Why it’s essential for a business to regularly add quality content marketing to its website

Why it’s essential for a business to regularly add quality content marketing to its website

December 5, 2023

How often should a business be updating its website?



Written by: Ryan Walsh

If your business wants to improve its search engine optimisation, it often has to add content marketing on a regular basis This work must also follow “Google’s EEAT” advice, which means the work must show experience, expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness.

In a nutshell, the author of the work must know what they’re talking about and offer useful advice to your customers.


Stale websites

A website that doesn’t get updated regularly becomes stale, like a piece of food left in the fridge for too long!
You want to regularly add good quality content marketing because this will mean that your business might receive a higher crawl budget from Google, meaning new work gets indexed faster.

This means that Googlebot is more likely to regularly crawl and index the work- and also Google’s algorithm may be quicker to place your company higher on Google, if you add good quality content marketing.

Also, if the work is of good quality, has a very low bounce rate, and is helpful to your customers, this is the type of work that is likely to improve your business search engine optimisation.


How often should our company be updating our website?

For some businesses, it can feel like you are spending excessive time writing content marketing or paying a marketing agency to do this work which can get, well expensive.

However, it’s important to remember that it’s all about quality rather than quantity. It would be best if you took your time to do your research what content marketing your customers will find helpful.

And, although it can take a long time for an seo company to improve where the business ranks on Google, when the company does get there, well it can often have a dramatic impact on the businesses sales.

That’s of course if the seo agency gets you on the first page for high volume keywords.
It would be best if you then took your time to write quality content, which will most likely have a low bounce rate, increase how long shoppers spend on your website, and you should also write helpful work that will help your customers.


No set figure

If you were to go on a top solicitors practices website, they might be publishing content marketing, say, every few days. Then, when you look at another business in a totally different sector, they might be ranked right at the top of Google, yet they may only update their website say once a month. So, it does come down to the frequency of

How often your competitors are adding content marketing.

You don’t have to match that frequency, but be somewhere close, yet remember, quality is much more important than quantity.


Google’s (EEAT)

One of the very best recommendations that we can offer your business is to view the article section of your website, also known as the blog, as a way where you can show off your company’s expertise, but also convey this in a way that is helpful to customers.

In your written work, you will want to demonstrate experience, expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness (EEAT), so whether you sell wire ropes or electric vehicles, the blog section is your place to demonstrate why you are the experts that selling that particular product or service.


Don’t expect results overnight

What you can’t do is burn the midnight oil, write a comprehensive piece of content marketing that’s say 7000 words long, and then expect to go on Google the very next day and be on the first page- it doesn’t work like that.
It doesn’t work like that; it’s a little bit like starting a fire; you have to start off with a very small amount of wood and keep adding to the fire to gently to get the fire going.

This is the same content marketing; it might seem that it’s not having much impact, adding your first say 10 blog posts, yet you should start to see your website moving up Google’s ranks over the following months if the work is good quality.

“Yet, if you keep adding very high-quality work, then over time, you will see results in your business being ranked higher on Google.”


Also, keep your blog posts updated

For those who know how an article section / blog section of your website works, all the blog posts move down when you post new work, and it’s the new blog post that takes the top position.
What can easily happen is that old blog posts end up on page 7 of your blog posts, and the information might become outdated, and no longer relevant

However, to boost your search engine optimisation even further, you should return to your old blog posts say every year, update them with more up-to-date information, and improve them by expanding the text, and adding new information.

Improving old blog posts can also help improve your business’s search engine optimisation.


Just don’t cut corners

Writing, say, 1000 words or more, can seem quite tiring, especially on the eyes, and it is tempting for some authors of the work to cut corners.

But what you can’t do for sure is copy other people’s work; also if the work is carelessly written, then it can negatively impact your business’s seo.

Also, avoid keyword stuffing and cloaking because these are guaranteed ways for your business to incur an seo penalty.


Come to the experts

We are simply the experts when it comes to improving a business’s organic SEO. We have over ten years of experience helping various companies in Cardiff improve their organic SEO.

We can help your company improve its sales; if you want a free quote, then why not contact us today?





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