are of good quality.
The backlinks need to be the following

– Good quality
– Every link should be built using white-hat methods
– The anchor text should be well written in a white hat way


Should all businesses use Google Search Console?

Most definitely, regardless of whether the company is a one-man band or a multi-national company employing thousands of people, every size of business should use Google Search Console. The dashboard will tell you essential information about your business’s SEO, such as how many clicks you have received over the last seven days. This is obviously very important, regardless of the size of the company you run.

We, therefore, check our customer’s Google Search Console accounts every day of the working week.

We often check multiple times daily after extensive Google algorithm updates, such as the recent Google Helpful Content updates. Large “ranking flux” can occur when businesses significantly change their ranking in Google’s SERPs.

That said, as long as white hat methods have been followed and adhered to, the business should be in good shape in terms of its SEO. Businesses that have flouted Google’s SEO rules can often get “de-indexed” or removed from Google after a significant algorithm update.


How our marketing agency can help:

We are an established digital marketing agency based in the heart of Cardiff. Here’s how we can help your business:
We can offer
– Link building
– Content marketing
– Web design
– We can help to improve your company’s SEO

We work with many well-known and respected Welsh businesses. If you want to get your company onto page one of Google’s results, we are the marketing agency to talk to.


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